Do Air Fresheners Really Work?

It can be quite pleasant to simply spray some sweet smells inside your own home, to simply mask up foul odours or just relish in the fragrance all over the air.


But you could be inhaling harmful substances as well and this could affect your body and the environment all around you.


Imagine after a long hard day and the first thing that you do when you enter your home is unwind, settle in and breathe easy. Do you see the bigger picture there? If you were breathing in chemicals and pollutants unknowingly, yep that’s not exactly truly beneficial.


Environmental groups have repeatedly warned us against these products claiming that it poses a risk to our health. In fact, it may destroy our indoor air quality and repeated exposure can bring about adverse effects. I will be discussing in the next few paragraphs the effects in detail and why it should be avoided.



What are the effects of Air Fresheners?


They are a concentrated form of artificial fragrances and an overload of toxic chemicals. When you wonder if air fresheners is wise to use, just look at the ingredients list and consider the toxicity involved!


Most commercial air fresheners contain alcohol, preservatives, dyes, may contain solvents and is quite scary when you really examine the product. They can wreak havoc inside your system and imagine spending the time trying to heal from that! They may also allow for environmental toxins to occur in your environment and encourage for respiratory irritants that affect the lungs and breathing capacities.


It can even more so be transparent in modern homes as they are designed to be airtight as possible or have quite small enclosed spaces which can allow for inadequate ventilation and by spraying such air fresheners, it can only bring about doom and health warnings in your space! Air fresheners are really designed for temporary fixes for satisfaction and are considerably cost effective and accessible, so your health and well-being is not considered there!


You should also watch out for labels as many of them do not mention their ingredients fully just so to protect their fragrance blends as a trade of secrets from competitors. If you feel that it’s unsuitable by all means, avoid it!

Ingredients mentioned can be sweetly advertised as, “fragrance” or “parfum”, whatever that really is…and relatively unclear to what really is within the products. This can also be said to many other household products such as laundry products, household products, deodorants and perfumes. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Health Implications


These can vary but some can be extreme depending on your gut health. Also, it can be distressing and time-consuming to heal from the health implications that may have been building up slowly for some time.


Skin Allergies: You could suddenly get skin irritations or inflamed skin, making the skin barrier weal and more porous. It can then allow for chemicals to penetrate deeper, absorbing into your blood and causing a toxic overload. It can also overwork your immune system.

Mood Swings or Depression: If you get hay fever or are sensitive to fragrances, these products can enter into the brain’s chemistry which can make you feel more down and susceptible to panic attacks or anxiety.

Headaches:The chemicals can cause the blood vessels to swell and dilute, stimulating the nerve system in the brain which can allow for pain and discomfort inside your head.


Alternatives That You Can Try Confidently


There are a variety to use and replace your usual air fresheners or scents with healthier options. Although you may be spending a bit more funds, your health will certainly reap the rewards. You can try making your own products as many online markets teach or sell a range of simple and quick kits such as homemade soaps, to establish fresher natural products.


You can go for homemade air fresheners that contain less harmful ingredients, essential oils and a healthier eco-friendly



Air purifiers are incredible for getting rid of unwanted pollutants and debris from the environment, making for cleaner and fresher air.

Homemade candles or potpourri gives off a natural cleaner scent that you and your family can relax in the comfort of your own home.


You have the power to prevent such ailments easily and to really understand the power of nature, to live freely and happily, it does require effort, but isn’t a part of every aspect of your life? Consider your health to be a part of that too!

Thank you very much for reading, please leave comments or questions below and I’ll be happy to help you out.



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2 thoughts on “Do Air Fresheners Really Work?

  1. Charity says:

    Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this.  Reading about this article shows that we must be careful and check ingredients of all air fresheners. Air freshener always work but the ingredients is important towards your health.. Going through this article was indeed informative and helpful to me 

    • Farah says:

      Hello Charity,

      I think that we should really make it a healthy habit of checking the labelling of air fresheners and ensure that it is not hazardous to health with an explosion of unnecessary chemical ingredients. There is much better choice out there and worth the expense:)

      Thanks very much:)

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