Safe Bath and Body – A Review

It is beneficial and extremely healthy to use natural bath and body products that help your skin stay balanced and keeping it well maintained. We do often neglect the importance of what we put on our skin and sometimes don’t realize the significance, of the ingredients that we are also consuming from bath and body products.


Yes, any product left sitting on the skin or rubbed into, does eventually lead into our blood and organs. Many toxic ingredients can lead inside our bodies such as heavy metals, parabens, synthetic fragrances and perfumes.


Check out this article of more information of the findings that occur amongst many unsafe bath and body toiletries!


The effects are quite scary and it is clear that the only option is choosing better alternatives that can also really benefit everyone! The environment, your home, your family and you get to benefit from a healthy intake of natural goodness!



Chemical – filled bath and body

What is the buzz then going around of unsafe toiletries? What really is the fuss all about? Is it just about profit?


Of course not! By using skin friendly and reliable products, this will prevent skin conditions such as eczema, dry or irritated skin, inflammation and itchy, rough skin. It can prevent disrupting hormones which we know regulates puberty and fertility.


Chemical filled ingredients can cause numerous health flaws and unnecessary problems such as:-

  • The functioning of the brain can alter and can cause brain damage.
  • The prolonged exposure can cause some health problems such as organ damage, mood swings and can increase the exposure to certain cancers.
  • The exposure at such an early age is certainly a big disadvantage in that it has been linked to obesity.
  • Chemical soaps, especially antibacterial kind can make you ill, check here.
  • Wearing down the skin and weakening the skin’s barrier and penetrable to infections more easily.



While it is clear the various reasons which are enough to avoid using chemical filled products in everyday life – then lets appreciate an understanding of real effective bath and body that will leave you feeling fresh, safe and invigorated every time!


What Is The Need For Safe Bath and Body?

Natural Bath And Body products Not Only Cleanses And Deep Cleans The Skin, But In A Way In Which It Can Protect Your Skin And Soothe As Well.


It’ll Enable To Prevent Such Painful Conditions And Nuisances From Creeping Up. The Countless Benefits Of These Healthy Goodies Are Endless With First Being The High Quality Ingredients That It Provides.


Just Always Keep In Mind To Check The Ingredients List To Ensure That Each Ingredient Is Healthy And Safe To Use.



These Products Help Sensitive Or Problematic Skin Greatly Rather Than Emphasizing It, As It Nourishes The Skin And Can Stimulate Collagen. It Can Also Treat Certain Skin Conditions As It Can Help The Skin Fight The Loss Of Elasticity And Rejuvenate The Skin.



It is all about the ingredients associated with the natural formulas involved. Just imagine, pouring over natural fragrances such as essential oils or healthy oil such as coconut oil or even gentler ingredients such as vegetable glycerine or castile soap which definitely sounds better than SLS or phthalates!



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Why Choose Funky Soap Shop?

There are vast majorities of natural bath and body out there tried and used but funkysoap shop provides high quality, fresh, real ingredients right at your doorstep.


They provide handmade, natural, chemical free toiletries at such an affordable price that you’ll enjoy using time and time again.

Absolutely no chemicals, no filler, no preservatives!

Just heavenly scent, skin friendly and gentle ingredients that is so natural that it is safe for a baby to use!


I can put my hand on my heart and proudly anticipate the amazing products that are safe to use every day and protects and cleans your skin in a way that it moisturizes the skin back to health!


I have shopped here for years with this retailer online and they are truly dedicated in providing not only excellent friendly service but speedy delivery too.


Some of the valuable items that are available are:-

  • A variety and colorful soap bars! There are shampoo soap bars, bath and body soap bars or shaving soap bars.
  • Delightful Soap dispensers – Liquid hand and body washes and liquid shampoo’s for ALL skin types.
  • Loads of Plastic free creams and lotions for face, hands and body.
  • Natural household cleaning and natural scrubs.
  • As well as bathroom accessories, they provide sweet lip balms, handmade candles and far too much more!


Once shopping with funky soap shop, there is no going back! I cannot believe my eyes of a genuine caring company that contains earth and chemical free toiletries that are even safe to eat, but please refrain yourself from doing that!!!


These products are for women and men of all ages – have you seen the beard oil and soap?


Why You’ll Love Funky Soap Shop?

At WholeEarthGoodness, we are proud to emphasize the great quality and the unbeatable sweet fragrances from each and every one of these products.

Not only do they use 100% sustainable and certified green palm, with a range of healthy pure cold pressed oils and butters along with packaging in safe biodegradable bubble wraps but are cruelty-free certified!


Funky Soap Shop is beautiful and friendly in every way possible. Cheap, affordable and rapid service.

Shopping with them for years made me realize that everybody needs to know more about this natural and happy online company that takes great leaps of faith to provide natural, safe, reassuring ingredients to look after You!


Try FUNKY SOAP SHOP and you’ll be amazed!



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