Ideas For What To Do During Lockdown

This is the only time in history that the world as we know it has stopped and come to a halt and at a standstill. Many have become worried or confused of the surrounding happenings, the changes we’ve all had to endure and to some unjust consequences faced in such a time in our lives. Some people may have had a new job and eager or excited to start but unable to. Or even worse many have lost jobs or access to certain services now abolished.


As human beings, it is our birth right to look beyond this, something that may be uncomfortable and to make a change. No matter how big, small or even tiny – yes even a tiny change counts!

We have all been effected and it’s OK to feel worried but let’s try some things to overcome the obstacles that many of us are facing today and so preventing worsening for tomorrow.


I will just explain the multitude of activities, actions or responses that you can take to make such an era a little worthwhile to you. And yes, you can achieve so much by simply staying in the comfort of your home or even if unable to take part at home, keep this knowledge with you for the future.


How do you think J. K Rowling earned her millions? She simply wrote her first fictional book at home using a typewriter.


You see many ideas or hobbies will get you far so it’s important to practice them as much as you can and watch the gleam and lustre that you can weave by your own hands and interest that is all stemmed by your own thoughts!

Habits To Avoid


Suddenly with the economy collapsing, most shops or services are temporarily unavailable and you feel powerless to go out in the world and make a point or change. Let’s reverse that! How about while everything’s standing quiet and at ‘checkmate’, let’s just go with our intellect and discover the power of investing time at home.


You may develop poor habits or feel restless confined to four walls as you may not know what to do with yourself, unable to comprehend to this change. Let’s just check the many things to avoid participating in at all costs-:


  • Over eating – We have all done this, but to do most days may cause some health problems. We may eat as we are distracted by T. V or mindless eating out of boredom. Pay attention to this and you can try eating slowly or keeping foods out of sight. Use visual reminders to prompt you how important it really is to avoid this habit! e.g affirmations.


  • Biting fingernails or picking skin – This happens when you are stressed, anxious or simply bored. Try cutting out the triggers for this such as removing mirrors or even choosing a substitute for these pesky habits. Remember that you should always be “you” as there is only one you in this world! You don’t need to be someone else.


  • Complaining – We tend to do this over nothing, some of the time. It can be quite destructive as it can affect your happiness, ability to perform and your overall attitude. Try bringing in some happier practices in your life whenever possible. e.g take a couple of minutes to breathe easy and slowly which can help to recharge!


  • Technology – By watching too much T. V or surfing the net on a regular basis can affect you emotionally and physically. It has been linked to social isolation and the way we communicate to others can change. Depression or anxiety are some other forms that can shape and even weight problems due to lack of movement.

Habits to Adopt

I am going to get into the learning and creativity part a bit later on but I do feel to mention some important factors that can impact your life, hopefully for the better and just doing a little goal or helpful habits can really add up to feeling satisfied at home, in your room or wherever your heart and soul go!

  • Guiding others – Do you feel sometimes life is just one big test? Being kind is an attitude to carry with you. Everyone around you thrives on trust and helpfulness. Simply by listening to one’s problem and listening well, giving a hand whenever you can. It is so important to help others whenever you feel to do so by taking part in charity work or connecting to friends and family well from time to time.


  • Cooking – Yes this is so important! It will help your health and your family’s. Why not try experimenting in the kitchen and see what you can accomplish! It’s OK to make blips or if it doesn’t turn out – we’ve all been there! But if you try and it turns out (whatever recipe you have plunged out to do) is worth it!


You see by using fresh whole ingredients has many benefits – as we all know. Eating from a box or ready meals often has an array of “toxic” ingredients that may contribute to health problems but eating less often helps too. The fewer ingredients, the better!


There are thousands of recipes on YouTube, simply type in something like, “coconut bread” and many videos appear. Simply flip through the video to check what’s involved and the ingredients list may be included in the description below.


You can check similar recipes also until you eventually feel the urge to try out a recipe. To fit in some extra cooking than usual, may require you to adjust your routine such as waking up a little earlier to fit in to your schedule.

  • Research – There are many sources of information that explains about certain issues, solutions or simply advice about anything really from health to current affairs or products and services. There isn’t only mainstream media or newspapers that provides knowledge but there are other sources of knowledge too. Put simply, keep an open mind and do your homework of the endless information out there.
  • Be Kind to You – It is the best cure to take time out to do the things that make you feel happy. Pay attention to your feelings and take care of yourself by eating well and getting enough sleep. Forgive yourself for making mistakes and always try to do better next time, this is how we learn and grow!

Learning and Creativity – The Most Fun Part!


During this lock down era, there are so many fun-filled activities that you can take part in and learn, you can even take further in a career down the line. “Fun-filled” might be an exaggeration but your interests and hobbies do make a difference in life and is part of our human nature – “If you are not growing you’re dying” – David Molapo.


Let’s take a look at all the creative things in life that does not involve jobs but weaved by our own hands. 


Isn’t it about surrounding yourself with happy trustful people or having the knowledge to be able to make the right decisions, something money can’t buy. Or good relationships with friends, family, colleagues. Money is necessary but your creativity and skills are valuable and worthwhile to bloom your life forever. There are endless ways for making money from home and not only in the outside world. Let’s take a look:-


  • You may enjoy sports but perhaps a professional footballer or a tennis player may be out of the question. There are other ways such as becoming a coach in different sports, an athletic trainer, physical education tutor or working from home as a freelancer writer perhaps and teaching others about sports.


  • If you like acting or performance arts, you can take part in drama classes or even in theatre shows. You can also work from home as being a voice and reading scripts or reading audio books.
  • Fashion is one of the biggest industries anywhere in the world. Apart from working in retail or a fashion designer/artist, you can sew clothes in certain warehouses or in a small business.



You can even work from home but will need to learn the skills and gain knowledge    – will take time. You may sew clothes for others, from bridal dresses to              simple  outfits. By working from home, you can design t-shirts online and sell, which is how  “Glynn Williams” made his millions!


Even writing books, taking part in woodwork or candle/card/jewellery making simply at home can open new doors to endless opportunities out there, you just need to invest in some time. It definitely will not take a day or two! How do you think people got their degrees or qualifications – months and months of studying!


No matter how you start and it may be small – you are weaving your passion and likes in a healthy manner that may bring you money in the long term!

Thank you very much for reading and please leave questions or comments below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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3 thoughts on “Ideas For What To Do During Lockdown

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Hi Farah – There are loads of helpful tips contained in your article. It is so important to make the best of a bad situation. Our survival depends on it. I was fortunate enough to have started working from home before the pandemic. I am certain that it made a world of difference. Let’s face it, the world is going to be a different place when this is over. 

    • Farah says:

      It is good to try and make use of such a situation. We all have hobbies, so let’s explore these further and reap the benefits some more! Thank you:)

  2. Nuttanee says:

    Thank you for sharing these ideas. I have to say that the new normal is really hard for all of us. Good pointers on what not to do. I had to say that the first lock down I did overeat and over drink quite a bit. I definitely have cooked more whole foods just aiming to boost my immune system so I am not the perfect host for the covid. I also read a lot of books and found a new hobby which are planting herbs and crocheting. I guess you just have to find out what you love and spend your time on that instead of freaking out about the lockdown. 

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