Essentials Oils

These oils are used widely to detox and cleanse the body from unwanted waste. It is known for using within diffusers, to inhale the benefits and added in food sparingly.

This has always been a popular subject in holistic healing and much confusion over how to use these oils and what is available.


Many people are looking for alternative ways to heal from an ever-increasing generation of health diseases and symptoms that can be useful and reliable in more ways than one.


When you make a habit of conforming essential oils into your life, you may wonder how you managed without it. It truly is beneficial to the environment, in your home and your family. You may even receive endless compliments! In the next few paragraphs, I will be discussing the benefits of essentials oils and how to incorporate into your lives.

How Do we Get Toxins In The Body?


You simply cannot avoid all these foreign substances and germs that is all around us everywhere we go. It is clear that a healthy gut and bowels are our best defence against these in order to handle them a lot better, and it is why it’s essential to take care of these parts well. We must also play our part and remove as many toxins as possible to maintain good health.


There are various ways you can allow toxins within your internal system and can cause discomfort and pain. I will explore the possibilities below:


  • Food – Certain foods can overwhelm your body with chemicals, artificial sugars and pesticides or herbicides residues.

Our bodies will have to even work harder to deal with a bombardment of unhealthy or unnatural foods, especially altered state of foods such as genetically modified foods that contributes to diseases and the environment. There is an ecological impact and loss of nutrition which does not support for fuelling our bodies at all.


  • Air Pollution – The amount of smoke that we breathe in the minute you step out of your home is huge. From the fumes left in transport, smoke hanging above us from the busy cities to mould or sewage/waste that surrounds us in the environment, It all impacts our world and our health daily and can be a burden for our lungs.
  • Older Buildings – It is likely if any wood is involved, i.e a wall or flooring, may be decayed or completely worn out which can cause fungi or insects. Asbestos was a big topic back in the 70s and this building material were considered harmful.


  • Household Cleaning Products – Most of these products contain harmful ingredients with warning labels and quite toxic.

If inhaled, it is harmful to your brain and lungs. It can irritate the eyes and throat, can also cause headaches.


  • Technology – Many pieces of equipment such as computers, mobile phones, energy/power technology and manufacturing technology has psychological issues such as depression or an overload of the chemical dopamine which is toxic.

This is a feel good transmitter than tends to increase in the use of technology. The physical side effects too much exposure to technology can include eye strain, pain in the muscles or feeling tired.


  • Beauty Products – These can contain an overload of chemicals, artificial ingredients, synthetic fragrances or dyes and fillers. By using these products daily can damage skin, cause allergies and will, be ingesting them into your system which can affect certain organs.


  • “Bad” thoughts Or Stress – This is too harmful as it is sourced within you which is your internal home that may be altering the natural state of your being. You can create chronic stress which disrupts the hormonal balance, the brain’s chemical are depleted causing hair loss and damage to your immune system.

Why Use Essential Oils?

By participating in an essential detox, this can get rid of harmful waste that has build up over time. You should embed this into your routine but use only sparingly. It may be harmful to your health if used too much. Something as little as these can go a long way and contribute to your well-being.


Although there are no evidence to suggest essential oils are effective but certainly give it a try and judge for yourself. There may be a multitude of benefits attached such as a stress reliever simply by inhaling them.


It is also safe for the environment and can clear away impurities and keep fungi and bad smells at bay. It may relieve a number of health conditions and prove to be a worthwhile remedy.

What Kinds Of Essential Oils Can Help?


There is some debate whether ingesting essential oils can chelate heavy metals or cause more harm than good, but to consume safely in a diluted form or in capsules perhaps is helpful and should only be used for the short term. Here are some essential oils that can benefit you:




  • Lemon Oil – The oil is extracted from lemon rinds which is the colorful portion of its skin, like the peel of a lemon. It is one of the richest source’s of d-limonene which can act as a food preservative, it can also remove invaders and boosts the immunity too. There are many d-limonene sources, many from citrus fruits such as grapefruits, lime (in a distilled form) and caraway. Add a couple of drops to your diffuser and inhale the benefits!


  • Clove Oil – This has antibacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic properties and perhaps the best choice for helping your teeth. Always check with a medical profession to seek guidance in the use of these as they do not mix well with certain medications.


  • Eucalyptus Oil – A strong and refreshing scent! It can aid in respiratory conditions and the main component is cineole which can reduce inflammation and pain.


  • Mint Oils – Many oils from the mint family, i.e sage, basil, oregano, have a high antioxidant rate and therefore a great choice for congestion, sneezing and stuffy noses! By diffusing a mixture of 3 drops lavender and 3 drops of peppermint can help relieve respiratory symptoms.


  • Valerian Oil – A powerful herb known for its sedative qualities and a safe and natural remedy for stress related issues or to help sleep better. It has soothing and relaxing components for both the mind and body. Very useful for a detox cleanse as well that contains therapeutic effects.


The list goes on and on but there are specific oils for whatever needs that you would like met and please seek professional help to perform the usage correctly.

You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider


It’s Important to Detox Mentally too


All essential oils stems from nature such as plants, herbs, barks, fruits and so using them in your life awakens your senses and a great way to relax as if strolling through a colorful garden but in the comfort of your own home. The main ways to use essential oils are – inhalation, internal or topical.


It is also possible with supervision and care, that the use of essential oils can prevent conditions or diseases and avoid many prescription medicines! It is vital that taking emotional detox breaks can help your mentality and emotions which can be easier said than done. By incorporating essential oils into your life can provide a wealth of benefits!


You can try taking detox baths once or twice a week. You can do oil-pulling as part of a treatment in oral hygiene. You can use diffusers to feel more relaxed or a soothing massage with oils that can show results immediately.



Interesting Facts!


Did you know that by the 20th century, the term aromatherapy was introduced.


If essential oils causes rashes or a rash on the skin, it might mean that your body is actually detoxifying, but generally discontinue the use of the effect.


Essential oils have been around since the bible times and in ancient Egypt.

If a manufacturer labels an essential oil as “for external use only” it probably means that the essential oil is of cheap low quality.


I hope that you enjoyed reading and please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll be sure to help you out! Thank you.



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    Hello, Engaging points throughout and would like to add that your lifestyle can also play an important role towards your health, essential oils are great when used correctly and safely.

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