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Isn’t it truly exciting to purchase lip shades of all sorts, from lip gloss to lip shimmers or happy lip balms! Another one to the collection of incredible lip colors that help you on absolutely any occasion. It doesn’t have to be dark or light, you can highlight your lips with any color or just keep them moisturized.

Even better… lip colors with pure and natural ingredients that are good enough to eat, well… let’s not go that far! The point here is that cosmetics should not have to be filled with harmful ingredients or chemicals that can cause irritation or wear your skin down in the long term, after all what you put onto your skin matters – a whole lot!


Big Green are one of the biggest online retailers for natural and organic products in the UK and includes healthier alternatives from beauty products to baby care or natural cleaners… they simply have it all!


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Let’s discuss, on this review, the variety of clean and mouth-watering lipcolours that are available and there are many branded lip colors, so there’s one for everyone and definitely many favorites for keeps:)

Antipodes Lipstick : Piha Beach Tangerine

A big 8.5/10

This lipstick is exploding with color and can make for a bright and bold statement, but you can apply light or dark, after all the more, the brighter the shade. Antipodes are super moisturizing and may be superior to other lipsticks for good reasons:

  • Made in New Zealand
  • Vegetarian
  • Contains nutrient-rich pure plant oils that allow your lips to moisturise while providing sweet colors
  • Affordable and one lipstick can last you a good long while
  • Too many colors to choose from!

Antipodes lipsticks are a bit pricier than the other lipsticks although 4g in size, creamy and very healthy to wear daily, leaving your lips super soft. A conditioner and lip color in one and a wide variety of colors to choose from. Shades included are:


“Pretty your pout with this playful tangerine (above) and evoke the vivid sunsets that streak the skies above New Zealands wild West Coach Beaches,”


Playful and safe colors that are non-toxic and the lipstick is shaped in a curve and rounded at both sides giving for easy application on your lips.

Ingredients can include: castor oil, candelilla wax, beeswax, carnauba wax, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, argan kernel oil, Shea butter and more clean ingredients!

Avril Lipstick Rose Roupee – A lovely 9/10

This is a high quality and natural lipstick that contains absolutely pure and clean ingredients that you can be proud to wear. Contains pleasant natural shades and nothing too loud or bold. Think English roses or lip bitten colors that keeps you looking with a healthier glow and full of life!


  • Long-lasting
  • Creamy texture
  • Not tested on animals
  • With incredible organic oils
  • Certified organic by Eco cert

A gentle pink tint that reveals more smile and that gentle appeal. Extremely affordable lipsticks that are around 3.5g in size and provides extreme moisturisations, some ingredients are:


Minerals, castor oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, mica, rice bran wax and some more natural ingredients, pure and clean all round.

The good-natured and lively colors are truly down to earth and worn on any occasion, you can wear light or apply more for bold color. Some include :

Avril lipsticks are all 100% plant-based ingredients within the formula, with ingredients from organic farming and the products are made in France.

Boho Lipsticks – A stunning 9.5/10

These lipsticks are at a good price and contain a range of different textures with beautiful colors that are too hard to pick from! These contain pearly transparent lippies which gives your lips a pearly finish and shades include: strawberry vanilla, blackberry and English pink.


These beautiful lipsticks also contains Matt transparent kinds that gives your lips a natural look while moisturizing them too. Shades include are: Capucine, Grenat, burgundy and puppy!


Boho lipsticks includes an intense fuchsia color called “Life” and a glossy kind of lipstick included in the range. Also, a Matt covering kind within this range of lipsticks that provides fuller color and shade included is “Currant”, a deep red shade.

A beautifully well-presented packaging that is very appealing and stylish to include with your amazing cosmetics collection! Not only that, simple and clean ingredients that is safe and gentle on your skin of which some include:

Castor oil, apricot wax, grapefruit essential oil, candelilla wax, rose hip oil, minerals and oxides that provides health and moisture.

  • 100% of ingredients are of natural origin
  • Easy to apply, glossy finish, great coverage
  • Apply to your lips as often as you like!

Shade displayed is called Burgundy.

Sante Lipsticks – A great 8/10

These lipsticks are quite impressive and has great packaging with a decent 5g in size, these lipsticks are delightful to wear. The super botanical ingredients will infuse your lips with long-lasting hydration and providing natural and real colors. Shades included are:


Which one will you choose?

Such a vast range and varieties of colors that’ll suit everyone. Sante lipsticks contains no synthetic preservatives, fragrances or coloring agents.


These are completely Gluten – Free and soothes even the most sensitive skin.


It truly is like a garden of flowers that they have, from sweet pinks to dramatic and daring or even classy and trendy colors!

Affordable prices that are easy to apply and wear time and time again for absolutely any occasion.


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As The Owner Of This Website, I’ve Tracked Down Special Deals For Some Of The Products And Services Mentioned Herein. When You Use The Links On This Page To Make A Purchase I May Get A Small Commission And You May Get A Great Bargain. It’s A Win-Win All Round! Disclosure.


Takeaway Message

Big Green knows that your health matters and includes a vast range of natural products such as plastic free, fragrance free. Vegan and organic. Their products are of a high standard and many contain leading accrediting bodies that are certified such as Allergy UK Seal of Approval, BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics and even Eco logo approved.

This is perfect for individuals that want to live fuller and natural lives, for children and babies, for men that need to stay for or you that cares for healthy living no matter what.

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Thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Lipsticks:) BigGreenSmile

  1. Misael H says:

    My girlfriend is going to love this as a gift for her. I know that Valentine’s Day already passed but it is definitely never late for me to get her a nice extra gift for her to enjoy. She loves lipstick and all the stuff and make up and I think buying her this one specifically will make her very happy

  2. Cogito says:

    Thank you for great article. I have already ton of lipsticks in home, but it never stops me from buying another one 🙂 we all deserve something from life after all. To be fair I have not heard before about Big Green Smile shop, but looking on their offer, we will become close friends. I love some of lipsticks you reviewed, and especially Boho one looks stunning. Cant wait to test it by myself.

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Yes, the website has a variety of branded lipsticks and makeup which contain natural ingredients and a big favourite of mine – as you can never have to many lippies in your collection. Check out more here- –

  3. Mitch says:

    Love the selection and the fact that your emphasis is on safe and chemical free lipsticks, my lips can be quite sensitive so I have to watch what I use.

    The colors look really vibrant are lovely, organic too with lots of oils I see, I do prefer natural products as they are far kinder.

    Mitch X:-).

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Thanks Mitch, using kinder and natural products will always treat your skin to some TLC every time:) 

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