Home Reflections Decor!

They say that your home is the biggest reflection of who you are! It’s your haven, your everything. It is the only place that you can truly be yourself, relax and design in anyway you wish – well, perhaps with the permission of other household members, of course!


Let’s accept it, that we truly adore and cherish our homes. You spend most of your life inside your home so naturally the surroundings reflects you in some way or another. It can mirror your nature or charisma and that is worthwhile to watch grow, – for the better.


Home sweet home – Yes, truly a place you can dress in anyway you see fit, look anyway you feel and escape from the noisy world. You hold memories here, good times and bad times that it can form into so much more than a house.


You have loved ones and friends venturing here, it’s a “cave of wonders” with deposits of collectables, old or new, that all hold a story. These are all reminders that keeps us going, overjoy us or breathe easy when looked at.


Take a good look around!

  • Furniture – Let’s face it, this is the main component of each and every room and your house as a whole. Whether that be your living room, kitchen or in the bedroom – your furniture really makes a bold statement about you and the household members. So, let this be justified in the best way!


From warm and cosy, or plain and simple, to elegant and sophisticated, the choices really blends in with your personality and the way you live in                  the home. It is a lovely reflection to within you!



  • Visual arts – The objects around your home can serve as a reminder or give you a sense of belonging in some way or another.


Living plants or flowers in your home can give of a relaxed atmosphere and brings an energy of calm – when looked after properly! A cuddly toy or trinket boxes really sets the scene for a magical world of dust and wonder, how calm and peaceful this can really bring.


  • Decoration – We all like to organise the way in which all the rooms are displayed and presented. It can be something innocent as putting on some curtain tiebacks to sweetly hold back your curtains in a pleasant manner.


You could add on some wall art decor or some window stickers to get a feel of a homely scene and make the most of being at home. There are so many unique choices to create and feel relaxed and blessed to make the use of your home.



  • Images/portraits – This can strike up a conversation or hold a memory to be rekindled when looked upon. Still photos resemble remembering the time when it happened and reminiscing on the good old times! Just by looking at family members or friends, loved ones in a pleasant portrait or in a frame highlights the bonds that you all hold together and that can never be broken!


Love Your Home!


The point that I am trying to make is looking after your home in the way you see possible, how you design your rooms and living your day to day life is heavily dependant for every member of your family.


They too, can feel content and reassurance of moving forward happily. You can make the home “a sight for sore eyes” no matter how big or small it is, it doesn’t really matter.


Make the most of every room, fix the things that need to be done or add in some extra storage drawers to lessen the clutter around for an approachable and relaxed feel.


There’s nothing like home after a busy day at work or if you had “one of those days”, it can really melt away when you reach your engaging, warm home!


Have a look around now and what do you really like about your home – Is there anything that you can improve or just like to embrace the look and feel or your home!

Please leave a comment or any questions below and I’ll be sure to help you out, thank you very much!


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  1. Ann says:

    I have a longtime desire of filling my home with houseplants. It’s healthy to have lots of plants. Plants are good and not just for their visual beauty. I have been reading that studies have also proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood!

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