What Is Organic fruits And vegetables?

Fruits and vegetables are vital sources of nutrition as well as valuable components to add flavor or included in some recipes. I can say life would be quite dull and incomplete without these health saviours.


Although the earthy soil today isn’t as rich and nutrient dense as it once was, which means that our fruit and vegetables are less nutritious today and does not contain too much of the vital minerals and vitamins, compared to decades ago.


It is still vital to include in the diet, as not only will this prevent you from eating other less healthy foods but all fruits and vegetables are valuable and healthy to consume every day.


Do You Struggle?

Some people find it difficult to include them in their diet which I struggle to comprehend! Others do not eat fruit and vegetables at all. Well maybe the odd piece of fruit here and there. Well, I eat them every single day and quite right!


Including fruit and vegetables is necessary and can work with your daily eating habits or a meal on its own.


It’s understandable if you are used to a diet that comprises grains and bulk and if you switch to include more fruit and veg, this may lead to an overwhelming or uncomfortable change that may take some leaps to overcome.


Well, it requires effort, commitment and hard work at first! Remember you are your own teacher – only you can take actions and advise yourself what to do and eat.


Dedicate yourself to including a healthier approach to your eating habits. I will then explore the benefits and provide some explanations.

Non Organic Fruit and Veg Is Great Too!


While it is a scientific fact that non-organic fruit and veg do consist of chemicals and preservatives from in which they are produced, due to the vast use of fertilizers and pesticides in place within conventional farming.


Isn’t this true with the other foods that you eat too? I wonder then, why the chemicals or preservatives are not really highlighted as much as they are compared with non organic fruits and vegetables. In fact, crops too are just as bad or maybe worse on the toxicity levels that can enter inside the human body such as corn or wheat.


Corn is known for the top pesticide-using crop in the US and according to the United States Department of Agriculture,

“Many pesticides have contributed to substantial increase in crop yield over the past five decades, You could say that nearly all our foods have certain amounts of toxins or contaminants.”

Although non-organic fruit and vegetables doesn’t fit in the most ‘hygiene’ of diets, nevertheless some other options far outweigh this. You are still gaining valuable nutrition and benefits with non-organic fruits and vegetables! If you do feel uncomfortable with them, by all means opt for organic. You can even wash non organic produce in salt water which is effective in removing away all those chemicals!


Some say that there maybe no significant difference between organic or non-organic produce, in terms of sugars or vitamins/minerals, but the use of permitted fertilizers and chemicals is the real significance as you may ingest more with non-organic fruit and veg.


The soil and farming methods are the true causes of the significance of fruit and vegetables. To be blunt, let’s check through the list below of some fruit and veg known for a heavy load of pesticides that you can steer clear from when tight on cash or simply when organic may not be unavailable!


This is a list of fruit and veg that are typical for the high levels of pesticides in no particular order :-

This is a list of non-organic fruit and veg that contains low levels of pesticides:-

It is likely that fruits and veg that consist of a thick skin, e.g avocados, may naturally be protected against external toxins.

Organic Is A Great Option

It is quite clear that the sensible choice is organic but keep in mind that nothing is really perfect anyway! It is a wise option especially with poultry, certain grains or food in general. Although, be sure to check the ingredients, for some organic products, there maybe some nasty chemicals still lurking around!

Organic simply are foods grown and produced without the use of chemicals or pesticides. However organic farmers are permitted some pesticides and a lower degree of synthetic pesticides in organic fruit and veg. They simply use different and natural kinds. The reason being is to protect the foods from invaders naturally such as insects or infections.


Choosing organic is wise to lower an intake of chemicals and pesticides, so your body may not have to work as harder than if consumed non-organic foods. There are also higher antioxidant levels and nutrient levels, good nourishment and less exposure to heavy metals.


Organic fruit and veg look fresher with more color and fuller due to the use of environmentally friendly agricultural productive techniques used for organic growth.

Fruit and veg is great, whether organic or non-organic.



The Bottom Line

Whereas, with dairy or meat you should always opt for organic in order to avoid GM’s, food additives, growth hormones and high intake of antibiotics that then can affect your internal system too.


Overall, there is less of the ‘bad’ stuff in organic such as fertilizers, herbicides, chemicals and growth hormones – so this can feel clean when consuming it — sort of!

The foundation for better produce is the health of the soil which is essentially the source of growth and the kind of farming contributes too.


Organic is certainly expensive and sometimes very popular that you find yourself perhaps traveling big distances to purchase “organic”.

There is a huge demand for organic but remember fruit and vegetables are much better than most foods for health and nourishment, whether it is organic or non-organic!


Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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  1. Charity says:

    Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this.  Reading about this article what is organic fruits and vegetables sounds really exciting. Eating fruits and vegetables helps to rejuvenate the body system and makes it fresh. It’s a good way to look and stay healthy 

    • Farah says:

      Hello, this is very true. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can aid in better well-being, body and mind. With a powerhouse of nutrition and antioxidants that can even provide with protection and maintaining a fruitful life:) Thanks very much for your comment.

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