Stress is something that can overtake many of us, at some point in our lives! You may feel helpless or overwhelmed with your busy life, but it really does come down to your pace, right?


What I mean is your work, looking after your children, daily chores, social life, cooking and cleaning can be too much to bear, especially day in and day out – no wonder stress creeps in!


Stress is a choice and it’s important to know how to handle stress, before it gets too much.


It’s incredibly important to look after yourself than giving into the pressure every single time but of course it can depend on the situations as well. We all have different circumstances, different ways of dealing with unwanted – stress.


I will simply discuss here what stress can actually do in the long-term and how to overcome or reduce it, just to ease some pressure of your shoulders – Remember that you are doing the best that you can, but how can I improve?


Major Causes Of Stress


This one is probably an obvious one for many and definitely many reasons. It is rarely just one thing though, I think the majority of us can handle one or two subtle flaws but when it adds up or if a major issue confronts us, life can change.


Knowing then that nothing lasts forever or knowing who to turn to or where support is can really put a spring in the brake. According to Independent Health news, “money problems”, “lack of sleep” and “self pressure” are the main things people are stressed about in the UK.

Whereas Americans are apparently the most stressed out citizens in the entire world, according to a poll in New York times.


The bottom line is that it cannot be ignored and just take it day by day.


Being aware of it, is the first step and addressing it will be an amazing step to help you slowly get there and deal with it a lot better, when things go your way or not.


Many people can be stressed due to workplace issues, poor health, too much to do or conflicts at home are just some of the reasons stress can arise.


Remember that stress is not something to be taken lightly or a way of life and you certainly don’t want to rub it off on anyone.



Negative Side-Effects


There are many ways that stress effects your body and mind. It is such an over-whelming feeling that you body has to bear and results in catastrophic changes within:-


  • Producing too little cortisol. This occurs if stress often occurs for a long period. The adrenal gland which produces cortisol are over worked and cannot produce as much cortisol like before.


As a result, your body can’t cope as well due to the lack of cortisol and feelings of fatigue can kick in, you may crave for foods high in fat and salt to compensate, you may feel depressed, have brain fog or low blood pressure.


  • Producing too much cortisol. This can allow your blood pressure to increase and can damage the heart and brain. Although this kind of stress is for those that suffer from a nervous disposition or if they have a racing mind that allows them to find it hard to sleep or even to relax, certainly an emotional imbalance.
  • It can accelerate ageing and may be prone to headaches and having low energy. You may feel drained and have a poor performance or lack of capabilities.

Cortisol is your body’s stress hormone and helps control your mood, motivation or fear.

When ever you feel scared or panicked, cortisol kicks in to cope with your body’s needs, such as regulating your blood pressure in these changing circumstances – it helps to keep things in balance via “flight or fight” mode during a crisis that your body is feeling.


It needs to be kept in balance, otherwise the negative side effects, as described above kicks in to wreak havoc within the body.

It can take around 90 minutes for your metabolism rate to return to normal, once the “flight or fight” mode wears off.

How To Prevent Stress?


No matter what happens in life, there is always so much to do, that the day seems to be over, just when you had other things to do! But, there’s always tomorrow! It’s important that you pay attention to how you feel and try not to nestle in to irritating feelings or ponder in worry or a state of anxiety.

One logic that has been passed through the grapevine is that your feelings are your friends.


We all feel different emotions daily, let them come and go, but don’t harbour on to the bad ones for too long as it’s there to help you work something out, that you are looking to fulfil something, to alert you to something. It’s best not to hold on for too long as it may just change you.


There are plenty of ways to cope and endure the hardships, although I cannot speak for everyone, but some simple tips or foods can help ease the journey that you are going through, you are not alone:-

  • Vitamin C – Excellent for the skin and repairs and maintains well. According to research, Boosts the immunity and lowers blood pressure as well. Many fruit and vegetables contains Vitamin C but It is important in seeking the daily recommended dosage with a health care expert.
  • Yoga is great for relaxing the mind and body, helping you to slow down and relax. Relaxed breathing or yoga physical poses are great ways to ease your mind, that it can help to lower blood pressure and your heart rate. You certainly will feel relaxed and energized, but you have to figure out exactly which yoga practices work best for you.
  • Keep a Planner/organizer – Sounds simple but it can really help with your daily activities and sorting out you life each day. Life can get in the way and if you feel stuck at what to do next or have that inkling that something is missing, then your planner can show you the way. If you don’t like sticking to a schedule, even if you jot down the major tasks that needs to get done can be a lifesaver too.
  • Activities – Make time for doing things that you want to do and feel better and worthy. Maybe leave the children with someone you trust for a few hours or get up a bit earlier just to fit in that fun-filled activity that has been nagging you. You can take part in artwork, play an instrument, attend sewing classes part-time or socialize with friends. “Me time” is just as important as working in a job.
  • Herbalist/Nutritionist – Sometimes you just need to be told exactly what you should be eating or drinking to the very last detail. You already know to avoid processed foods, to avoid sugary loads and refined foods. These kinds of foods load your body with chemicals, gives you a tough time to sleep easy or some health problems. Seek some healthy advice and herbal teas such as chamomile is great for the relaxing the nerves.
  • Do Nothing! – Yes, you heard me, just sit for a whole hour (or two) and relax. Look out the window and smile as the sun peeps in through your window. Lie on your sofa and look up to the ceiling and be blessed for the home you live in. You can listen to music and let yourself go in happy thoughts. Believe me, this is a great way to unwind.
  • Positive people – Other people can support your feelings and help you and it helps to be around happy and understanding people. There is nothing worse when you are trying to overcome and caught with negativity surrounding you. Stay strong!

According to The American Institute of stress around 77% of people suffer from stress that affects their physical health. Stress is the cause of around 60% of illness’s or conditions. Then it is no wonder they say that stress can kill.



You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider

If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider

If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention


Relieve Stress


Stress can occur over time or when circumstances are thrown at us, that cause us to move in another direction and throw us off track.


Anybody can be stressed, but finding your own way to better handle it, is possibly the best way to relieve it! It is certainly possible to avoid stress completely, with the choices that you can make or seeking support at tough situations. Do not put up with stress, as we are only human but it can take time to overcome. You Can Do It!



Thank You for Reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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3 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Abel says:

    Here are some things that have helped me protect myself from stress. I hope this is also helpful for others:
    1. First of all to eat healthily. Eating healthily can reduce the risks of diet-related diseases.
    2. Do not smoke and drink alcohol.
    3. Get some restful sleep.
    4. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

  2. Nedia says:

    Hi, Thanks for this very important article especially in these economical stressful times due to the pandemic. I agree that Money problems and self pressure are two of the biggest reasons why many people are under stress. 

    Money problems is also one of the main reasons why most people divorce which also lead to further stress. I also I agree that talking to positive people can help you relieve stress, also listening to motivational videos does a lot of good!  

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Yes, it seems sometimes that these main factors that cause stress are certainly burdens placed on humanity! We should find our way and have support along the way, many thanks. 

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