Valuable Books that Can Change Your Life – A Review

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 Book and author: “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne.

Price: £12.99 (retail price)     Cheap place to buy :  Amazon                                                                                                               
 No of pages: 254 pages

My Rating: 10/10


“The Magic” –  Review


Feeling afraid – whether it’s of the unknown or whether it’s what people think can cloud your judgement and ability to grow into a wonderful person.


Your perspective on the world, in situations or about others has a powerful impact on your life, more than you know.


Just remember this, that rage, sadness and arrogance blinds you to the good in others, in the world and yourself. Let’s try to replace these feelings with the opposite.


Material things in life such as money, expensive cars, big houses or bling jewellery and designer brands can not truly make you grow within or feel alive.


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Feeling grateful or in tune with yourself can open a whole new world of opportunities, letting go of mistakes that we can’t undo and to enjoy each and every moment that we face.


It all starts with YOU!


If you feel as if there’s something missing, that you want to learn and grow no matter what, that you want to make a change or simply harness more glorious, happy moments in your life then this book tells you so.


It is a book dedicated to allowing you to see the delights and harmony out there, in our world, if you really look and pay attention. JUST HAVE A LOOK HERE. It is a bestseller and has had five star reviews with Amazon and is the easiest and quickest way to change your life!


The book consists of 28 days of simple exercises to help you attract goodness and a better way to live each day just by being thankful!


This also fits into your day quite easily, so if you have a busy day – you can still fit in these powerful tasks which can include “Magical Health”, which focuses on better health, to ” Magical relationships”, which helps in your relationships with others old and new, to “Magic Morning”, which aids you in creating a good morning!

It really helps create a habit or a pattern to live better and to attract only good things daily.


You do not have to practice each task every day, you can only focus on one task for 3 days or longer before moving onto another life changing task. You can complete these simple exercises wherever you go!


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   Book and author: “Prayers from the heart” by Lorna Byrne.

Price: £10.99 (retail price)   Cheap place to buy : Amazon

  No. of pages : 288 pages 

My Rating : 9/10


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“Prayers from the heart” – Review

A sweet book filled with prayer after prayer about thankfulness, help, love, blessings and guidance.


You can pick up the book at any random page and randomly read a prayer to help you feel good and to establish some guidance or some connection from above or your angels, e.g.


Prayer to Sleep

” My dearest guardian angel,                                                              

It is time for you to put me into a slumber to sleep. With your arms and wings tightly around me, close my eyes with the light of your fingertips.  As I sleep, watch over me and protect me. When I wake in the morning, Let me feel good and refreshed,                                                                                                                                                                               My loving guardian angel, Amen.”


The author, “Lorna Byrne” has always seen and talked to angels all her life ever since she was a baby and provides a strong message in the book of the importance of prayer and that you can turn to prayer through your struggles and happiness.


It gives you a feeling of strength and hope. Every prayer is followed by detailed descriptions of the meaning of the prayer and her experiences of her own life and angels.


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Book and author: “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein.

Price: £10.99 (retail price)   Cheap place to buy : Amazon

No of pages: 192 pages

My Rating: 8/10


The Universe has your back” – Review


This book blew me away when I read it back in 2016 and even to this day, I have never forgotten it and refer to it now and then. It is all about living with certainty.


Choosing love over fear. How to react better or deal with major obstacles and problems in life. It certainly made a huge difference to me when I read through it years ago and changed me for the better.


I went through some trauma and didn’t really know how to cope with it but this book taught me to be me again!


It all comes from a place of love that many people seem to not really pay much attention to or find relevant nowadays.


It explains how you can trust your surroundings and the universe as you go through life and how it’s always guiding you. It is filled with exercises and meditations that allow you to be open and present with the higher workings of God or above, however you describe it.

An example of an exercise that may be valuable is when you are dealing with a problem.


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Gabrielle explains to visualise that you are getting help with this and to try and imagine an angel coming to you with a “translucent basket” and you simply putting the problems into the basket and saying a few words, basically your angel is helping you to deal with the problem and you must trust the connections above for guidance. It is about spiritual connections and some beautiful prayers.


There are universal lessons throughout the book for example –

  • “When we surrender our will to the power of the universe, we receive miracles” 
  • “Limitless guidance is available to you when you surrender to receive it”.


Although this book may not be for everyone but you can certainly feel a sense of relief and energy flowing through you when you read through – much visualising is described in the book.


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The one thing I really disliked about the book was the Kundalini meditations. It’s about chanting words and waving your arms in some way.


There are some exercises like this but I did not participate in them and you do not have to if it’s something that doesn’t interest you or you can try them if it’ll help. You would need caution and knowledge for that.


Also, there are some exercises that I did, such as writing in a bit of paper some things that you desire and then burning up the paper.


These types of exercises I decided not to do as I was happy just learning about a better perspective in my own problems and learning how to deal with it better so I never really did participate much in lessons as these, so not sure if they work or not. It definitely is worth a read!


Thank you so much for reading and if you have comments or questions, please leave below and I’ll be happy to help out!


As An Amazon Associate I Earn From Qualifying Purchases. As The Owner Of This Website I’ve Tracked Down Special Deals For Some Of The Products And Services Mentioned Herein. When You Use The Links On This Page To Make A Purchase I May Get A Small Commission And You May Get A Great Bargain. It’s A Win-Win All Round! Disclosure.

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2 thoughts on “Valuable Books that Can Change Your Life – A Review

  1. Aly says:

    Cool, I didn’t realize that Rhonda Byrne had a new book available after the huge success of “The Secret”. The movie / book about The Secret helped a lot of people to find and attract the things they wanted from life, and I think her story about “The Magic” would resonate to be aware of your dreams and more about learning of gratitude! WoW! 

    Great book collection here and I’m looking forward to some inspiring new reads!

    • Farah says:

      Hello Aly, Yes I completely agree that these books are worth reading and simply being aware of the power of being thankful and understanding the beauty of what you have. These books are a great fit around Any schedule and perfect for anybody and everybody! 

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