How good is it to relax out in the open air?


If you are off work, spending time with loved ones or just want to wind down, doing so in the garden and with nature all around you can be very captivating. It is your escapism from the noisy outside world and to lounge around with some peace and quiet or socializing comfortably with others.


We’ve all done this and the experience is always breath – taking. Looking after your garden is important to take in that experience all to well.


You probably can’t help with the size or layout as those are your basis to work with. Instead, let’s decorate it with good working furniture and grounds keeping tools that will help to maintain your garden and make it look ravishing!


Hanging Basket


These are very pretty and makes your garden well – equipped for many of the flowers and plants that you could decorate well with.


There are many beautiful plants to fill it with and some of the many popular are fuchsias, petunias, geraniums and a mix of begonia tuberhybrida which always stands out with their dazzling blooms that can be noticed a mile away!


There are various sizes available such as a 12 inches = 4.5 liters,

14 inches = 7.5 liters and 16 inches = 10.5 liters.


They are sturdy and fully lined and can fill up immediately and display with ease, so a liner is provided! Fairly cheap and excellent value for money. You can hang in the porch area, outside your conservatory area or anywhere that adds a touch of life!


A rattan material and many benefits are involved in hanging baskets such as attracting customers if in a business or keeping flowers safe from getting trampled on by wandering feet!

Preventing a major mess!


Relax Hut

Have you ever seen such a comfortable lounge area that is so cosy and clean that you actually wouldn’t mind sleeping easy inside it whether indoors or outdoors?


You can let a small group of friends relax and wind down on a summer’s day or simply read a book with your pet next to you in utter rest and comfort.


It can allow for better moods and can allow for body awareness while you can concentrate better in the comfort of your garden and paying some attention to your sensory skills.


Due to the natural rattan new fiber material, it is suited for outdoor environment all year round, so you can really enjoy this s piece of furniture all year round. It’s appearance is of an elegant weaving pattern and a high two-tone bronze. Simply sophisticated!



Dimensions include:

Height 1980mm – Width 2200mm – Depth 1150mm – Weight 75kg.

Beautifully handcrafted and contains soft silky cushions and softness, reflecting a warm bronze shine that stands out from the rest!


Garden Swing Set


No Garden is complete without such a stunning and elegant bench to enhance the senses of outdoor weather, whatever that may be!

This swing set is certainly an official statement to in your garden and eye-catching nonetheless, along with some therapeutic effects.


In fact, by spending some time outside can allow for some stress relief and increased sensory skills! Did you know that you could lose up to 150 calories just by rocking on the chair! You are hitting two birds with one stone!

It consists of wide arms that you can easily place down a magazine or a drink for easy convenience.

It is environmentally friendly of hardwood timber, providing durability and sustainability that has a life span of around 25 years! That’s quite a long time and worthwhile!


It is of certified pure timber form managed forests, which is light yellow in colour and is a much stronger wood compared to other woods which makes this last for much longer.


Dimensions include:-

Height 1700mm – Width 2180mm – Depth 1300mm – Weight 56kg

By putting on some fabric and cushions will make for such a pleasant experience and you can simply watch the rain before you, while you look out at the view all around you and enjoy all the surrounding tranquillity! WoW!

Swing seat bird feeder

Let’s not forget about the animals hiding behind the bushes! Yes we must not leave them out and fester in all the indulgences that we can offer in the garden. These little bumpkins are everywhere and anywhere. They bring joy and smiles when chirping away and are vital in our environment and ecosystem.


Did you know that birds devour insects and actually can keep your garden infestation plague free or simply at bay?

I think they deserve a little treat now and then, don’t you? When you do pop in a handful of bird grub inside the bird feeder – word gets out! Then critters in your garden will not last against these flying feather some creatures! Here are some cool facts:


  • Most hummingbirds weigh less than a nickel and are extremely lightweight.
  • In Ancient Greece, pigeons delivered the results of the Olympic Games. They would carry messages via their feet – a bit like in the cartoons!


The swing seat bird feeder is back by popular demand and has a removable washable seat tray! The tray is made of recycled plastic composite material and makes it that more easy to clean and maintain hygiene well in the garden.

Dimensions include: 170mm High, 230mm wide, 155mm depth and the weight considerably light at only 0.42kg.



I hope you have enjoyed looking through the endless opportunities to really spruce up your garden as I have thoroughly searched for these products that can make all the difference to you and your family, you may never want to escape the tranquillity that your garden can bring!

It carries many benefits and maintaining a garden does require effort and consistency!


As The Owner Of This Website, I’ve Tracked Down Special Deals For Some Of The Products And Services Mentioned Herein. When You Use The Links On This Page To Make A Purchase I May Get A Small Commission And You May Get A Great Bargain. It’s A Win-Win All Round! Disclosure.

Thank you very much for reading, please leave a comment or questions below and I’ll be sure to help you out, thank you!


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2 thoughts on “GardenTrends

  1. Alketa says:

    Hi, I appreciate so much Hanging Baskets. It is a good idea to flourish my balcony with various flowers. They are a great choice for small areas, and we can hang them everywhere. If I will have an open garden or a larger balcony, I also like Garden Swing Set. It looks great to enjoy the time and relax in the garden. 

    Thank you for sharing.



  2. Diane S says:

    What an amazing article.  I was feeling the tranquility of this garden,  as well ,  I was reading about your great escape to the garden.  The hanging basket would be lovely in the garden and I love petunias even all the other flowers are beautiful to.  Petunias are so bright and beautiful and best of all they are easy to grow and maintain in the garden and containers.  Relaxing in the garding and sitting in this beautiful rattan material weaving pattern chair, or the garden swing set, as well as ,  intaking fresh air.  The smell of those beautiful petunias, hearing the beautiful birds chirping  and the vision of beauty all around in this garden  puts you in a serene state.  Also,  Not only will you burn 150 calories from swinging on the garden swing set, but you will also feel your muscles working also an easy workout isn’t it.  Your entire body and senses will be stimulating by all this beauty and relaxation in the comfort of your own backyard.   Bye the way the bird feeder is a great addition to the garden no more insects.  Enjoy !  Thank you for sharing.

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