Beautiful Raw Honey

Yes that runny, gloppy sweet treat that can be added to smoothies, porridge or desserts and you simply cannot get enough of. It can be used to add onto your yogurt or added in tea or hot drinks.


I am going to explain why its considered nutritious, a super food and beneficial for your health. It is best to attain organic, raw or unpasteurized honey to ensure you are eating wholesome real goodness!


Where is Honey from?


Worker bees can visit over hundreds of flowers to collect pollen from flowers as flower nectar, that gets broken down into sugars which resides inside honeycombs. It is eventually created to a gloppy sweet honey inside the honeycombs due to evaporation caused by the constant fanning of the bees wings and the layout of the honeycomb.


The worker bees pass all this pollen to the house bees back in their hive. The house bees start the process of honey making inside their hive and can make up to 60 pounds of honey per year. Beekeepers will come and collect the honey from the hives and the process of extraction and processing begins.


Why should you eat Honey?


It is best to avoid commercially processed honeys because of the artificial ways that it is produced, in order to improve the look and texture of honey, and the high heat that it endures when making this kind of honey, thus removing beneficial nutrients in the process. Now consuming raw pasteurized honey not only consists of live enzymes but also contains numerous benefit’s to your health and is an absolute to every household cupboards.


  • It is naturally antibacterial and anti fungal. This can get rid of unnecessary waste or toxins inside our bodies and so improving our health. Generally, the thicker or gloopier the honey, the more nutritional and raw it is. It naturally consists of a harmless antiseptic called hydrogen peroxide and has been traditionally used to heal and soothe wounds.



  • It can aid the stomach greatly and it is a potent prebiotic and can stimulate the growth of good bacteria inside your stomach, studies are still ongoing for honey’s affect on the stomach.



  • It can alleviate sore throats and coughs. Due to the powerful phytonutrients within the honey, it can soothe and relax the troublesome conditions and if mixed in warm water and raw honey juice, can boost immunity too.



  • You can have a spoon after your meal now and then and makes for a pleasant treat and can add to baking.


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Types of Honey


There are a huge variety of honey in the market and instead its sensible to focus on whether it is raw or a pasteurized form. Certain brands process honeys at such high temperatures in which crucial nutrients are lost just for the appearance and convenience.


Raw honey will always have its beneficial properties intact and are not processed with high temperatures to keep the nutrients safe. It has vital vitamins and minerals in place. To really view raw honey, you can simply check how runny it is, so if it is quite thick and it should have slightly grainy texture will show this. The color should not be too bright and instead be somewhat dull.


Pasteurized honeys are heated to very high temperatures and loses its nutritional content. Its is very runny and inexpensive. Even some honeys can be factory made and may not smell sweet and it may not even contain pollen but “natural flavors”. Beneficial enzymes are lost in the process and quite unhealthy to consume.



Useful tips: UMF stands for unique Manuka factor and stands true to the label. The higher the UMF of honey, the more beneficial it really is in terms of more antibacterial content and more enzymes. MGO stands for methyglyoxal and the higher the MGO then the higher the grade of honey.


It is also advised not to give honey to children under 12 months. You can certainly replace sugar with honey – a healthy alternative. You can also use honey to nourish dry skin, just dab a little onto the skin after a shower, leave on for about half an hour or a little longer and rinse off.


Thanks for reading and please leave any questions or comments below and I’ll be sure to help you out.

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Raw Honey

  1. Imelda says:

    Thank you Farah,

    I love honey and always try to eat raw, natural and preferably locally sourced honey as I was told that the environment you buy from should be the same as you. I believe that this is to do with helping against colds and pollen so the honey works better with you if both are from the same place. 

    I also enjoy Manuka honey which I find really expensive however, with this article you have just shown me exactly why so thank you so much.

    This article will help so many people to choose the right type of honey and why it is so important to buy the best and to buy natural or raw. 

    Thanks so much

    • Farah says:

      Thanks for your brilliant comment – you are right, although expensive but in the long run it does many benefits to your body, not to mention it tastes great! Cheers:)

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