Natural Eyeshadow MakeUp – A review

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Who said that eye shadows are only worn for parties or special occasions?! They can certainly be worn anytime and with the huge range of light, warm, free shades – there is a color for any occasion without looking over the top.

Why wear eye shadows in the first place?

Not only do they brighten up your face naturally and your eyes sparkle that bit more but according to science, the eyes are the most sensitive part of your body.

It makes sense then to use healthy and safe ingredients that can give benefits to your body and you simply cannot beat natural ingredients that are skin friendly and reliable!

You may use natural ones already but may like to add a couple more healthy shades to your amazing collection or even better… Swap those last remaining toxin, chemical shades for clean and wholesome delights!

The necessity to wear fresh and safe eye visuals is to genuinely care for your eyes as you may be wearing it for most of the day or if your lucky, overnight!

Gentle and toxic free ingredients creates a gentle environment and harmonious experiences to really crave. Treat yourself because you really do deserve it!

Natural Eyeshadows

Let’s check through these safe, mineral and feel good eye makeup below, that would be overjoyed to be sitting on your great collection:-

  1. Shimmer 9 Eyeshadow Stack

You cannot resist these amazing colorful eye shadows that are stacked together in a row and can easily separate for ease! A bit like a playful toy, stack together on top of one another for storing and organizing in a very productive and not to mention in a creative way! Natural, mineral eye shadows ‘stacked’ together and available in three shades you will not want to miss!

  • Pandera” – 9 stack able unique shades which is 17cm height and weighs around 110g. It seems reasonable to say then that each pot is worth around 10grams. The “Pandera” shade consists of incredible shimmers and can be used for many cosmetic applications. Eyeshadows consist of :

Reluctance, oblivious, Whesek, Diligence, Cadence, beige, cocoa, antiqa and stary night!

The colors are neutral and dark consisting of greens, golds, silver and bronze. Can lighten or darken to suit any occasion. People have used these not only as eye shadows but also for lip and check color! It is so versatile and natural – what more can a girl ask for!

  • Serenity” – Another shade amongst the 9 stack able edition of shimmer versatile eye shadows, only this time these range from light and natural shades. These include light burgundy and browns. Also white’s, light peach and light pink colors.
  • Astrid” – Doesn’t the name interest you? This may be your favorite one out of the range due to its range of bright and bold colors! Shades range from golds, purples, pink and whites.

All ingredients are only minerals – Mica, titanium dioxide, Iron oxides, and may contain carmine.

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2. Lily lolo Smoke and Mirrors Eye Palette

This is a limited edition eye palette with 8 glorious healthy colors used for any occasions with the range of Matt and soft colors available. It is 8g and vegan friendly!

Contains a long, sleek mirror that helps you to glide on any color with ease, along with a neat and handy duo-ended eye shadow brush for simple use!

Colors include: Reflection(Matte, ivory) – Looking Glass(Shimmer, nude peach) – Illusions(matte, baby pink) – Myth(warm, caramel brown – Silhouette(warm mushroom Grey/brown) – Hocus Pocus(Sheen, gunmetal Grey) Intrigue(sheen, slate black) – Deception(sparkly Grey, black).

There are other palette’s available and stunning colors that is an excellent addition to your collection!

Check here for a list of full ingredients that are healthy, clean and full of rock minerals – simply beautiful!!!

You can use the matte colors for a sophisticated look in the evenings and also create a brighter look, with the use of the soft lighter shades.

3. Madara Guilty Shades Eye and Cheek Multi Shadow

In a sleek wand stick which is 100% vegan, certified natural formula that contains natural oils and fruit ingredients! Yum!

Due to uniquely treated pigments and a hi tech particle coating, the ultra refined, luminous textures glide onto the skin easily delivering a beautiful silky feel.

Use for adding color on the eyes and a stroke of color on your soft cheeks too, very cute! 3 shades available –

Frost – light golden shade suitable for all skin types.

Seduction – rose gold shade, a universal blush that suits most skin tones.

Lizard – Khaki pigments with red ones for an enchanting chameleon effect.

Many eye shadows last for months and months so sticking for a healthy and wholesome one is really worth the take!

You Are So lucky!

You are so lucky to have been revealed of these amazing eye color choices.

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The products are suitable for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema or acne.

They have over 2,500 natural and organic beauty products from more than 60 leading natural beauty brands and includes bath and body, shampoo, more make up – You are literally spoilt for choice!

Treat yourself because you really do deserve it!

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Thank You for Reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

Check Out the video below for helpful advice in how to apply Lily lolo’s eye palette correctly. Enjoy! 

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    • Farah says:

      Thank you for your comment. The website has loads of natural makeup and bath/body and accessories, for men and women and for all ages. Hope you like the website!

  1. Nina says:

    I really like that you present natural makeup. What we apply to our skin is very important, so women should pay more attention to the ingredients that make-up products have.
    I like gentle eye shadows for everyday occasions, and stronger colors on various occasions when there are any special events.
    Thanks for presenting this offer with a great description, I will review the pages and maybe decide to buy some products to refresh my makeup collection.
    I wish you all the best

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