Mineral earth makeup!

Wearing make up can feel heavy on the skin and may cause some discomfort, depending on how long you wear it. Certain cosmetics can block pores on your skin and act as a barrier against the skin, interfering with the skins natural ability to repair and moisturize.

It also depends on the type of make up that you use on your skin. You see, clean and natural make up actually protects and can even help with maintaining your skin, allowing it possibly to harness the skin to the best you possible.

Natural make up is not harmful or irritating in any way and can even help any type of problematic skin you may be facing. Although bare skin can allow your skin to breathe naturally, but in day to day busy lives, healthy make up will always help against all odds and will do absolutely no damage.

Where is this “Healthy Make – Up”?

The best way to find out how safe and natural your make up is, is simply checking out the ingredients label.

You can google up what each ingredient is or any complex or an ingredient listed than a code such as E218, which is known as methylparaben, is known for being unnatural and unsafe.

The more you practice being familiar with label checking, the more you’ll grasp which ingredients are healthy and which ones are not.

Watch out for misleading words such as “parfum” or “fragrance” as what exactly are these made up of, so be wary of vague or unclear ingredients, may likely cause irritation.

Each ingredient, in all products, plays a role in sustaining or creating the product that you can use – so be sure to choose the one that is effective and actually helps your skin.

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Luckily for you, “Healthy make-up” are all over the world! We like to wear most times and helps us to feel confident, right?

Ever heard of “All Earth Mineral Cosmetics“?

They are a company that bring cosmetics and skin care together, keeping in mind the importance of skin health. They ensure that their products are:-

  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • environmentally friendly
  • ethically and sustainably sourced
  • Vegan and cruelty free



Don’t you just adore all-in-ones?!! Not only are you saving some money, but it makes it so versatile and easier to apply your makeup, whether in a rush or dressing to impress, these lips, cheek and eye tints are handmade, incredibly soft and available in 6 wonderful colors!

Available shades are as follows : – Nude Pink, Salmon Pink, Candy Pink, Cocoa, Peach Pink, Burgundy.

They are little pots of sheer joy and delight, (dimensions are 2 x 2 x 2 cm) and you can apply with a brush or dabbing on with your finger.

They do add a subtle pop of color to your lips, cheeks and eyes all from one pot and are buildable to achieve a more intense color if required.

Very few ingredients which include, Vitamin E Oil, Shea butter, candelila wax and some more. Completely free from alcohol, gluten, artificial fragrances and petroleum – Isn’t this sheer bliss!!!

Have a look and visualize tropical colors and less is really more with all natural beautiful ingredients all for you!



WoW! These ranges are pristine and intriguing at a single glance!!! This is how the company explains these beauties:-

“You have a shot of caramel in your coffee, right?” Well these work in the same way.

Whether you want to slightly lighten or darken your current foundation, add a pink or peach tone, add more coverage, oil control or illumination, then these shots are the perfect size to add. Alternatively, you can simply use them than a travel size alternative OR buy 2 or 3 and mix your own unique blend – the options are endless!”

With a massive range of colors and beautifully packaged, we all have to own at least one in our make up bag, right? The mineral shot range includes –

  • Mineral Foundation Shots
  • Mineral Blusher Shots
  • Mineral Bronzer Shots
  • Mineral Illuminater Shots
  • Mineral Concealer Shots
  • Mineral Finishing Powder Shots

You Are Literally Spoilt For Choice and At Affordable, Low Prices, with the variety of sizes and earthy, wholesome ingredients –

it is a vital element to include with your cosmetics range and used time and time again!

A perfect blend of ingredients offered within each shot, allows for maximum comfort and amazing lasting power!

A little can go a long way and a long way can shape up your cosmetics range to a worthwhile and sensational experience:)

CLICK HERE for a look at the pure and artistry range in which a skin tone guide and cute samples are included to try before you buy! The website truly captivates the minerals and cleanliness of wholesome make up as it should be!


The Fun And Exciting Part! Go On, Be creative as It can Make for great gifts, whatever the occasion, we all appreciate healthy gestures, right?

Building your own box includes filling in a form to customize your own personal box of products! Pick as many items as you want from the categories offered, the more you add – the more you save!

From Eco – Pots, Refills, Pots-for Life, brushes and skin care, everything that the website has to offer all in one roof and a good way to also have a look in everything offered easily!

A delightful way to share among friends and family or ordering a load of treats to save in the long run and reap the benefits of wholesome and mineral products that will help your skin time and time again!

As The Owner Of This Website, I’ve Tracked Down Special Deals For Some Of The Products And Services Mentioned Herein. When You Use The Links On This Page To Make A Purchase I May Get A Small Commission And You May Get A Great Bargain. It’s A Win-Win All Round! Disclosure.



Thank You Truly:)

Keep in mind that the website offers a range of videos for tips and guidance in choosing the correct products and shades, so you can check this before you purchase or simply have a peek at the incredible mouth-watering mineral ranges!


All Earth Mineral Cosmetics have even picked up an award for the most eco-conscious cosmetics brand in the UK by Lux Life Magazine in their 2020 Health & Beauty Awards.

A professional company and their products will leave you dazzling, healthy and most importantly smiling…

Thank You for reading and any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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3 thoughts on “Mineral earth makeup!

  1. Ann says:

    I have been having concerns about my skin care. And this has been one of my New Year’s resolutions: to find products that don’t harm my skin. So I’m glad I came across your post. I’ll give “All Earth” products a try. I didn’t imagine the solution would be this simple. Thanks for your post.

    • Farah says:

      Hi Ann,

      Yes it really can be simple to look after your skin, if you just know what products that you can use on your skin successfully. As long as it contains natural ingredients and minimum of chemical ingredients then you can be reassured to use. Thanks:)

  2. Cogito says:

    Thank you for another great post. I can’t imagine leaving house without makeup, but to be fair I am worrying a bit how cosmetics are affecting my skin. I haven’t heard before about All Earth products, but looking on your review it seems to be perfect way to care about skin. Prices are decent and range of colors really impressive. Looking forward to test them in practice.

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