Daily Health Tips!

A health regime is important to note as you are looking after the most important factor in your life – You!

Whether you are a man or woman, young or old, by incorporating some simple beauty tips to make for a better day can make a huge difference, make you feel a bit more confident or even help others!

You definitely do not have to spend much time in doing this or even go out your way, as by customising healthy and strategic care, can really go a long way.


Although more studies need to carried out, skincare routines aid the older generation and is part of “an integral part of nursing practice in every care setting.” In many settings, nurses are trained to carry out these practices.

Looking after yourself and including ‘good habits’ to help improve or maintain yourself, whether it’s looking after your skin, hair, feet or any part of your body contributes to your well-being.


Now then, I’ll explore the many areas that can prepare you or perk you up for any occasion or when facing the worst case scenario!


Natural Solutions

Probably the best lifestyle to approach is to always try to choose safe and natural ingredients. Whether it’s hand soaps, lotions, creams or even perfumes, to prevent weakening the skin’s barrier, is definitely one step to a healthy you!

While it can be pricier than your average products, even swapping just some chemical filled products to better alternatives can help.

There are just too many toxic products out there in the market, not to mention very easy to access. Did you know that in 2019, they filmed a documentary film, all about the dangers of harmful substances found across many trusted brands called “Toxic Beauty”. It just goes to show that prevention is so much better than to cure!

  • Keep safe and research online and explore website’s that you can trust, that provide natural products. Simply by checking the website’s statement or if they provide certified, sustainable products, can prompt you for further dwelling. Certain brands are trustworthy for genuine and safe products but always read the ingredients label!
  • Do Not Over Moisturise – Letting your skin bare, whenever you feel appropriate in doing so, allows for the skin’s own moisture production to take place.

Sometimes, what you smear onto your skin, just sits on the skin’s surface and acts as a barrier – the cream may just be suffocating the skin by creating excess oils!

Exfoliating your skin, whenever you feel appropriate allows for a deep clean of skin cells, removing any clogged impurities.

  • Foam Cushions for your feet – This can relieve any discomfort that you may have or to make your feet comfy and cosy, when wearing any shoes.

You can insert these around your toes or heels. Foot cushions can support your feet as you go on with your day. Your feet are the foundation of anything that you want to do – it all start with your feet!


“High heels can cause a shock wave through your body, starting at your feet and travelling up into your spine,” as Dr. Baskin explains, a podiatrist at Southern Ocean medical centre. Remember, to wear heels that make your feet comfortable, it is recommended the heel between 3-5cm is best or lower!

  • Sleep – It’s imperative to get a good night’s sleep. According to studies, “our sleep needs decrease with age, “so getting around 6 or 7 hours is good enough. Over sleeping, as we all know, makes you feel laggy or less active for the day.

Always Be fully prepared



For Women – When you are out of the home for many hours, there are always necessities that you should carry with you at all times, who knows? You may be outside for even longer than expected which happens to many of us.


Accessories can save the day! Hair clips or hair bobbles can keep your hair sane especially if bad weather hits or perhaps having one of those “bad hair” days. By swooping hair, neatly bunched together, no one will notice a thing!


Carrying around a pack of tissues is necessary for spills or tidying your face. Let’s not use our dirty fingers!


A notepad and pen is needed to quickly jot down those notes that you have a burning desire to do. Some important info can remind you later on especially when at meetings, work, job interviews as a mobile phone isn’t exactly always professional!


Natural perfume can aid massively, when you get al hot and bothered. You never have to worry about smelling funny again! Hand wipes in your possession will keep your hand clean and fresh.

For Men – it is also important to prepare and stay organized when venturing in the outside world simply to avoid any sort of embarrassment and to breath easy too.

It is similar to the women’s department as described above, but certainly certain tweaks such as a hat or beanie can keep hair tidy and wind swept free!


An umbrella can save major discomfort as you never know that on your way to work by foot, this time, a rain of clouds showers down and pours fast, your handy umbrella can save the day!


Carrying around some first aid/plasters is quite sensible, to ease any accidental cuts or bleeding as you go about your day.


A lip balm has been proved useful, to avoid any chapped lips or dryness. You’ll feel confident and happier when associating with others and may avoid over licking your lips!



Avoid Toxins

This is probably an obvious one but imperative to lower the cumulative effect that it can plague your body. It can be a challenge, especially when bombarded with it all day after day. But you have a choice – Remember that always!

By choosing natural products over chemical ones can prove useful and avoid excess chemicals from entering inside your body. Whereas nothing is perfect and your body will always be dealing with waste, here are some protective methods:-

Avoid plastic as much as you can such as water bottles or plastic food containers. They contain BPA that can cause serious health problems if used daily. Choose glass containers or ones without BPA as stated. You can choose fresh foods instead of tinned goods.


Stainless steel, cast iron cookware or silicone cookware – A great choice for cooking food in, whereas silicone utensils are best for baking with.

Non-stick cookware have a chemical coating known as polytetrafluroethylene, commonly referred to as Teflon and health agencies have been investigating non-stick cookware for decades, but nowadays most non-stick cookware are free from harmful chemicals.


Check ingredients – For foods, cosmetics or bath and body. Avoiding harmful chemicals can stop loading pressure on your body can help to maintain skin.


Chemicals can include, although not limited, par fum, phthalates, parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Choosing fresh and wholesome ingredients works wonders.


Treat yourself With Care


We are always on the go and never have enough time for ourselves of our family. Stress can creep in and rather than slowing down, you may just be going with the flow, no matter how rushed that may be.


Listen to your feelings and always make time for your needs and priorities, treat yourself and saying “no” to others can indeed be a good thing – “You have to be cruel to be kind”.


A planner or journal can move you in the right direction and get the things that you want to, made a priority. Remember we all have the same hours of the day and some people get things done more than others. ” Nobody is too busy – it is all a matter of priorities,” Do you prioritize your workload and make the best of it?

Stay away from negative people – There are people that may try to prevent you from pursuing your dreams or even speaks harsh words more often than good,

 Surround yourself with like-minded people, encouraging people and there is no need to please others! The only person that you need to prove to is the person that you see in the mirror – You!

Be Always yourself, grateful and humble – I’ll leave you with this inspiring quote that hopefully will bring a smile to your face.

“You don’t have to let others say affect you negatively. Others may say the words, but you choose your attitude. – Keith D. Harrell.

Thank You for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be happy to help you out!


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2 thoughts on “Daily Health Tips!

  1. Jackie says:

    This is very nice to see that you can bring up a point to tell me some of the very important different health tips that I need to keep up with everyday to live a healthy life. I like how you are able to tell me all this because it is very inspiring and I would be strongly looking to use this in my daily routine.

    • Farah says:

      Great stuff! These tips throughout the article will go a long way and provide for good healthy habits which are so important for maintaining a fulfilling life.

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