How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

It is all around us. When you really look around, there are too many electronic components decorated everywhere you go and can certainly be overwhelming to endure and abide by. From microwaves, mobile phones, laptops or TV screens.


These electronic dynamic stimulants, can place a strain on your well-being at times, or can cause some health issues, if you get consumed by it, if you dare! But as we do learn of new technology, we learn to make them more sustainable and protecting the environment more.


You see, it’s crucial that these useful gadgets are available for use, in more way’s than one. Life would be so difficult without them but then life can be unbearable with a dependency for this at an extreme level.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not against these charged devices even if it hit me on the head – they can help and serve us when used fairly. There has been mixed voices on the subject of Technology. Some say, people may not be needed as much which has been proven in the past. As machinery has rose high and has been relied on in many work areas.


We rely on many pieces of equipment for our jobs and day to day life. We’d probably feel life’s endeavours a bit more unfavourable without technology or much time and energy wasted. I’ll be discussing the effect’s technology has had on our lives and the environment, so please read on!


How Technology has helped Mankind


There are countless devices that have aided us and have made our lives easy, some that you are very familiar with and perhaps use many times over:-


  • Computers/Laptops :- Probably the first piece of technology that crosses many minds and the most obvious one as it’s used worldwide. According to statistic’s:-

“In 2018, almost half of private households worldwide were estimated to have a computer at home. In general, the share of households with a computer has steadily increased worldwide as computer usage and internet access is becoming more prevalent around the world.”


It is a key component in education, learning, information sources, online retail or even used for working at home.


We are all aware, when technology is used moderately and correctly, it benefits us tremendously, whilst serving others.


People go to the internet to find answers, solutions, advice for problems they entail and a great source and fuelling for knowledge and content.


It has allowed us to cut down less tree’s thanks to going paperless for your bills and in e communications.






  • Mobile phones – We love communicating and like to keep in touch with loved ones near and far. We reach out to our customers and provide exceptional services worldwide.


We rely on companies for health and safety reasons that provides and meet our needs, whether that be for business’s or households. Nowadays, mobile apps have increased our networking capabilities-


” The number of smartphones serve worldwide today surpasses 3 billion and is forecast to further grow by several hundred million in the next few years.”


Car technology – The automotive industry is one of the world’s expanding market and steadily growing in some parts of the world.

In fact, modern cars can do much more than drive from point A to point B. According to,


“Cars are becoming large smart devices with advanced emergency braking capabilities, mapping technology for autonomous driving, better fuel efficiency and cars as a service as a form of transportation.


The list goes on and on for the vast way’s technology has gifted us and has moved us forward and more knowledge in this generation.

It is always proficient to use in moderation though and not rely emotionally on these gadgets and gizmo’s. Let’s check out the popularity of certain devices next!

Most popular devices used

It is good knowledge to know then what sort of devices people like to use daily and what the reasons are. Although this will get updated regularly and then the following answers provided will then be a rough summary of the most widely used, check this out:-


Printers – The world’s first ink jet printer was invented in Japan back in the 50s, within a company called ‘Canon’. It’s understandable of the popularity of this equipment for every person, within any generation.


Highly used for business’s, education, sources of confidentiality or evidence, for creativity or backup storage. With 3D printing in way, many business’s have swapped for this revelation of 3D printing.


Did you know that just over 1 billion ink jet cartridges are purchased worldwide – every year!


Smartphones – This varies with each passing year as you can imagine, with latest releases coming out often but according to device intelligence website Device atlas, the iphone 7 is the most used device in the world and not as such in the last couple years, understandably.


The access to the worldwide web is the most popular choice from a smartphone for connecting to the internet, compared to other devices in the UK.


Domestic technology – This can vary as you can imagine from large Flatscreens, ipads/tablets, vacuum cleaners or games consoles. Choosing the most popular is as good as finding a location without directions – impossible! The bottom line is that we have much more time, more energy and emotionally valued with the use of varied technology, used in a helpful manner, of course.



Disadvantages Of Technology


Anything overrated and used extensively is going to burn you out. It’s the same with this high current devices that we rely on daily. The revolution of app’s that has allowed for more creativity and learning has been estimated to download up to 200 billion times this year. We must know our limits if we are to live in sync with others and ourselves.


Depression or anxiety – It is a well-known fact that feelings of restless and your emotions are simply effected by what we read or see on our electronic devices. It’s important not to rely heavily on gaining feelings by technology.

For example, the constant checking in social media can be quite stressful to bear and the disconnecting of others can arise. An addictive action can cause mood swings or even feel angry if dissatisfied by feedback gained by others on social media.


Social media has been linked to harassment and showing ‘perfect’ images that can cause comparison and low confidence.


Pollution Using electronically powered devices can produce air, water, heat and noise pollution, heavily effecting our environment. If devices are thrown out unsafely, toxic waste can leak out onto our soil and water. Renewable resources such as trees and wind are being used up so much faster than they are grown, just for technology.


Crime and FraudThe term ‘hackers’ means just that, breaking into other’s people’s systems and has increased over time as we rely on our screens for managing money and information.


Hackers can gain sensitive information without your permission and so ensure to update your operating system when necessary and download software to your device from trusted sources, You can install a 2-way firewall for further protection.


Fewer jobs available in the market – We all know that technology has replaced many workers and companies extensively and according to BBC news, “robots are to replace around 20 million factory jobs by 2030”. Jobs that are creative or social intelligence required will always be carried on or years to come.


Protect Yourself

Technology can be exciting and fun to use but you must not forget the negative impacts attained on people and the environment. Using technology in a fair manner will benefit us far better than overusing and exhausting ourselves out. Technology should help us solve problems and not creating them for us!


Use smarter technologies to help the environment – the lights can go on with your presence only and automatically turn off when no one is in the room.


Choose manufactures that produce less hazardous electric equipment and energy efficient, that are environmentally friendly.

Reuse old ink cartridges – Once your old one is finished, you can certainly check your nearest ink cartridge supplier to get a refill, for a cheap cost rather than buying a brand new one!


This will simply will save you money in the long run, by doing a good deed!


Practice safe email – Don’t open messages from unknown senders or click on any links and use anti virus software to scan for any intruders.


Protect yourself online – Limit the information that you post on about yourself and check to see what’s acceptable.


Do not give out any sensitive information to unknown persons and always be checking your accounts regularly as when faced with a discrepancy that you don’t know about, contact for help.

Thank You for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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2 thoughts on “How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

  1. Aluko kolawole says:


    My opinion about the topic how technology has changed our lives, technology is extremely powerful and it changed our lives completely, this look very good both on paper and on the surface, there are number of drawback to this, technology has affected our life both positively and negatively. Technology always revolutionize our life and is said to take it to new level, it changed the ways we teach, communicate, new kinds of habit and digital addictions, lifestyle changes that happened after the use of technology, changed our health. Technology has brought civilizations to our lives with the use of surfistication gadgets and computer invent.

    Thank you for sharing.


    • Farah says:

      Yes there are certainly pros and cons to this and it is up to you at the end of the day, to use technology in a positive manner and not let it overtake our lives completely. Thank you very much.

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