Avoid Doomscrolling

This can very much affect your daily life and your mental health – in a negative way.  Doomscrolling is a term that refers to constantly looking through any means of information, articles or headlines that are depressing and as a result this makes you feel down or low as a result via your phone or any sort of technology.


For example, people have the tendency to check the bad news for Covid-19 without trying to stop.


Although it is indeed wise to check the up to date affairs, as we as a society should acknowledge this for our global and social awareness and to understand the way our environment is the way it is and the surrounding happenings.


However, the tendency to scroll through big heaps of information and stories that we know is disheartening is something to be avoided for your health.


Where does Doomscrolling come from?


In the awakening of technology and particularly major platforms such as social media and the alerts that we put in place for more gossip and news, has prepped our tendency to check for more stories as so we are kept well-informed.


It is certainly a habit to have in your possession your mobile phone that can easily be looked at for unnecessary “hear says” that can make us feel gloomy as a result. Why do we feel the need to check for this often?


It also plays a big distraction from your own world that you are living. For example, by plugging in earphones to some music and flicking through, whatever it is that you are flicking to, will stop us from being aware of our surroundings.


You will not really feel the pleasures of the outside world, not really take in the sounds of nature or see the amazing people all around you that could have been a chance meeting for a friend or something more.


As human beings, we are all very curious and this how is how we learn and grow. By quickly checking a message on twitter or somebody’s profile in Facebook is focusing on perhaps unwanted gossip that doesn’t really get you anywhere or a feeling of anxiety and a sense of doom and gloom.


You may justify your actions by simply confirming, “Everybody does this!” We should all curiously focus on the other things in life that matter and grow in a more care free and appropriate manner. This has been looked at quite self-destructive behaviour and although it’s a part of society, it shouldn’t be encouraged for.


What are the effects?


Although it seems harmless at first and a little fun as trying to find out the latest on your favourite celebrities or to find out an update of certain news that you came across the other day, with that intertwined with screen addiction, such as watching T. V or playing video games for some, it truly is stressful and over whelming to the mind and to your health. I will break down the scientific research found effects that really takes a toll.


  • Disconnecting – You could socially disengage with others or avoiding to communicate to others well as you should be. If you find a situation uncomfortable, rather than confronting it fully, you could just reach out to your phone.
  • Distraction – You may miss or not notice the fine details to your surroundings and in others.
  • Draining – By checking for the latest on your screen, it will bombard you in some way or the other of unfortunate news or distressing images that makes you feel low and sad.
  • Mental health issues – You may have some form of anxiety or depression and rather than addressing it, may seek comfort with news feeds and your screens which is avoiding the issue altogether and delaying it.
  • Feeling of sadness and agitation – It’s common sense the more you read depressing and sad stories, it will make you feel down and worried and in constant to doing so may change the way you view certain things.


I will mention one thing – Don’t believe everything you read or see anyway! Sometimes they do not give the full facts to us and always stick with what we humans know best? Just to be there for one another and support each other.

Anyway of course this doesn’t apply to all. We all take things differently and can certainly shake off things quite easily as long as you are aware of it all and don’t let it completely overtake you or your mindset in any way.


You must not let this be a burden on your day to day life and assume it’s a natural thing to do – it’s not!

Can you think of a better way to spend your time?


Yes! I can. As humans, we are naturally curious but we also so much more! We are creative, passionate, adventurous, happy and amongst many other traits that we all breathe! I will break down the fun elements that we are all know and love doing, well then, lets me put forward some simple gentle reminder.


  • Slow down – sound a little unnecessary, but it works wonders! Try taking your time when you eat or doing some household chores or even just bathing. You will feel a little more relaxed and this in turn can make you feel happy and no urgency to flip through news feeds.


  • Doodle or Art – Let’s just get back to basics and draw something or even painting is great. You don’t have to be an artist but just feel the sensation of creating and taking part in focus.


  • Express Yourself – many ways to do this! I find that listening to songs is a mood lifter or even some music, whatever rocks your boat. You can even sing/hum along or dance away and feel energetic.


  • Learn and discover – Take the time to play an instrument or piano, to learn how to sew that garment that you have so wanted to do, to cook that new dish that’s pending or to catch up on some reading.
  • Yoga/exercise – You can download some apps or have attended some classes and can do this in your own leisure. It helps to relax your body and mind, you can even do this in your own back garden.


  • Organize and Tidy – You can rearrange furniture, do some decorating in your home or fix something broken that is yet to be done. There is always some speculating needed to be done – why do you think they hire decorators or cleaners?


The bottom line is, is that there is so much more to participate in your life when you really think about it. You all know this stuff and you all know the happiness that you can participate in to make you feel better, so try doing some and transpire from the motion or habits of picking up your devices.


Most of the things mentioned above are all just practicing at home! Who said that there’s nothing to do at home. “I’m bored!” There really is no such thing! Try writing out goals or tasks that you want to undertake on a daily basis and find out for yourself how you feel and even better what more there is to rediscover again!


If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I’ll be sure to help you out. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Avoid Doomscrolling

  1. Mike says:

    Hello there! This is an important article! I wasn’t sure what doomscrolling was at first since I never heard of the term. But after reading your description, it is definitely something that I have been witnessing that people are doing all too often these days. I definitely agree with you that it can be harmful to one’s wellbeing when they focus less on the present and the now. Rather they worry about the past and the future which can create a lot of stress. You definitely provided some great ways to get out of that bad habit. Thanks for this.

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Hello and thanks for your brilliant comment – it’s important to raise awareness about this and to prompt for other alternatives that actually contributes to our well-being. We should be ‘doom scrolling’ less often and not rely on it too much. 

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