How To Deal With Skin Problems

Living with skin irritations or problematic skin can literally feel like a living hell.


It can make you feel unconfident and can make you a different person if it drags on, it certainly changed me.


I have had it all, rosacea, impetigo, eczema, acne and every time I healed from it with research and guidance and what I have learned through it all, is that you either cause your own skin problems by external means or due to a poor diet/lack of nutrition.

External Means

What do I mean by this? Well, if you use harmful chemical substances externally on your skin constantly, such as chemical filled face creams, body washes, hand washes, shampoos that are likely to be filled with toxins, then your skin will wear down eventually turn into weak, brittle skin and likely to develop a skin condition.


You can check this as everything that you put onto your skin should have an ingredients list and the more you check this, the more familiar you will be in avoiding certain harsh ingredients and products and learn exactly what you can use. Generally, if the ingredients is something that you can ingest then they are safe to use.


In my experience, many, many years back, I washed my hands regularly with chemical filled hand washes and eventually my hands became very itchy and red. I ignored this, but eventually it developed to eczema.


I have healed from eczema from my hands and now only use safe, natural products on my skin when necessary, that are made from gentle oils and ingredients.


You need to use products on your skin that actually helps and maintains your skin.

Your Diet

Whether you like it or not the only way to live healthy and well is through a clean and nutritious diet. It can be difficult to accomplish as you may not know how to replace your existing foods to healthy ones.


You may not know recipes or take part in cooking much so end up eating something from a box.


The people that you are living with may not be bothered or take an interest in eating well.


So this can lead you to not changing your routine and just slowly making progress, if any. Well then – start simple.


I can go on and on about the fine details that you can endure into finding a reasonable diet or plan. Just remember that you are in control and always keep in mind the healthy outcome that can happen. So just start simple:


  • Eat vegetables and fruit – choose organic whenever you can. Even if you add in a small salad with your dinner or swap your breakfast with a fruit salad is a beautiful start to your new beginnings.
  • Learn to cook – You can look up healthy, easy and quick recipes on YouTube. Its free and does not take much time. You can start with easy meals at first and just feel comfortable with practising this for now.
  • Look up/Research on alternatives – There are numerous websites out there that can help you to swap your nasty chemical filled potions and lotions to clean healthy ones that will truly help your skin!
  • Add in super-foods – These can range from coconut oil to coconut flour in your cooking, whole supplements such as probiotics or enzymes for digestion or kelp/seaweed to add on your salads.
  • Be kind to yourself and be patient – You probably don’t want to hear this, but the journey is always the hardest but it is the most learning and important part to you reaching your goal.

Because you will look back and understand why you went through it.

  • Keep going – Once you learn your routine and your daily meal plans, you just keep adding on and then feel better!


How do you get rid of the chemical burn that you have got or the flare up that doesn’t seem to be going away? I have had many sleepless nights as a result and we all need something to rely on while we are finding new ways and alternatives.


The best relievers that helped me was Bentonite Clay powder. When I had impetigo, every night I poured 2 spoons of clay with a little water to make a gloopy mud mask and when I put on my face and left on for around 20/25 minutes, it felt so good! Then simply wipe away with some damp cloths. This ultimately cleared my skin a good bit.



Mineral cosmetics helped my skin, it felt a lot calmer and less irritated with natural make up that soothes your skin. You can use natural avocado butter underneath your make up or on its own. Remember though to check the ingredients list and avoid any nasty’s that can irritate your skin. Extra virgin coconut oil is a life saver or even having a shower helps to calm down skin but not too much!

Form a Good Habit

If you persist at it then you are on the road to getting the results that you want. Perhaps other people around you may put you off or even encourage you but either way just listen to yourself and you will feel happy in doing so.


There are also many ingredients and foods to avoid as well just like to avoid chemical filled lotions and potions and if you do need more guidance, please leave me a little message and I will be happy in directing you to services or websites that can help you greatly.

Don’t suffer in silence as there are many great people out there that just want you to be OK.



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Thank You for reading and if you have any questions or comments, then please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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2 thoughts on “How To Deal With Skin Problems

  1. Suz says:

    Problematic skins are just so literally problematic and honestly I have had my harsh share of that and I can still feel that. If not that I read on your post here that we should talk things easy on our selves, I would have said so many bad things about my skin. Gladly, you have some good recommendation on what I can do to help me deal with the issue and I’m happy I read this. Thanks!

    • Farah says:

      Hello Suz! 

      It’s important not to put up with problematic skin and try your best to deal with it. I am happy you enjoyed my recommendations, many thanks. 

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