Lemons are known to be one of the healthiest fruits in the world, along with strawberries and oranges, although Seville oranges are packed with nutrition and are antibacterial.


Lemons are citrus fruits that is so versatile that is commonly used for cooking, beauty, makes for a refreshing lemonade or squeezing a lemon’s onto healthy salads, provides for a great flavor in desserts or even in cleaning products. Yes even household cleaning purposes!


Who knew such a small round zesty fruit provides healing, energizing, hydration, even aids in digestion and much more! In fact, you must have heard of that famous remedy that drinking lemons juice daily, keeps your body vibrant and healthy. Well then, lets discuss how lemons can help you, in much greater detail, please continue reading below.



Lemons have been around for thousands of years and thought to have originally stemmed from somewhere in Northeast India or China. Their exact growth and existence is unknown but citrus trees are the most widely cultivated trees in the world.


According to the BBC News, ” All citrus fruits can trace their roots to the southeast foothills of the Himalayas, according to DNA evidence,”


Lemons entered Europe next, around the second century AD, around the Ancient Rome era. Lemons quickly spread from one nation to the next and when reaching into the Americans around late 14th century, a man called Christopher Columbus‘, known for the ‘discoverer’ of the New World’, bought the lemon seeds for his fascination by them.


It then reached out and spread quickly from there on when it finally became planted in Florida, around the 19th century. Making some stops in other places in between of course – A joyous adventure these little lemons sure had all around the world!


Not to mention, that during the lemons journey, it stopped commercially producing around the late 18th century, during a killer winter freeze which occurred in California and Florida.


The planting of lemons carried on around the 1950s purely for a need of a market for lemon oil and lemon concentrate. The variety and massive uses for lemons spore vastly indeed.


Lemon Peel


Everything about a lemon is beneficial and used to the last scrap! Yes, lemons are so useful that we do not leave a remnant behind, in that even the skin of the lemons are put to very good use – Lemon Peels.


Lemon peels are full of Vitamin C and fibres which are considered safe to eat. If you do consume the lemon peels, ensure to purchase organic lemons which contains low levels of chemicals, insecticides or generally, washed thoroughly.


Lemon peels are highly bitter with intense flavour and works well as a lemon zest substitute! Generally, if you use 1 tablespoon of lemon zest, then 1/3 tablespoon of dried lemon peel will suffice.


The many uses of lemons peels are tremendous such as removing odours from your hand, such as when cutting fresh turmeric or even some onions.

By gently rubbing the lemon rinds onto your fingers and nails, you can ensure that they smell clean and fresh again.


A natural teeth whitener! When rubbing the lemon peel onto your teeth for just a few minutes, the inner white part is the side to use. Rinse well with water after rubbing and you can immediately notice a small difference!


You can also place a couple of lemon peels inside your fridge or inside a bin or cupboards to remove foul odors!


Lemon peels has to many uses and while research shows that it has many health benefits, it may be advantageous to hold onto those lemon peels for health!




Lemon used in foods

Lemons are antibacterial and antiseptic, full of minerals and may contain anti cancer properties. You can mix the juice of a lemon in warm water for it provides electrolytes to the body.

Adding lemons to your diet can really shape up your meals and your body, here’s how:-

Try replacing your usual hot morning beverages with warm lemon water as it provides pure hydration, nutrition and even freshens your breath!


You can add in 1 spoonful or raw honey to sweeten or a piece of ginger for maximum benefits.


These are packed with Vitamin C and 1 lemon provides 30mg of it which is around 50% of your reference daily intake, so by adding in a lemon with a fruit salad or a plate of hearty vegetables can extremely benefit your heart, decreases the effect of a heart stroke or heart disease.


Add the juice of a lemon to homemade ice cream – This is a satisfying way to add some zest and tang to your favorite ice cream and bring out the flavor more dramatic and fresh, adding the juice of a whole lemon can bring about a boost of flavor.

Add to chutneys or pickles – most people find it unpleasant to eat lemons alone, so squeeze a few drops to pickles or sauces to bring the flavor to life and satisfyingly sour to dip into!

Why don’t you pour in some lemons juice to ice cube holders and freeze – perfect to add to any drink or even is yogurts.

Bake into muffins, cakes or cookies to add more depth and zest to sweet treats and a natural way of eating.

Go ahead and incorporate this citrus fruit to your meals and dishes everyday and you may feel revitalized and energized as a result, the benefits are numerous and experimenting with the fruit can allow you to figure out, the best way to use so start experimenting today!





Lemons can bring your body benefits

With the multiple uses lemons can bring, it is even used within the perfume industry by extracting lemon petigrain oil or citrus limonum which is distilled from the leaves of a citrus lemon tree as the word ‘petigrain’ suggests.

  • Lemons can remove kidney stones – Citrate, which is a salt in citric acid binds to the mineral calcium and prevents stones from building up within the body.
  • Lemons can boost the immune system due to the numerous anti effect that it carries round the body and can remove bacteria and toxins from the body, strengthens your immunity and energizes you with the high Vitamin C contained.
  • Lemons can lower blood research according to a study where those that consumed lemon water had lower blood pressure compared to those who did not.
  • Lemons are accessible anywhere and easy to use for cleaning, in cooking or added for beauty and health. A pleasant fragrance and filled with antioxidants and many uses to various industries.

Their are a range of varieties of lemons and grow in abundance during the summer months. It should be a part of a healthy diet while including many other fruits and vegetables for multiple benefits!

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