Beautiful Music

Music can really change your life. Sitting in a quiet area with minimal distractions but your own thoughts, while some tune plays in the background, is not only relaxing but can really lift up your mood.



You can focus on happy thoughts while listening to a playful track or perhaps adventurous thoughts, depending on the kind of music that you are listening to. Of course, some music has the opposite effect – but let’s not get into those!



The point is that by listening to music that you like, makes you feel blissful or relaxed can actually have a range of benefits to your overall health.



According to scientists, music can help you sleep better and reduces depression, simply by the way you feel and react, this can spread and dissolve into your whole being, giving for a happy vibe and beautiful energy! I am going to explore the way’s that music can help your life for the better and a great remedy when you see fit.




Can Music Relate To Health?

When you listen to certain kinds of music that you dislike, it can turn your mood upside down as you don’t resonate with it or it simply sounds foul. There are also some people that completely dislikes music full stop and don’t like music at all – “Musical Anhedonia”, is a neurological condition that is when somebody has the inability to enjoy or appreciate music.


One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain,” – Bob Marely.



This feeling good and relaxed sensations is the brain reacting to release a neurotransmitter called, “dopamine,” that makes you feel happy.



Many of your body parts are affected as a result to the sounds of music such as reducing blood pressure or increasing your mental alertness.



It may help your hair to grow because you feel tingling sensations throughout your head. With all of this combined really feels like you are a glowing ball of healthy energy!



In other words, music can increase your intelligence and creativity considerably more. As they say, “music is food for the soul” and very true! Just like we need water to survive and replenish ourselves, likewise music can rejuvenate and keep the soul engaged and alive!




The Benefits Of Music

Music can cause an opening for some inspirations, imagination and ideas that you thought you didn’t have, sometimes you just need a little push to explore your thoughts better! Sounds and notes are ultimately powerful to our feelings and thoughts and can even have a dramatic effect. Why is it used in films or advertisements on a daily basis? Let’s look at the many way’s it can help lives:-


  • Music Therapy – This is a practice used daily to treat disorders for people suffering from mental health illness. It can help with certain conditions such as Schizophrenia to easing some physical pain.

Music therapy normally involves one-to-one sessions with a therapist or sometimes with a group, to listen to a wide range of music, playing instruments or even making up songs.



Put simply, the music helps you to express feelings and emotions naturally, without the use of words and your therapist will choose way’s to ease any discomfort that you choose you express.



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  • Sound Therapy – “Sound therapy uses sound, music and specialist instruments played in therapeutic way’s, combined with deep self-reflection techniques to improve health and well-being,” as stated by the British academy.


The variety of techniques used that relate to sounds can include your voice and rhythmic instruments in a way to help individual’s needs. The whole process concentrates on the individual’s health, easing a range of ailments and their best interests.



  • Meditation Therapy – Although this is more focused on deep relaxation and “cleaning” up the mind, it involves connotations of sounds, tunes, light noise to help with the whole process.


You can sit or lie down comfortably with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing while a quiet sound is played in the background to help with better concentration.

It just shows then that music plays a powerful impact to our minds, emotions and our lives. Even in the silence and stillness, an echo of rhythms are heard that sets the scene such as a cool breeze heard as we stand next to our window or the patter of animals heard from a distance.



You can download apps or watch a video that is all about listening to waterfalls, a church bell ringing at a distance or birds chirping away are some examples to provide deep tranquillity and feeling right at home! 



Listen to the mesmerising video below, just play it while you are doing other tasks or if you want to relax, I sure hope you like it!



 Origins Of Music

How and where then did music come to be? Although the first kind of music may have been created in Africa which goes back around 35,000 years ago.

According to extensive research, the ancient Greeks started the approach with music. An ancient philosopher named, “Pythagoras,” developed the theory of music along with some other characters.

Pythagoras was keen to reveal the numerical relationship of music notes such as crotchets, staves and quavers and how it works. One of Pythagoras quotes includes:-

He believed that man’s attention should be to address the senses by the use of melodies. He is also known as a great mathematician and scientist.


Types of Music and it’s Effects

There are endless and hundreds of music genres that exist and mentioning them all is a never ending task!

There are probably some that you have never heard of and neither have I such as, “french pop” or “easy listening”. It doesn’t matter what it’s called or where it’s from just as long as it does something for you! The most popular types may include soft rock, pop or hip hop.

Trance music – I’m really referring to classic trance back in early 2000s. You become hypnotized and feel a sensation of bliss and although not as popular as it once was, the beats combined with the note can direct your thoughts away from stress. Think Armi Van Burren or Chicane.

Classical music – Although not many people are into this type of music anymore perhaps but it really can be relaxing and a sense of calm can follow. Think Mozart or Chopin. The many instruments involved can deliver a heartfelt melody and can really touch your thoughts and a great vibe. The classical period was a strong time during the 17th to 18th century.


Original Soundtrack(OST) or video game music – This may or may not come as a surprise but generally the tunes from certain video games can bring a happy and soulful feeling. Don’t judge by the name, you have to hear it to believe it!


Most video game composers have qualifications in music and Japan have a great history in creating music such as background music, remember Final Fantasy? The rhythms associated can be simple, sweet melodies to powerful engaging tunes to reflect stories and scenes well. It really is engaging and can really uplift the spirit well.

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Music is Healing – Only The Right Kind!

Listening to music makes a difference in our lives and relaxes or revitalises the soul. The benefits of music can spread cheer and encourages togetherness among people. It can improve your feelings, calm your head or promote a pattern of good thoughts.

Playing instruments can be just as joyous but the learning part isn’t always straight forward! It is immensely creative and involving with others can offer inspiration and healing. A total brain workout! Even babies and animals react to music so if you ever feel run down or exhausted, turn on some happy captivating music!


Thank you so much for reading and if you have any comments, then please leave below and I’ll be happy to help you out!

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  1. Parameter says:

    I noticed the correlation of music  and health when my father took ill and was diagnose of prostrate cancer. He new he did have a challenge and we were determined to help him through. When I see his head bowed and thinking, we played him some high life music which he loves,. Gradually he was able to keep happy and healing started gradually.

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