Greens And Superfoods

These are available in many forms such as powder, liquid or capsules which are powerful nutritional boosters that are quite essential for life. Not much discussion is highlighted about these silent wonders that works so well inside you.

They range from sea greens to super food powders and I’ll be discussing the tremendous benefits implored with them and how adding these to your diet will truly awaken your senses!


Most super foods are packed with more nutrition than even fruits or vegetables and when added in to your food, it can then be packed with a triple combo health sensation! Most health shops sells them or even your local supermarkets. You just need to know what to look for.


What is Green Superfoods?


There are such a massive variety out there, that you can simply add to your diet and encourages you to eat well as a result. You wouldn’t exactly eat a McDonalds and then muster in some super foods as well, it just doesn’t feel right! By incorporating clean rich sources to your diet shall hopefully allow for a good habit of following through with a healthy meal plan.


Green cruciferous vegetables are great to include as part of your meals or shove into a salad such as watercress/lettuces, radishes, wasabi, kale or cabbage can be added to your general salad. Try using organic whenever you can for more benefits, so if you are used to eating a small salad of say, cucumbers and tomatoes, try adding one from the list to add in great health perks.


Other green vegetables that is best steamed or eaten raw can be broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus, avocados or mung beans are an amazing addition to include as a meal. Whoever said that a pizza is “junk food” clearly has not tasted a cauliflower pizza! Simple to make by the way! Try replacing that high sugar snack with an avocado, you can also use as a butter and spread on rice cakes or anything of your choice!


Seagreens – These are more than washed up greenery you see washed up on the sand, these are probably vital for your body to function better by adding these into your diet.


Some examples include Nori, Kelp, Kombu, or Dulse. If you dislike the taste of certain green vegetables then sea greens are a great alternative! You can use kelp noodles rather than your usual choice of noodles or nibble on some seaweed thins instead of crisps or cut into thin strips and crumble on soups or salads!


Algae – The elixir for life! My theory anyway, but seriously it contains a tremendous amount of antioxidants and minerals that energize your body. I’m sure you have heard of celebrities always adding these to their smoothies or shakes.


Try adding chlorella powder in your morning smoothie, blue – green algae contains a significant amount of amino acids and essential fatty acid, marine phytoplankton creates for healthy living and barley grass can be added to fruits for a boost in energy!

What are the health benefits anyway?


I’m sure by now you are just blown away by the variety and choices that are out there and can be incorporated into your diet.


You see, many of the foods that we eat nowadays are depleted from essential minerals and vitamins as many foods are processed, refined or grown within depleted soils which allows for nutrient loss for fruits and vegetables.


It is crucial to add in super foods or healthy choices across all food groups as no one super food offers all the nutrition that we need to aid the body with and to reap many benefits for you and your family:


Cruciferous vegetables – These are rich in vitamins and minerals and contain phytochemicals that can lower inflammation in the body and can give you strong immunity. You feel relaxed and clean when munching on these super vegetables. It is best to steam vegetables or can be eaten raw.


Seaweed – These are highly nutritious and sea vegetables are elegant healthy foods that really nourish the body. The Japanese live on these and most have a clear complexion on the skin!


Therefore seaweed can help minimize cellulite and purifies the skin and can allow for a clear glow. They are grown in seawater and contain a good amount of iodine and protein and contains compounds that are anti cancer.


Certain Fruits – It is common sense that not every single fruit out there are super foods and it is important to distinguish between this. For example, you must have heard that all berries pack a punch of antioxidants – not bad for a small fry! Blueberries in particular, protects cell from free radical damage, it detoxes your body and fuels your body with anthocyanins that may slow down the aging process considerably. A beauty food!


Avocados are incredible in that it is a complete protein with the eight crucial amino acids included, that your body cannot synthesize by itself and actually relies on other sources. Consider avocados for these reasons as well as the building blocks necessary for quicker wound repair and strengthening of the muscles.


Green powders – Try to aim for organic greens and check the ingredients so that there are no added sweeteners or chemicals as that truly defeats the purpose of these power foods! Some examples include, blue – green algae, marine phytoplankton, chlorella or barley grass. I would recommend these as I have been consuming for a long while and may remove heavy metals and oxygenate your body.


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Pro and Cons Involved

Although it’s obvious of the benefits entailed and the nourishment provided, as with everything let’s take a look at both sides in some detail:-



  • Can improve with weight loss and improve your energy levels.
  • Reduces the effects of aging significantly and allows for a youthful appearance overall.
  • You will gain many nutrients, minerals and vitamins daily for good functioning of the human body.



  • Can be very pricey especially with the high quality kind and not easily accessible in the market.
  • Not enough studies are done on many super foods to establish scientific proof for health claims, but that doesn’t stop you from doing your own research.
  • Consult with a doctor and be aware of certain nutritional supplements stemming form super foods, some may be more harmful than good, please ensure to check the ingredients.


Judge for Yourself


It is quite clear that the value and support that super foods can carry within your body, is like carrying a strong little army within, to fight against many of the “bad stuff” inside our bodies.


You can take a spoonful/half a spoon of any type algae that you prefer regularly, e.g Chlorella, and add to a smoothie, which is the most popular ways that people ingest them, due to the fact that some powders do have an unpleasant taste.

You can also try sprinkling some seaweed onto your soups or stews. I purchase dry organic Kombu seaweed and once soaked in water for 30minutes, simply put on top of food. Or you can pour dried kelp flakes over broths as a seasoning.


The point is there are many ways to add these into your diet and you may feel a difference relatively quickly in regard to to your energy levels or alertness.


Always ensure to read the labels for instructions on how to use any super foods and powders for a complete breakdown on how to take them and not to overuse. Be consistent in consuming these and seek professional advice if you have any serious health conditions or taking medications.


Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll be happy to help you out. Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “Greens And Superfoods

  1. Esperanza Ross says:

    Great article! I am always looking to learn more about the foods we eat and what they have to offer. I am a strong believer that what you eat needs to serve a purpose. I am really in love with superfoods, and how they help nurture your body in multiple ways. I have tried a few of the sea greens and have always wondered if there are any that do not have that “sea” taste to them? I love the flavor but always thought that if the land greens have different flavors why don’t the sea ones? 

    • Farah says:

      Hello, Im glad that you enjoyed the article. Try sprinkling a pinch of salt and pepper on top of the seaweed to mask the’sea’ taste or even squeeze some lemon juice to it and let it soak in. There are some dried seaweed, ready to eat out of the bag in some health supermarkets that may be of interest to you. Many thanks:)

  2. Affiliate for Amazon says:

    Great review on this topic. The intake of super healthy food that is very beneficial to the body.  I am a big supporter in the usage of cruciferous vegetables on a daily basic. 

    My opinion, you cannot go wrong in consuming two to three green vegetables in your meal at least once a day, whether it is by liquid or chewable.

    • Farah says:

      Yes you cannot go wrong with these nutritious and powerhouse of minerals and vitamins. They are great to add into most dishes and meals. Thanks now.

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