Healing Teas For Health


Herbal teas have been around since the BC era and started around China. It is known as one of the healthiest drinks in the world and became rapidly popular and spread to other parts of the world in which it has been used as medicines and in general health which has contributed to people’s lives.


These relaxing teas are also known as beverages or brews and may have numerous health benefits to say the least. Just drinking a cup a day can impact a difference in your lifestyle overall and may encounter better changes in your health. It can be infused or mixed with other herbs, spices or other plant substances in hot water and enjoyed daily.


Different ways to drink Herbal Teas



This may seem obvious to some but your don’t only have to buy a box of herbal teabags from your local supermarket and think that’s all there is to it. Don’t get me wrong the teabags are beneficial and clean for your health consumers, but there may in fact be alternative and perhaps a better approach to drinking your herbal beverages and feel mighty good!



You can use herbal powders to make a herbal shot drink – These are made from pure dried herbs and then grinded into fine powder. You can pour a small quantity into a glass and add some warm/hot water and gulp down. Or your can add to cooking. Some examples are turmeric, ginger, many sea greens such as chlorella or barley grass powders.


Dried fruit is great and probably my personal favorite for making a sweet tea. Dried fruit can include elderberries or buck thorn berries, whole rose hips, freeze-dried fruits make for a healthy infusion of herbs and fruit varieties.


Herbal varieties are a mixture of blended herbs together and can be added to boiled water to infuse for around 15minutes before draining the herbs and drinking the remaining herbal water.


Varieties can include a mixture of chamomile, echinacea, lemon balm and thyme or flora tea with rose petals, agrimony and elder flowers. The different combinations of blended dried herbs can make a difference in providing certain benefits and effects and range to many, many varieties, check them out in your nearby herbalist shop!

Fruit and herbs combined together make for a tantalizing brew and the full effects of nature in your taste buds can really take place. Take for example lemon and ginger which benefits ailments for colds and sore throats. White tea with elder flowers and apricot sounds like music to my ears!


Apple and warm cinnamon is a relaxing tea during the cold winters and gives a festive feeling for Christmas. There is a huge range out there and finding your favorites may probably take a good long while! Many websites as well as local supermarkets provides different combination, can your find your perfect combination?


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Herbal Teas with Benefits


I am sure by now that your are getting the picture of the countless beautiful teas out there and easily accessible, with many benefits to your health. Simply replacing these with some of your usual hot drinks can allow your to reap the advantages.



Caffeine free – Herbal teas are flavorful alternatives to caffeinated beverages, which contain little or no caffeine. Caffeine has been linked to increasing alertness so then it may lead to anxiety. It can lead to addiction for the pleasurable effects.


Anti-aging – You little beauty! The powerful antioxidants found in herbal tea can actually slow down the aging process. It can allow for free radical damage and can make skin appear healthy.


Helps with digestion – A cup of this herbal concoction after a meal can aid in digesting your food better. Mint can soothe the digestive system and can urge lowering heat tremendously.


Can boost immunity – With the powerful surge of vitamins and minerals present, it can help fight against infections and diseases. It can strengthen your immunity system due to the profound effects of antibacterial and antiviral components.


Relieves mood swings and anxiety – Just in general, your can really feel relaxed drinking these sweet teas quite quickly. Chamomile is popular and well distinguished for aiding sleeping better. Lavender can work just as well and if both flowers combines, it can enhance the experience. It releases chemical into the brain and can act as a mild antidepressant.



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Do You Like Herbal Teas?




Wow! The variety certainly stands out and the outstanding vitamins, minerals and antioxidants content which are present in them contributes to a good living lifestyle.



It has been shown to contribute for short and long-term health benefits. These warm teas are a great alternative, if you are trying to escape caffeine tea, sugar drinks or just processed drinks in general, while giving you a boost of health to your day daily. Enjoy!



Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll be sure to help you out, thank you.


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2 thoughts on “Healing Teas For Health

  1. Cynthia says:

    I love herbal teas but had no idea of the health benefits.  I just thought they tasted good 😉 I’m very happy to know that I’m doing myself some good.  You mentioned making a tea out of freeze-dried fruit and I like that idea a lot.  I have some strawberries so I think I’ll try it.  What do you suggest I add to it?

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Herbal teas look appealing and taste great. Freeze-dried fruit such as strawberries are fun to eat with some plain yogurt, just simply add in a handful and some granola for a rare treat! Freeze dried fruit can also be used for decorating with and in baking. You could even add a slice of lemon with your fruit tea or a natural sweetener:) Delicious! 

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