Never Stop Learning and Being Creative – It’s Healing!

No matter what you are going through in life, whether that be ill health, depression, break-ups or a bad phase, you probably will slow down a little bit – but the magic of being creative should never stop!


“The creative child is the child who survived”
~Ursula Leguin~


What is your passion and interests?


It is your victory and achievement in building yourself to being a better person. There’s always better ways to improve. There’s always something to explore and discover/ The opportunities are endless!


So what are you passionate about? What are you interested in?
 Do you like to sing and dance? Then you can compete with others similar to your passion in a competition that’s available or even focus on a musical show.


Do you like to write? You can even start writing a book or just jot down poetry that comes to mind in a notebook. If you like sports, take it further and play with friends or even study the subject in school or college, even if it’s part-time classes or in the evening.


Anything that you enjoy doing, anything that makes you feel all tingly and feel worthwhile about is definitely not something to ignore! Take it a little further and you can surprise yourself. Start small or start big, the choice is always yours!


How to Start – Where to Begin?


So, then why should you take it further or bother about it if no one around you is even interested by it? Where will it even get me? Is this what you maybe ask yourself if you feel a little hesitant or reluctant? Do you look at your surroundings or at others before you make a decision? Whereas the truth is that you should focus solely in how you feel.



Just imagine you bought a book about recipes and cooking and felt that there is no point in the book as you don’t have the time or energy to learn much from it. But you have the book for a reason. So you look through the book and it just looks too much but you keep on looking at it anyway – everything looks healthy and delicious!

You just don’t know really where to start. So – just – start – small. You try a simple easy recipe with only a few ingredients and a short recipe. You did it! You cooked something that didn’t take too long and using fresh ingredients – you will definitely be trying that one again!


The point that I am making, is you made a start, you made one recipe so you will try a different recipe and another until you create a habit of doing so. You will feel healthier and happier in doing so and it beats eating junk from a box!


Before you know it others will be complementing on your cooking! After that so much follows, you can cook for your children, parents and you’ll have knowledge about food. It doesn’t even have to stop there! You can take it further if you want to. You can attend cooking classes, share recipes via Facebook or Instagram, you can work in the catering field and expand your knowledge – the results are endless!


So what happened to not having the time or the energy, eh? Excuses!


Expand Your Creativity


The above scenario can happen to any skill or interest. You can find many resources and information online, in a library or education institutes to find exactly the possibilities that’s available to you.


“If you are not growing, then you are dying”

~William S. Burroughs~


The most amazing gift that you can give yourself is turning your creativity and ideas into existence. It can lead to so much more later on, down the line. It can get better over time with the right teaching and methods.


Learning and being creative not only opens new doors to your capabilities and unique skills that you find within you but it also makes you a healthier person. It contributes to your mental and social health.


  • You are using your brain and conjuring up ideas that flows through you, makes you smile and keeps for an open mind.
  • Gives you a purpose and a sense of fulfillment.
  • You can discover who you are and can help others greatly.
  • Learning can be a challenge at first and we can learn to inhibit the ability to overcome those problems.


There are Many Ways to Improving Your Creativity

  1. Reading. This can range to informational textbooks, story books, educational work, a topic of interest such as travel or cars.
  2. Exercising. Whether that be riding a bicycle to playing a sport or practicing yoga.
  3. Writing. Just write down whatever comes to mind – If you suddenly have a couple of lines that’s in the form of poetry. If it’s ideas in how you are feeling, you can jot down in a journal to better understand it and just get out of your system.
  4. Music. It can range from the sounds of nature that you hear simply paying attention when you are outside or listening to music on YouTube or on your phone can feel very relaxing and gratifying.
  5. Art. Visit Museums or concerts. Take part in drawing, art classes.
  6. Collecting Hobbies. You can have a lovely assortment of inspirational goodies such as photos, pins/badges, stamps, comic books – so fruitful to the eyes!


The list goes on and on but the most exciting part is that YOU GET TO DECIDE. Go on with that creative journey and never stop learning because it will lead to numerous benefits to you and everyone around you. So make mistakes – who cares! It comes with it and be free and alive knowing that you are creating and weaving a fulfilling and magical world.


Please leave any questions or comments below and I’ll be sure to help you out, thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Never Stop Learning and Being Creative – It’s Healing!

  1. Erick says:

    Hi Wholeearthgoodness! I loved reading this post because of two reasons: 1) I write about the same things and 2) I know that by reading your writing my creative soul is smiling as it knows that there are other people in the world who feel like I do.

    All of the ways you suggested to improve creativity are fantastic! I practice them regularly. I would like to add one more to your list: having conversations with others. When we talk with other people we exchange ideas and discover what we’re passionate about. I always find that I’m more creative the day after I had a great conversation with someone.

    Great article. Keep on writing!


  2. Joyce Easton says:

    Thanks for the creativity tutorial! I read a lot at leisure and discovered that reading is a great way to boost creativity. The music itself is inspirational and can help build creativity. Doing exercise is an added advantage when it comes to being creative. Reading a lot of books is what I consider the most powerful way to increase creativity. Thanks for the informative post!


  3. anas says:

    thank you for this article that you are sharing with us all. There are so MANY WAYS you provide options to let us IMPROVE our CREATIVITY. It was so helpful and I’ll come back always when I want to feel being excited because really that article made me think about so many ways that you mentioned.
    thank you a lot again

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      You are very welcome. I am so glad that you enjoyed reading and I do hope that your creative spark is always around:)

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