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It’s very important to keep active, to eat well, to drink when you feel, just generally keeping up with a good lifestyle that we are all aware of, which all contributes to your overall well-being – with your brain controlling all these actions.


Yes, the brain is the most incredible factor of your body. In fact, the brain makes about 2 percent of a person’s body weight and there is around 75 percent of the brain is actually made up of H20.


The brain is the “control center” to every action, every feeling, every thought and even every word that you speak, so it’s a mystery why not much significance is really implored on your brain.


You see or read about heart health or skin health, but not really much about the brain. I am extremely intrigued with keeping your brain alert and well, as our brains shrink as we grow older. Without the brain, you simply would not live.



What happens to the brain as we age?


Changes happen to us, all the time, some can be good, some just plain blank an absolute nuisance! But we can improve or get better even when we do age. Growing older isn’t inclusive to “age related” conditions. Some people in their young years are very unhealthy but improve as they grow older.


The important aspect is to maintain your health and to have the knowledge to know what to do for your body. A healthy life both mentally and physically, is probably the real measure to fight against the factors of an aging brain. Throughout our whole lives, it is the brain that constantly changes the most in our entire body.


As a baby till around 5 years old, that’s when the brain forms and develops the most compared to any other age in life.


The front of the brain which is responsible for command functions, such as planning or impulse control, don’t actually fully function until the age of 35 years old.


The limbic system, can also be known as the “emotional brain”, is the part that controls conscious or unconscious actions, determining exactly how the body feels or reacts such as to noises and movements. This area can allow for mental disorders to occur and so it is vital to gain the upper hand in this area and to control the “flight or fight” reaction in your favor.


The neurotransmitters in our brains are chemical transmitters that relay messages to and from the brain and body, all working as a whole. These chemicals can lessen with time and can affect your brain more ways than one, such as the lowering performance in your motor area which controls the execution of movement depending on how well you look after your brain.


The mass of your brain does shrink or change in size, particularly the areas involved with cognitive function and encoding new memories but this really only happens in our 70s and again it all comes down to your diet and lifestyle.


Overall different parts of the brain is in control of the different skills within the body, whether that be movement, feelings, language or our reactions and keeping it healthy and well is important for your whole lifetime.

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Feed Your Brain

Lets breakdown then, the factors that contribute to a healthy brain for a healthy life. Without our health, we have nothing.


Foods – Not processed foods or refined sugars that can contribute to ill health. I mean wholesome nutrient dense living foods. Dark green vegetables provides a source of high nutrition, protects against inflammatory conditions and may help increase cognitive performance. Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kale or coriander can contribute the benefits.


Fruits – Berries, apples, lemons are full of water mineral content that soars the blood with minerals which can aid in fighting off free radicals, keeping cells young and improve brains focus and ability to pay attention, may fight off “brain fog.”


Fats – This is utmost beneficial in coating all cells with lubrication and fighting off unwanted waste and toxins. It can keep all cells clean and improve the functions in the body and brain to perform better and with ease. Avocados, olives, coconut oil and nuts/seeds can help with this. Although please soak nuts/seeds in water overnight to allow for better absorption.


Superfood powders pack a punch of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and so much more for optimum health. They top up most nutrition and can aid in fighting off poor memory, tiredness and mood swings. Chlorella powder, micro algae powder or phytoplankton powder can increase mental alertness and rejuvenating the brain too.


Just ensure to focus to eat less of fried foods, over processed foods and refined foods typically from boxes or packages as they tend to contribute to low nutrition and feeling fatigue.

Help Your Brain


Yes, we have the power in our hands to contribute physically or mentally to improving brain health and therefore increasing alertness, for better learning and the ability to take on more experiences happier or simply being creative and a willingness!


  • Meditating or just sitting still can allow you to pause and take in the peace and quietness around you for improving focus and understanding the beauty of your surroundings. It can reduce stress considerably, increase emotional health, relax your head and cope with situations better and to learning to staying calm.


  • Sleep – It’s a miracle to sleep soundly the whole night and waking up to a new day with clarity and excitement. Sleep not only repairs and renews your body’s cells as you sleep, it stimulates the brain and can actually remove toxins while you sleep.


  • Activities – There are many ways to keep your brain active and functioning well. Simple things such as listening to music, to reading, learning, doing something different, socializing all contribute to keeping you mentally sharp, exercising the brain and helping to concentrate better so you can always get the job done! Well done!


I can go on and on at the many ways to helping your brain and I’m sure you have the picture now of the significance of keeping not only your body well but equally helping your brain to get better too. Focus on your brain and even emotional and your mood can enhance with better concentration, feelings of inspiration and loving yourself and others!


Please leave a comment or question below and I’ll be sure to get in touch! Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Keep Your Brain Alive

  1. Kelly says:

    Gosh, this means even at my age my brain isn’t fully developed yet! That’s astounding! And fat is good for you! My life has been a lie. (okay some fats are good for you, still, you reckon I can use that to convince my man we need a cake?)

    People always tell me I need to put the books down and sleep more, I didn’t realise the body could remove toxins while one slept. Maybe I should try to sleep more. But reading is good too XD

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Haha – some things you have got to figure out, when it comes to your brain there are necessary foods and nutrients that’ll keep it well and healthy. Yes, sleep is an important one and anything that’ll keep you learning, always helps the brain and keeping it active, thank you.

  2. Jas says:

    To be honest, for the last year, I’ve been most interested in the brain, thoughts, quantum physics, and the connection of our thoughts to the reality we live in. I agree with you that choosing the right foods is as important for health as it is for improving brain function. With food, great support is meditation as well as quality sleep. Altogether, it’s going to get the best results!

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