Healing Your Teeth Naturally

Having a toothache, discolouring, swollen gums, bleeding gums or erosion can be a living nightmare. The worst part is if you are unable to sleep due to the discomfort or if it stops you living fully in life. You may have tried visiting the dentist and gained some relief to some extent and have tried a multitude of tooth products that never really helped much or may have even made it worse.


I have been there. One day, suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my top molar on one side and it even kept me up some nights. I was advised to remove the tooth as I had a rare case of an extra tooth that was trying to grow in between my top molars which left a gap in between my usual molars with the extra tooth sitting behind them.


It was a natural discomfort that was happening to my teeth and it did take quite a good few months for the pain to settle. I tried numerous ways to stop the pain, even when I ate meals my teeth were sensitive, I couldn’t sleep some nights. Even when I talked, the numb feeling would attack me quietly.


Although this was an unexpected change, to no fault of my own, it made me research for the best methods to looking after your teeth well – which is what I want to share in this article.

How to keep your Teeth Healthy


It really is about avoiding the things that can cause your teeth to deteriorate AND giving your teeth the right methods for health.


  • Avoid sugary drinks or energy drinks that are filled with artificial sweeteners and flavourings that cause your teeth harm. Constantly consuming these drinks are coating your teeth with these harmful ingredients that can slowly erode your teeth away!



  • They say that brushing your teeth too much can wear away your gums, in some cases people have experienced gum pockets. Brushing your teeth against the gum can be quite irritating, it can wear down the enamel and so you can rinse mouth with water only or a natural mouthwash.



  • Use a natural healthy toothpaste. Check the ingredients and ensure to avoid harsh chemicals and acidic components and try to use toothpaste with natural oils and gentle ingredients.


  • Stop exposing your teeth to a poor diet such as crisps, sugary chewing gum/sweets or refined foods all contribute to lowering your teeth defences.


  • Change your toothbrush when you feel the need to. The myth to doing so every 6 months is like saying to changing your underwear after that long… not a nice picture! Even after 2 months, the bristles may look worn out and discoloured. If you want to change your toothbrush – please do so, they are relatively cheap.


These are some ways that are great steps to saving your teeth and keeping them well to avoid those trips to the dentist and saving you tons and tons of money too. You really must make effort to maintain your teeth as you only get one set and they are yours for life…


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How to improve your teeth


We are always looking to improving our teeth and making good changes for beneficial results. You could visit a dentist for artificial fixtures, teeth whitening, certain filings can be quite harmful such as mercury or gold and for that to be sitting in your teeth day after day cringes my mind! If you do need a filling, choose a safe filling.


To improve your teeth, the points I make below are from my own personal experience in recovering from my toothache years back and from research I found interesting and useful to share to help others too.

  • Oil pulling – Try coating your teeth with coconut oil some nights before you go to bed. It soaks your teeth with this clean fat and healthy oil which is anti fungal and antibacterial and reduces plaque buildup.



  • If you do experience major pain, you can try pouring a spoon of bentonite clay with water to form a gloppy paste and pat directly on the pain in your teeth for around 30 minutes for relief and then wash out.



  • Bicarbonate of soda – Make sure its of good pure quality and can be used to rinse mouth with. Try mixing 1 teaspoon with half a glass of water and see the bubbles rising.



  • Toothpicks – A simple traditional method which is not really practised anymore but it helps if you do have stuck food pieces that just is not budging or it helps to gently clear away dirt is effective to do so safely.



  • Size of your toothbrush – You may laugh but using a baby’s toothbrush is probably fine to use for us ladies anyway due to the soft small bristles that fit nicely inside our mouths. It gently brushes your teeth and does not allow for harsh brushing at all!


Cheers to healthy teeth!


You probably could achieve better results overtime just practising safe and natural methods. Your teeth are with you for life and learning to see what works best for you is through trial and error, certain mouthwashes might be better than others.


Trust in using non-toxic ingredients and prevent the need for surgical intervention later on in life.


They say that a range of conditions or diseases can be linked to bad teeth and your health. That your teeth predicts your health too, so if you do possess healthy clean teeth then this may reflect your overall health.

If you do need some guidance in this topic, please reach out and I can direct you to some services that may help. Thank you so much:)

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2 thoughts on “Healing Your Teeth Naturally

  1. Trevor says:

    Some great advice here, really sensible. Thank you for reminding me of something that can be so easily forgotten. Two questions that I have often wondered. 1. Is it necessary to use a lot of toothpaste on a brush (I`m thinking of the environmental impact) ? and 2. What tooth brushes do you recommend and why?

    • Farah says:

      Hello Trevor,

      We all have preferences with the amount of toothpaste you use, it is with trial and error that you establish the amount you desire. I only use a pea-size amount on my toothbrush or you can alternate that by brushing with bicarbonate soda or coconut oil now and then for a deep clean. Tom’s of Maine or Nature’s Gate are great recommendations for their natural simple ingredients and of carbon footprint, waste minimisation and charity contributions. The tooth brushes I would recommend are bamboo toothbrushes for their naturally soft bristles.
      Hope this helps and many thanks for your comment,

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