Skin Irritation

Your skin is one of the largest organ’s of your body and treating it with love and good health, i.e improving gut health, are probably the best treatments to better care for and maintain your skin, from head to toe.


Therefore, there are factors that can irritate your skin or cause outbreaks that can interfere with your life – for the worst! Over moisturizing your skin, chemical applications, exposure to the sun for too long, certain jewellery or constantly looking at your skin or even picking your skin can cause harsh affects and may take a long while to normalize or to calm the skin.


A real life story which involved an individual, that took medication, claimed that it effected her skin and reaped unfortunate side affects. You must have heard of the use of prolonged chemicals or artificial fragrances that can irritate or change your skin – for the worst!


Anyone with skin problems can probably say that factors such as these, poor diet and neglecting caring for your skin can change your skin and can disrupt your way of life.


Let’s discuss ways to help skin and avoid nasty mistakes that can directly challenge your skin.

What Is Skin?

Skin is made up of three layers and is a defensive barrier wall to our internal systems and organs such as our blood – which allows for correct blood flow regulation.


It allows for reactions and metabolisms to take place safely inside the body, it helps our bodies to deal better against weather temperatures such as cold, hot or winds, our skin even acts as a shield against deadly microbes or harmful bacteria so we can cope with life better.


The three main layers that make up the skin are as follows –

  • Epidermis. This is the skin you directly come into contact with, when you look at your body, your visible skin can shed away old skin cells, sometimes without you even noticing, so it can grow new skin in place of it!
  • Dermis. Directly under the eperdermis layer and acts as a cushion to further protect skin. It is where hair follicles, collagen, elastin, lymphatic vessels, sweat glands are stored. The dermis contains helpful cells called “phagocytes” that removes harmful substances from our bodies such as “bad” bacteris or impurities.
  • Subcutaneous fat. The bottom layer, directly below the dermis layer and can also be known as “subcutis”. It helps keeps your body warm while regulating body temperature. It protects large blood vessels and acts as a cushion to surrounding, vital organs.


Your skin is the first line of defense against harmful invaders and works hard to excrete toxins from your body when necessary, which helps your body to heal. In other words, your skin is a massive organ that eliminates acids through the skin. Harmful substances can also be eliminated through your breath, urine and stool in which regulates and maintains the body better.


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What Can cause your skin harm?



Believe it or not, you can wear your skin down unknowingly, by being rough to it or just using the wrong products, that can aggravate your skin. While a healthy diet can help, the way you treat your skin externally counts so much, that it can actually save or heal your skin. What do I mean by this, lets keep on reading below:-


Washing your hands too frequently – Did you know that constantly washing your hands, especially with chemical soaps or hand washes causes dry, itchy skin. You can actually get a skin disease such as eczema or dermatitis.


The skin texture and appearance can change, you may notice broken, peeling skin or your hands feeling different, which are warning signs to reduce your hand sanitization regularity.


Once you do, you are lucky to simply wait till your skin normalizes back to its original state. Most people do ignore these signs and while keeping your hands clean is crucial but should always be done in moderation.


Not washing hands properly – Washing your hands in moderation is ideal for maintaining your healthy skin, preferably with natural washes. There are ways to ensure that your hands are completely clean, such as making sure you rub your fingers, nails and thumb properly, as quickly washing with soap and a gentle 5/6 second rub – clearly is not enough time, to thoroughly wash hands properly.


What are the consequences, you ask? – Apart from effecting others, communities and leaving bacterial residues on surfaces, you can even get warts of verrucas that can be highly contagious, not to mention uncomfortable, and will have to seek medical help!


Harmful ingredients – Especially when it is direct contact to the skin, can range from skin rashes, inflammation, itching or dry and worn down skin. Over using moisturizers, perfumes or lotions filled with chemicals, that do not do any favours to your skin can change the appearance of skin’s structure and your own skin’s moisture may be lost.


Try to avoid using harsh chemical-filled products such as liquid soaps, creams or commercial make up that are doing more harm than good and stick with as many products that are pure and have gentle ingredients – always! Your skin will thank you later:)




Jewellery – We have all been there, when wearing some low quality pieces of jewellery, such as earrings or necklaces, can cause an itch or an uncomfortable feeling in which you simply take your jewellery off. The metal nickel is widely used for inexpensive jewellery and even used in some everyday items such as coins or zippers.


You can use pure metals such as gold or titanium, which are better options that are hypoallergenic and friendly for your skin.


Poor diet – Mostly consuming overly processed foods, fried foods or cooked foods can wreak havoc to your body, as it affects your hormones, stomach, brain and much more! These foods tend to be filled with additives, artificial flavorings, sweeteners, GMO’s or unhealthy oils that your body works hard in dealing with!

The affects may not be seen until months or years later and can cause a loss of elasticity or collagen of your skin, promotion of wrinkles, accelerating the aging process to a certain degree or even prone to breakouts and infections to the skin.


It is best to limit Your intake of “junk food” to a minimum amount.


Bottom line is if you be good to your skin then chances are you’ll not really face as many problems as you would with a bombardment of chemicals, processed foods or the rough treatment to your skin.

Treat your skin with kindness and natural ingredients that it truly deserves!

How To Look After Skin Better?

Let’s check the best approaches that can help our skin, as well as your organs, mood and pretty much a big lot more! Any approach with natural goodness and care is the way to go, hands down!


Limiting your bath or shower time can allow your skin to breathe naturally and to prevent removing natural skin oils. If you shower too much it can strip your skins natural oils and may cause excessive dryness and worn out skin.

Try to replace those “chemical filled” products as often as you can, from hair sprays, cosmetics or even household cleaning products or laundry solvents for a healthier lifestyle and reap the rewards.


Always check the ingredients labelling for ensuring exactly what you are putting on your skin.


Avoid picking your skin, you may seem puzzled about this one but sometimes if you do this often, it can lead to an annoying habit and worsen your skin’s texture.


Maybe reduce the amount of mirrors that you have in your home to stop you from admiring your complexion or keeping your nails short can reduce the tendency.

Do Not Over Moisturize – Leaving your skin bear a few days a week can allow your skin to repair and relax naturally. By having your skin free from clogging skin products or barriers that acts as a shield on your skin, now and then, can allow the skin’s natural oils to come out and work on your skin, leaving for healthier and feeling good skin.



Always sleep with bare skin – Depending on the nature of your skin, sleeping with nothing on your skin can allow for repair and restoration of your skin to take place, especially for cuts or bruises that can heal faster. The stress hormone, cortisol lowers in your sleep, so more attention for collagen repair or strengthening the skin can increase.






Your Skin Is Always Changing Too!

By using safe and effective ingredients, not only protects and cleanses the skin but allows for a healthy life, a way of living and can protect the environment better. You see, ingredients that are fresh, wholesome, natural and most can be vegan or vegetarian friendly can help and protect skin. This is so much happier than all those harsh chemicals!

Don’t feel that you have to use many products or spend time and effort looking after your skin!


By being kind to your skin and avoiding rough treating your skin can apply for a safe approach and even for a calm feeling in your head, heart and life! Healthy skin is always feeling good, mostly!


Thank You, For Reading and if you do have any questions or comments, then leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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One thought on “Skin Irritation

  1. Micah says:

    I like how you explain that your skin is the largest organ of the human body. And I love your all-natural foods and ingredients in your soups and motorizes as a way to help heal and maintain your skin.

    You could also include how our environment affects us. Not just getting soaps and moisturizers that we put directly on our skin, but also the cleaners that we use in our homes containing harmful chemicals that could get on our skin. 

    I learned some new things from you today, and I will start putting them into practice. Thank you for sharing your opinion with me. Keep up the good work.

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