We have all experienced this at some point in our lives. It could take several months to clear up or you may be experiencing it right now. Sometimes, it’s not too bad so you may not bother about it too much, but for many it can be quite tough.

There are many natural methods to alleviate the encounter of dandruff and to rid of this nasty experience. This affects both men and women at any point of their lives and can definitely be quite uncomfortable, especially when it lands on your shoulders whilst wearing dark clothing! It can be very embarrassing to say the least.



Your whole body sheds away old and unwanted cells naturally, so if it sheds away a bit too much than usual, then this known as ‘dandruff’ as the activity appears on the scalp. Don’t worry through, it is not life threatening and does not pose a serious health risk, however a good regime to follow will keep dandruff at low levels and perhaps completely gone over time!


Yes – patience is a virtue! You don’t really have to go out of your way, just by incorporating some simple steps can really go a long way, let’s check it out!

Why does Dandruff Occur?


It is rarely caused by poor hygiene and it doesn’t mean that your hair is unhealthy or unclean, far from it! In fact, medical experts can’t really figure out the true cause behind this and may in fact be related to your skin.


With that being said, your thoughts or stress can also trigger an onset of dandruff! According to an international journal of cosmetic science:-


“Pathologic dandruff results from accelerated proliferation of epidermal cells and thus increased exfoliation of variously large collections of abnormally keratinizing cells.”

Your feelings, whether angry or stressed can trigger a set of reactions within the body to deal with the overwhelmed environment due to ‘cellular stress’. Different reactions or responses occur within the body to put it quite simply.


It’s really down to how you look after your hair to avoid a major dandruff problem and the kind of skin type that you have – which may even change over time.


If you have hair that becomes oily quite quickly or perhaps irritated rashy skin, then this can allow for a flaky scalp but not always.


Certain shampoo’s may not exactly work at keeping dandruff at bay, so it’s important to find the right one and done through trial and error, mostly.


Tips For Healtheir Hair


Dandruff is a scalp condition which allows flaky skin to shed on your scalp and your hair.


If it gets out of hand, it may cause some hair loss or red patchy skin. The weather can certainly affect the skin on your scalp to appear drier, therefore flakes may appear more, especially during the cold winter months, here are some tips to help:-


  • By brushing your hair every day gently, this can loosen and remove flakes away that are sitting on your scalp.


  • Use only natural, chemical-free and gentle hair products to minimize further deterioration.


  • You can wear a hat or even a wig to avoid exposure when having a “bad hair day” or in certain weather conditions, e.g frosty temperatures or extreme winds.
  • Be patient and kind to yourself, avoid picking your scalp or itching and stay calm and imagine great thought.


  • You may have to wash your hair a little more often but not too much, there is always a limit!


  • Go for the right kind of shampoo for your skin type.


Dandruff Remedies


Stress is a factor that can aggravate any symptom that you may have and can highlight or worsen it more!


Stress Can Kill,” – an inclusive truth because it raises blood levels or raise cortisol levels, which your body has to deal with this inflammatory response that you have triggered due to stress. It also affects your head and hair resulting in hair loss.


You know better than anyone what relaxes you and how to avoid stress.

You can do some breathing exercises and just be still in practicing yoga. Take a break from your daily schedule if you can. It’s important then to take 10/15 minutes break after doing a chore or task in order to regenerate.


You can read a book or watch a happy movie with your feet up! How would this feel??

Pay attention to the things that affect your mood or head and try your best to avoid simply for your health and hair!

  • Natural Oils This is a practice that Asian cultures, particularly around the east countries, practice daily. Ensure to use cold -pressed, organic or extra virgin oil’s with no added flavorings or preservatives.



  • Use natural hair care only! I cannot emphasize this one enough. It’s to avoid extra irritation. Use bath and body with health ingredients and avoid chemicals – this will soothe and protect your scalp better!


  • Listen to music or be creative – Anything that makes you feel good and productive is great to undertake. The right kind of music is known to “heal the soul” and can make your head feel relaxed and happy, can allow for tingly sensations to protect. Playing video games in moderation, riding a bike or artwork classes calms your senses.


Your health is vital as it’s yours, your whole life, take care of it, treat it well, slow down when possible and unwind. It can take time, but know this that you are not alone in your endeavours as we are all the same! Don’t be afraid to lean on loved ones for support and to ask for help, anytime!


Thank You for reading And if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!


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2 thoughts on “Dandruff

  1. Ellie says:

    Thank you for posting this. It has been so helpful! I know many people who have been struggling with dandruff for years and cant wait to share this knowledge with them. I actually never knew that stress could cause it, so I found that very interesting and definitely something I will remember and consider.

  2. richardgb says:

    This is a very interesting post to me. I had no idea that stress can aggravate dandruff further! It is so important to handle stress and to avoid factors, whenever you can, to minimise stress. I do think doing nothing and relaxing now and then can do your mind and body good Thank you. 

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