Why Halloween Is Scary!



Halloween really does stand out and brings about a sense of scare and thrill from all corners of the world. We like to dress up, go trick or treating, a Halloween party entailed or some late ghost stories that can be shared between friends and family to highlight the day a whole lot more!


There is just so much that Halloween brings and offers that it can be hard to keep up with it all in a single day! Let’s discuss all about Halloween, why it exists, what happens on the day and the real meaning and stories behind it all – hopefully a fun and interesting read for you, so read on if you dare!



What Is Halloween


It is celebrated on the 31st October by many countries and Halloween is also known as All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve.

It traditionally occurred around the eighth century and a tradition that originated from a pagan religious festival where ancient Celts carried out festivals of fire gatherings and lighting up bonfires while dressing up to ward off spirits.

Winter was commencing and the celebrations also tied in with the ending of the harvest and the welcoming in “the dark half of the year”.


The Celts highlighted the end of summer and the beginning of a dark, cold season officially through the festivities, believing that winter brought with it more deaths of dying crops and living things in general and that ghosts of the dead returned to earth.


A once dark and unlucrative celebrations, thousands of years ago that if you did not participate in these events, you may get severely punished.

Of course, nowadays the celebrations have eased off and a lot light-hearted – thanks Goodness!

Where is Halloween celebrated


Halloween is celebrated all around the world, some more than others. The United States are known to dress up and celebrate with style so during Halloween time, they are all for costume parties and fun and games! It is a traditional holy day for Christians and people gratify those weary spirits wandering around the lands.



It is quite a similar manner in other countries also such as places in Asia such as Hong Kong, Japan and Dubai. Around Europe, countries such as the UK, Russia, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany to name a few. Canada and Mexico enjoy the dark tradition also and Halloween has actually increased in popularity in the last 30 years or so.


There are some places that celebrate Halloween in a similar manner such as Mexico celebrates, “Dia de Los Muertos”, which is the Day of the Dead which honors the dead and pays contribute to passed away loved ones and people.


Places that do not celebrate Halloween or that do not have much focus on the worldwide dark tradition are most Asian and African countries and also includes France and Australia. Although, Halloween is slowly getting more popular worldwide., year after year.


Dressing Up


The best part about Halloween, for some, is choosing a costume to celebrate the night ahead which truly brings a colorful feel to the day while trick or treating and out in the dark mysterious night.


Dressing up is a tradition and emphasizes upon the haunting nature that makes Halloween that more captivating and according to Livescience, they believed that spirits passed over to the next realm on a specific day.


Naturally, many costumes are scary and focuses in warding off evil spirits or in some places, for the recently departed. Once upon a very long time ago, Halloween was truly imposed for ghosts and superstitious beliefs – certainly another world, back then!


Ghoulish costumes such as dressing up as a zombie, a werewolf, masked creatures or axe-wielding characters are just some of the costumes that you may see upon Halloween and ensures for a chilly and eerie time, filled with an unnerving and hair-raising stories to share, no doubt!


An important part for the frightful occasion that brought upon cruel acts back then, such as cattle sacrifices!

Games that We Play!

We do want this event, scary as it may be, to be full of fun and togetherness, more than anything! The traditional games associated with Halloween range from some nice afternoon apple bobbing – an activity quite popular amongst schools. Because apples are less dense than water, it floats nicely on top for a dipping sensation!


We also do some pumpkin carving – Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin on the ready!


Carving a pumpkin to reveal a scary face gives for a scary effect and enjoyed by children and parents usually working alongside together to carve the best pumpkin!


How about a Jack-O-Lantern dice game which is a great team game and involves paper and crafts, drawing and determination! Who will win?

Have you ever tried a pumpkin and broom race? It typically involves providing each player with a broom and a pumpkin and each player has to sweep the pumpkin along and all the way to the finish line, do I hear some cheering… Yay!


A ghostly sack race which involves a little white sack designed like a ghost, rather than the good old traditional sack race to bring about some Halloween scare and may the best person – win!

What stories are shared on Halloween

We all like to share scary and ghost stories during these times to emphasize the thrill a whole lot more! What stories have you heard or have told yourself? Do you like to play tricks or go for the sweet treats?? Please do comment below.


Here is a scary poem that will bring a gasp of shock, poems and stories should be exchanged in such events…

Scary Facts!

Amount of money spent on Halloween is around 10 billion or more, mostly spent on Halloween food snacks!


Number of trick or treaters is around over 40 million.


Over 10% of Americans dress their pets in Halloween costumes – what a sight!


In many places, Halloween barely exist and some countries do not celebrate it at all.


Apparently this year, 2020 is the year of the full moon…


Thank You, For Reading, If you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out.

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