Natural Hand Soaps!

Hand washes or soaps shouldn’t be harsh or irritating to use on the skin in any way! They should be gentle and helpful to your skin and it’s important to then purchase ones that are for sensitive skin and not loaded with harsh chemicals.


The best approach is to choose hand soaps that contain natural and gentle ingredients, so that your hands and skin stay protected whilst maintaining a strong barrier.

By using chemical filled soaps, it not only stains your skin with the residues from them but will only weaken the skin’s barrier quicker, allowing chemicals to seep into the blood and disrupting the immune system.


Your immune system is your defensive “home” against harmful substances and invaders, it is the first line of defence and always working to protect the organs, but if you constantly compromise it, it will wear down eventually, not work adequately, then you will feel the effects!


I will be exploring simple ways to protect your hands, enabling to protect your valuable skin and protecting your immunity. Keep in mind, that a healthy gut and bowels is probably the best defence that your body truly has.


Commercial soaps and washes

Everywhere around you and especially a quick stroll down to buy some toiletries in local stores, you find many that are filled with chemicals, preservatives, dyes and simply low quality soapsuds that really doesn’t benefit your skin much. Well, if you have no choice sometimes, grab one that has fewer ingredients and sensitive to skin.


Let’s check out the many “crazy” ingredients that is popular among mainstream soaps and washes, as we are so familiar with and maybe our favorite brands found in advertising, right?


  • Synthetic fragrances – This can be referred to as “fragrance” within the ingredients list, when you check the back of these products. These are harmful chemicals which are derived from petrochemicals. These can include phthalates, benzene derivatives and toulene and have been known to disrupt hormone levels. They are known carcinogens that are linked to cancer and neurological disorders.


  • Parabens – This can be referred to on some labels as “propylparaben” or “butylparaben”. This is a type of preservative that prolongs shelf life of products to prevent them going “off” a lot quicker and maintaining the market value. Prolonged use of this preservative can certainly cause skin irritation and can cause damage to the reproductive organs and has been linked to cancers – Make sure that the product states “paraben free,” if concerned for safety.


  • Phthalates – These are used in hair and cleaning products!! A hormone disruptor and mainly used to bind and soften materials which can damage certain organs within the body in the process.
  • Preservatives – These are commonly added to extend shelf life as well as cosmetics and personal care products. Some are named, “sodium benzoate,” “sodium citrate,” or artificial sweeteners. As the name suggests, it doesn’t feel or look anyway natural and should display a hint of the effects soon to follow!


The preservatives can cause hyperactivity in some children and can damage human DNA, although more studies need to be done, as we are told.


When you really think about it, anything that is forced to live longer than they are meant to – due to artificial preservatives, can cause health problems and then we wonder why we have health problems?


With a combination of these chemicals and additives surrounding us, it is no wonder we are seeing skin conditions and health problems that are surfacing in some people. It is best to educate yourself and gain knowledge of the side effects and to avoid as many of this kind of products as you can.

Natural Hand washes and Soaps!

Let’s now explore the goodness implored in natural, wholesome ingredients that should be used daily on our hands and body!

Many have great scents and although expensive, difficult to purchase perhaps and a longer waiting time for these arrivals due to delivery, it is definitely worth it all. I stock up often and order sensibly to ensure that stock is available nearby.


Let’s check the ingredients that can save our skin, organs, mood and pretty much a big lot more! These are just some ingredients found in chemical free and handmade toiletries such as hand soaps, shampoo or body washes. It will make you smile!


Essential Oils – A variety of blends are included with most natural washes that gives off that sweet and delicious fragrance – naturally! A blend may involve grapefruit, sweet orange and lemongrass oil.


It usually consists of 2/3 or more essential oils. They are naturally antibacterial and just casually breathing in these delicate fragrances can awaken your senses and create a healthy environment.


Oils – Many products include nourishing oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil or hemp oil. Of course, they may by labeled by their botanical name such as coconut oil is seen on labels as “cocos nucifera”, or hemp oil is labeled as “cannabis sative oil”. Palm oil is a healthy choice that is common in handmade products as it is raw, unrefined and certified sustainable, always double check the labeling to ensure this.


Gentle substitutes – The main component for many soaps, washes or shampoos can be glycerin or aqua(distilled water) which is commonly noted as the first or second ingredient and is a clear, mildly sweet liquid which allows oils and water to mix better and softening the product well. Other safe ingredients can include, “coco glucoside”, which is a foaming agent, that allows that bubbly reaction typical in soaps!


By using safe and effective ingredients such as these, not only protects and cleanses the skin but allows for a healthy life, a way of living and can protect the environment better. You see, these ingredients are fresh, wholesome, natural and most can be vegan or vegetarian friendly. This is so much happier than all those harsh chemicals!


The Major Benefits!


I am sure you are aware of the beautiful, glowing advantages that compliments your skin and your life!


Certain ingredients can help soften your skin such as vegetable glycerin, known as glycerine or glycerol, that can even be found in face creams, which promotes supple and moisturisation of the skin. It can reduce skin irritation and can increase the process of wound healing, although more studies need to conveyed.


Try to replace those “chemical filled” soaps and washes as often as you can for a healthier lifestyle and bathe in the benefits!


Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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