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Visually decorating your home can clear and calm your head every single time.


It sets a scene of comfort and style that’ll highlight the importance of a relaxing and a safe zone, that’ll make others inspired too!

Decorating your home with any sort of designs, colours or even just some little detail can spruce up your surroundings and give a homely feel for you, your family and guests that you invite to your home.


It’s just the same as your garden! By adding in intricate ornaments, whether big or small can uplift your garden and your mood. Just remember, that your home is hidden away from prying eyes, but your garden is like another mini home, exposed for the world to see.


There are so many different and stylish enrichment that can be gentle reminders. Perhaps a glimpse of these designs, at the start of your day can help to be a more fruitful day. Or a look at these images, can take your breath away as you envision the day you came across it – with a smile!


The environment you live in, effects your mind and your health – considerably.


According to studies, it is very healthy that positive distractions can stimulate relaxing notions within your head. “Just looking at landscaping has been shown to lower blood pressure,” as stated by an interior architecture.


So What are these home accessories that can shape your home or remind you that “Life is good!” – Let’s take a look at just some of the products offered by Wind & Weather! 

Wall Art

Please note: These products may no longer be available but the website has many alternatives.

Have you ever seen such a breath-taking or such serene sights? It makes you want to stop in your tracks and really take in the view! Dazzling, peaceful and looks so real are what comes to mind, I’m sure! Let’s go through each Wall Art.


Far Left No reviews yet, be the first!!!


A beautiful nautical wall art that looks very much real and it truly feels as if the setting is actually in front of you – what scenery! You can stare at it for a long while and get lost in the peaceful imagery with the beautiful waters and birds that dwells around.

Printed on canvas using giclee printing technology and it is waterproof and UV protected – clearly visualise the captivating scene whilst it is protected by light humidity and heat.

Very safe for outdoor display due it’s waterproof properties, such as in the patio or conservative that can emphasize the peaceful scene a whole lot better!

Size of the picture 24″ sq. x 1 and a half D”


Middle Image Average website review – 3.8/5

“Handcrafted colourful metal hummingbird and flowers decor crawler”.

Handcrafted by Indonesian artisans and hand painted in bright colours!

Mounts to most door or window frames – 7½”L x ¼”W x 2½”H.



Far Right Average website review – 4.3/5

Handcrafted metal wall art, a big owl with crescent moon and drifting clouds, look very real and am magical display on any wall!

For indoor display only, painted as if lit by moonlight and natural capiz adds shine!

Size – 14¼”W x 16¾”H x ¾”D, A stunning display that will leave others in absolute awe!!!


Which one do you like the best? – It is certainly a hard choice!

Garden Displays

A “Whimsical Tabletop Terra Cotta Turtle Barbecue Grill” It contains a metal cooking grate and Hibachi-style cooking grill.


Average website review – Be the first to write a review, very limited stock!


What better than to barbecue in a warm summer’s day with style amongst loved ones – they won’t be able to take their off the little turtle! Size is – 18″L x 11½”W x 8″H

There is a side opening for removing ash/coals and intended for outdoor use only – Use with wood or charcoal.


Do not handle until cooled down and do not use on wooden surfaces or near combustible materials.


This turtle grill is happy to help you make dinner so fill it up with charcoal or wood and start cooking already!


Handcrafted Metal Peacock Wing Spinner


Average website review – 4.5/5

A colourful peacock spinner and handcrafted from reclaimed metal.


It contains a propeller like “wings” spin in the breeze, so with the wind, the wing-like rotors will rotate for an amazing effect in the breeze

The peacock stands firmly on broad feet and a lovely edition in the outdoors of your garden.


Painted in vibrant, jewelled hues and just like a real peacock, some people may not even be able to tell the difference!

Weight and dimensions include – 31″L x 15½”W x 49½”H.



Lighted Three-Tier Indoor Fountain With Electric Pump

This product is an indoor fountain and water flows through the three basins of increasing size.


Designed to resemble cast stone and wood. This resin fountain features a light in the lower basin that creates a warm enchanting glow in the beautiful evening – a sensational homely feel!

The electric pump operates on a standard electrical cord and the size available – 12″ dia. x 13¼”H.


As the water trickles down from the small to the medium and then finally the large basin – the sound of flowing water resonates and calm.



Cool Fact : According to music therapy, the sounds of running water is used to heal mental disorders and has a therapeutic effect – It helps to calm and relax the mind in more ways than one!

Average website review – 4.7/5 – A powerful impact when used indoors with gentle sounds!!

Wind & Weather provide such a variety of outdoor, indoor weather instruments. They have a passion for artful objects while focusing on unique and handcrafted art and includes top brands!


Thank You for reading and if you have any questions and comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

Wind and Weather

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4 thoughts on “Wind & Weather

  1. Cynthia says:

    Oh, my goodness!  All of these things are beautiful!!!!!  My favorite is the turtle grill.  I could imagine sitting on the patio and having this on the table (atop a heatproof pad) surrounded by guests where we could have a continuous assortment of hors d’oeuvre heating all evening.  We could even toast marshmallows!  I would have the nautical wall art hanging nearby because I love water scenes.  I hope they have some left!

    • Farah says:

      Hello Cynthia – Awesome and these beautiful treasures decorated around our home is inspiring and prompts our very own creativity to the fullest – thanks very much:) Also check out…  for more inspiration for your home:)

  2. Indra W says:

    This is what feels at home is all about! Creating a comfortable environment is indeed quite challenging. Articles like this one are always handy to at least reminds us that we can do something with our home so that we can really feel at home! Whenever we’re out, we always want to go back home and relax. Enjoying life to its fullest form.

    • Farah says:

      Hello Indra – I’m glad that you felt that way after reading the article – as they say, home is where the heart is. Many thanks:)

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