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I am writing this article solely to explain to you or remind you just how important and worthwhile it really is to look after one’s health, no matter how busy you are in your lives or what experiences that you are going through. Eating well and doing the right things, being kind to yourself will eventually pay off.


Imagine taking part on all the opposite things in life such as “binge” eating or sleeping rough, this will add up and will make you feel lifeless, perhaps with low energy and can affect your mentality.


This is an opening to perhaps some health conditions or infections that you have to concentrate all your power and energy into relieving it or healing it, so let’s just treat ourselves with respect in the first place!


Good, Clean Habits – Can Transform You!


We all find ways to live our best and to grow and learn whenever possible. There are some methods that will benefit you always and even motivate you on the right path.

  • Filtered water – Having access to clean, pure and uncontaminated water via a water filter bottle or a water filter system is truly life changing!


Simply adding this to your daily life can support the immune system and to allow for clearer mentality.


Whereas, if you do regularly drink bottled water or tap water as a means of hydration, then it’s important that you understand the side effects and perhaps decrease the amount you drink or just swap to filtered water instead, boiling tap water can help too.


Little changes as so can improve your energy levels.


  • Fruits and Vegetables – This is crucial in maintaining good vital health and allowing your body to gain good defence and immunity! This can in turn allow you to avoid taking medications or doctor’s visits.


I think I’ll definitely be eating more of this! You can add salads to literally anything that you eat but you need to spend a little time to wash and prepare.


Try preparing this first thing in the morning before you start your day or before the day ends and leave to one side, before devouring all you want later… Fruit can be added to many foods that you eat from porridge oats to desserts to smoothies. I always snack on an avocado with some fruit to allow scope of variety and nutrition.


  • Healthy Fats – I cannot emphasize enough how beautiful fats truly are! The right kind of fats, of course, will give you immense nourishment and coats the cells in your body for energy and to repair.


The “wrong” kind of fats can clog cells, arteries and this naturally weakens you down. So even just try adding in one spoon of raw extra virgin coconut or olive oil after your meal. Avocados, olives, butter, coconut flour, hulled hemp seeds/walnuts/pumpkin seeds, fish are good sources of these beautiful fats!


  • Effective enzymes and probiotics – This is probably the most important one and one not discussed enough. It is very important to increase support to the digestive system to enable the proper breakdown of foods and to allow enough friendly bacteria in your gut. You can gain symptoms if foods are not digested properly such as bloating or indigestion which in turn can cause other symptoms.


Taking probiotics with organic minerals is beneficial and works even better for friendly bacteria to repopulate in the gut. Digestive enzymes also should have minerals or micro algae to work highly effectively.


  • Personal care products– This is also very important to be aware of and can highly affect your skin since it’s the largest organ of the body and is exposed to the world to see, so let’s treat it with utmost care. Basically, products should consist of gentle oils, minerals and vitamins and they should not include petrochemical ingredients. Regularly check the ingredients list of your products such as shampoos, toothpastes, hair dyes, shower gels and everything!


You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider

If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider

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Where Can All This Lead?


I’m sure in your own experiences and in others, we have all done things that can lead to a happier place or a place where we need to heal and grow. Just try to do all the things then that make you happier and grow into a better place.


Sometimes you know and feel if something is amiss and that it should be removed or a change can help. It could be a bad relationship, others are affecting you negatively or you could be hurting others and you don’t know how to stop. It could be your job that fills you with dread. Is it perhaps the “junk” food that you eat daily that makes you feel unhealthy.


All these feelings and little voices that you know are in place are only helping you to try to do something about it so you can feel better again and fulfilment. Making little small changes, it does not have to be too significant, can push you forward and can lead to many new doors to wonderful discoveries and wonderful people!


Stay Healthy and Real

Why don’t you write a list of all the things that you are doing in your life right now, that you are proud of? It may range from working in a job you like, to driving.


To learning something new or the friends and support that you have. Then jot down all the things that you are unhappy about in your life or that it’s just out of your control? Is it health imperfections, troublesome people, financial worries or lack of knowledge.


The first amazing thing that you can do is accept the situation for what it is. Now how can you overcome this? Only you have the answer, so seek help and listen to your intuition.


If there are some situations that’s really out of your hands like, ” I really want her to fall in love with me,” then literally grab a pen and score out and just say aloud, ” I let it go”. There is nothing worse than forcing or crossing boundaries to the impossible – You are just asking for trouble!


Be aware of the support and opportunities around you work on it a little day by day, honestly baby steps. Rushing ahead or being too impatient will drive you crazy! Remember to live in the now, love the moment, stop focusing on the future too much and strive towards your goals calmly for truly inspirational healthy habits!


Please leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to get back in touch, Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Natural Health Tips!

  1. Minaher says:

    We all should have been reminded more often of the importance of a healthy, balanced life. We would certainly be much healthier in our older age, more energetic, more vibrant. We humans have the tendency of neglecting the proper care of our body and mind in our younger years, assuming our wellbeing will automatically last forever. Your article is a very good reminder of what we should do instead, thank you!

    • Farah says:

      We should always be looking after our health and maintaining it. Thanks For Your Comment.

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