Your Garden – Your Haven.

Doesn’t everyone love to relax from time to time? But it has to be in the right way! Honestly, when I am off work, not got many plans booked or just want to wind down nicely – I like to explore outdoors no matter what the weather, especially if it’s in your very own garden.


Now I find myself spending a lot of time in my private front garden which is of an average size and I also fritter away in the communal rear garden where I find open grass, flower beds and sounds of nature that help me forget about the noisy outside world.

As I walk barefoot upon the lush green grass and stroll along to view all the pleasant things all around me, I realize how worthwhile it is to set up your garden in such a way so it feels clean and tidy all around and that you actually feel good spending time in the garden – but it was not an easy task to do, looking after your garden and maintaining it, does require a lot of hard work.


Weeds in your Garden

Weeds! Yes they creep in your garden like a bad dream, now it depends on if your garden is big or small and before you know it, you will be facing a daunting task in removing these nasty plants. The more rain that kicks in then the more likely you can have a big growth of them but in the summer days, you can go months without them.


You can hire a gardener which involves costs or try techniques such as mulching or tiling. If you want to save certain crops then removing weeds by hands is necessary even though its not everybody’s cup of tea. To prevent overgrowth of weeds, I dislike using chemicals as it is unpleasant for your soil so try covering with a thick plastic weed barrier just to block out the sunlight.


Enough about weeds! Let’s look at other ways to maintain your garden.


Tips for maintaining your garden

Imagine looking out your window just to view a messy uncluttered garden that will drive you up the wall and endure more costs. Your garden is part of your home so its important to look after it like you would inside your home.


  • Old garden furniture – This can pile high and create chaos if left to one side. Check furniture carefully and consider that if it is unusable and worn out then can it get repaired or if it is unpopular then can it be a collectible by someone else? Or at the least, recycle unwanted waste.


  • Piles of wood – We always find some of these in the hopes of using later for DIY or a project but ends up lying around in the background somewhere piling high. To avoid this, get rid of these by taking to a recycling centre or a recyclable bin. Wear gloves to protect your hands.


  • Hot tubs – These are large and bulky and if left unattended can grow bacteria and mould. Never leave sitting empty for long periods of time and perform maintenance. If you want to get rid of this bulk, you can sell to a site such as craiglist or seek advice from a local business of spa demolition.


  • Garden waste – We all get a build up of compost and leaf/plant residues so why not start a garden recycle waste bin? Just pour in all plants elements, grass or any sort of garden waste for recycling. All out the way.


  • Equipment clutter – Did the handle of your garden trowel break? so why are you hanging on to it and letting it build up in your shed. Gather all broken tools and sent to a recycling centre.



Outdoor Furniture


To relax and enjoy your garden is to have comfortable and spacious seating and furniture for the family. This is the topping on the cake, eye-catching to the world and a scene worth smiling to. There is a huge range of garden equipment and outdoor ornaments to choose from and useful to decorating your garden!

  • Garden Benches or sofas – So many preferences from a classic three seaters, a corner seating or storage benches. Just make sure not to hide clutter inside that sofa!


  • Ornaments – Everybody’s favorite! Don’t you think? You can relax nearby a water fountain, view wall-mounted flower pots or wall arts. Garden beds and pots of flowers are pleasant for the summer and the colors blend in with all seasons. Bird feeders or water feeders are helpful to get close to nature and allows bird to feed their young and helped the population for birds.


  • Bistro sets – This is perfect for the family and an all one package with a 3,4,5 or more lounge or seating sets to get comfortable with.


  • Hanging baskets and pots – This is the pride for every garden and can be filled with the most colorful flowers and held onto a cast iron for a more traditional look or simply next to the garden gates to emphasize the surroundings with more nature.


Maintaining your gardens appearance


It really is simple once you keep up maintaining your garden. If it is a big mess or unsure where to start, seek expert advice and start in the right direction, This website contains information and advice, a great place to start in maintaining your garden. Remember your garden is just like your home, will always need to be looked after and always in view to neighbours, friends and everyone passing by. Let’s ensure it looks tidy and well!


Please leave any comments or questions below and I”ll be happy to be in touch with you. Thanks very much!


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2 thoughts on “Your Garden – Your Haven.

  1. Chika says:

    Your garden is indeed your haven. I love how nature feels – feeling the burst of nature right from your garden because its not all the time that one can visit places with rich vegetation and greeneries. The garden is one very great way to feel at home and feel relaxed!  Thank you for sharing these tips for keeping it maintained and lasting long.

  2. Diana says:

    Thank you for  sharing this article, you definitely have an eye for detail. The tips given are amazing and will transform any garden into an oasis. Simple things like weeding, getting rid of old or broken tools, fixing damaged furniture installing ornaments like a water fountain will make a huge difference in your garden. 

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