The Benefits of Mineral Cosmetics.

If you have sensitive, problematic skin or even if your skin is just normal and flawless then I hope that you use mineral makeup and avoid regular make up. In my experience, when I wore regular make up that I bought from my local drug stores or in most retail shops, I did not know how irritating and harsh that it affected my skin and so as a result I had numerous skin problems for a long while.


Even on the most normal skin, regular makeup can cause your skin to be prone to mild breakouts, rashes or itchy, dry skin. So why even take the risk?

Traditional cosmetics


Regular makeup can consist of an array of chemical ingredients and can also contain preservatives or dyes and fillers. They actually consist of too many ingredients that if you take a look at the ingredients list, it can just go on and on resembling a long shopping list, if you like(!) If you were to google some of the ingredients, it probably may be toxic or unsafe to use.


So, for example this may be something you have heard of – parabens. These are found in many toxic related body and skin products.


Parabens are known to disrupt hormone functions and has been linked to a greater risk of breast cancer. Whatever ingredients that you rub onto your skin, it will sink in and reach into your blood. As you can imagine, numerous side effects can begin to emerge here slowly. I got eczema as a result and waited too long to heal from it.


Mineral cosmetics

This truly is healthy, miracle make up! Think fruits. Think glowing natural skin. Think feel good skincare. This has the opposite effect to regular makeup. Mineral makeup can make your skin look and feel better. It is gentle on the skin due to the zinc mineral found in many natural cosmetics. Mineral make up is stated to contain antioxidants and vitamins, minerals such as oxides and titanium dioxides.


Many of the products are free of preservatives and perfumes, but some mineral makeup brands still include some amount to their products. It is best to check the ingredients list and avoid those that can affect your skin in some way.


The brands that are considered clean makeup and that I use myself are:

Keep Yourself safe.


In my experience, wearing mineral makeup reversed my problematic skin (as a result of wearing regular makeup in the first place) back to my normal skin and maintained it well. It can even make your skin look healthier! In general, please always check the ingredients list for all products that you wish to use and ensure that it is safe and healthy to use and there is a huge range of mineral makeup to choose from. Which ones do you like the best?


Please comment below and feel free to leave your opinions and questions and I will be happy to help!

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4 thoughts on “The Benefits of Mineral Cosmetics.

  1. Justin says:

    Hello Farah, the human skin varies and that is one thing we all have to realise before we start getting angry our own self for not being able to make use of so e specific cosmetics just like everyone else. I really haven’t heard about all these different cosmetics before and I feel this article will help most of us understand some things

    • Farah says:

      Mineral cosmetics are great to use and there are a big variety out there, try and use some and see which one’s that are ideal for you. They are helpful for any skin type and can certainly help troublesome skin. Appreciate your comment:)

  2. Beesean says:

    I had never heard of mineral cosmetics before reading your article but after I’m convinced that mineral cosmetics really is the way to go. It holds so many benefits and is so compatible with the skin which is a very important detail these days when searching for cosmetic product out of fear of irritation or allergic reaction to other products. 

    • Farah says:

      Hello, I am so glad that you learned a great deal from my article! There are mineral cosmetics that are so gentle and pure and therefore, no need to worry about irritation at all. It feels great on the skin too! Thanks very much.

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