How To Make Drinking Water Safe

Nothing’s perfect. What we consume daily does have an impact on us and eventually it is only a matter of time when the side effects kick in. So why not just consume a little less of the “bad” stuff and then reap all the benefits at the same time! That sounds quite decent if you ask anyone!


We all say that we should improve our health or eat more healthily but does that really ever take place regularly – maybe 2 weeks or a month? After reading through about the benefits of filtered water, you’ll acknowledge all the benefits.


The Problem with Tap Water


More than 1 billion of gallons of drinking water are provided daily to nine million people and still supplying unfiltered water to its citizens. We have all heard the risks or side effects of drinking too much tap water but we are all too busy to really think or have time to, just even make small changes that will make you feel better and relieved that you actually did something beneficial for your health and for your family.


Although water is treated for safe human consumption and to allow for safe drinking water, is easily accessible and can keep costs low, however some chemicals are left behind in the tap water after treatment. Some forms of herbicides and pesticides can be found floating around in the water and if drinking daily can have an adverse effect on human health.


This can contribute to certain diseases and conditions as the chemicals and irritants just build up slowly within you until your defences or immunity weaken – there is only so much your body can take!


It is also likely drinking water is contaminated by Chlorine – a hot topic back when I was younger. This can be harmful for your health and can effect teeth components the more you are exposed to this contaminant and has been associated to discolouring teeth colour to yellow or light brown and may leave teeth sensitive and the erosion of tooth enamel. Also, due to treating tap water with a range of chemicals can allow for an odour to kick in when you turn on your tap.


There are always Alternatives!


On a lighter note, you can clean water to make it even more safe in your own home and can carry around with you too. Water filters, filtered bottles and water systems are convenient and reassuring ways for safe drinking water for you and family at all times. The numerous benefits make it worthwhile and really commit to a happier and healthier life:


  • Minimize odor and gives for a cleaner and fresher taste due to filtering away chemicals and leaving a pleasant smell.
  • It can remove chlorine which is a huge part to cleansing tap water but unsafe to drink for prolonged periods of time.
  • Removes heavy metals such as lead and mercury, which is found in tap water and although small concentrations can be found it can lead to health problems in the long run.
  • Gives for a much better hydration experience, although this all depends on your filter. You can feel more energetic and vibrant with pure, clear water.
  • Good for the environment as water is preserved within filtered bottles and not wasted with store bought bottles.
  • Feel better overall just knowing this is contributing to a better and healthier lifestyle, is worthwhile to take on!


Spring Water


The benefits are numerous and I have just listed some of these above! But you get the idea and how worthwhile it can help your family, children and everyone around you. Although some filters do not provide maximum potential advantages, therefore you may not reap the full benefits and its important then to research for the best filters out there and compare.


Some people argue that filters do not remove all types of toxins in tap water and some will always remain. Spring water is considered the best source of water, although it is an added expense.


Some people fear the inorganic minerals can be found in spring water but not all spring waters contain inorganic minerals. If the spring water is taken from the source, then most of these waters have no dissolved minerals as they flow from the ground.


Most of the waters that comes out of the ground is like a sponge, pure and still unfilled with any minerals. Therefore, the water from the spring source is pure and with very little inorganic minerals.


Water Filter systems


I haven’t had the luxury yet to install drinking water systems inside my home but hoping to in the near future! This filters water straight from your very own tap, where that be in the kitchen, shower, in the bath/shower or bathroom taps, anywhere with readily accessible water.


Just imagine obtaining clean, fresh, uncontaminated and pure water available inside your very own home, anytime, day after day for you and your family! You’ll never want to back to regular water – that’s for sure!


It even preserves or conserves the life of any household appliances such as washing machines due to the pure, clean water which can effectively cause less erosion in your pipes and maintains appliances well.


While this method may require some small expenses, but just by making small changes as replacing normal tap water to filtered water, whether that be inside your home or even just using a filtered bottle or jug is a massive step to feeling relieved in taking ownership of one’s own health that can consistently push you forward to your health goals.


The best part is that it can influence others to a better environment, that you stay healthy, to keep at it and win!

Please leave any comments below or any questions and I’ll be happy to help you out! Thank you very much.

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Drinking Water Safe

  1. Imelda says:

    Thank you Farah,

    This information about water has made things so much more clear in my mind with how bad drinking from the tap is which is such a shame. Governments always tamper with things and water is one of those where flouride was added to help teeth formation but all they have done is made us susceptible to other diseases. 

    I feel that one day soon all houses will be fitted with water filters.



    • Farah says:

      Yes I agree with you. It is good to be aware of these things and take action when necessary. It doesn’t have to be too expensive either, filtered bottles or filters are great ways to improve your intake of cleaner water. Many thanks:)

  2. Ezra Mtambeka says:

    It’s great to know that there are bloggers out there that raise awareness about issues that are layed a blind eye on which impact or play a big role in one’s health. Great article I loved it. I myself stopped using tap water and started using borehole system filtered water in my backyard. The taste is great not to mention the health benefits of it. It also saves one a lot of money when it comes to paying municipal bills and taxes. 

    • Farah says:

      Once you taste filtered water, you don’t want to go back to tap water! It truly tastes fresh and clean. Another step towards looking after one’s health, many thanks:)

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