Are smoothies good for you?

Smoothies are a great concept to include into your diet that allows you to include a large selection of fresh wholesome ingredients –


rather than chewing and swallowing each individual whole ingredient that can be a lot of work, not to mention that there are some whole ingredients that are rather difficult to consume effortlessly!


Statistic show that the sales of smoothies in America has risen up to 80 percent since around the year 2000 and has given a profit of over 2 billion dollars a year.


There is such a wide variety of fruits or vegetables to include in your smoothies as well as nuts, seeds, food powders, healthy oils and much more!


It is a great excuse to throw into the mix wholesome, natural and beneficial ingredients that not only taste great but will give you a range of maximum benefits!


From dairy free, to nut free or simple quick smoothie recipes or even just protein shakes, there is certainly a recipe that you can depend on for providing you with good nutrition and energizing your health. Let’s discuss all about smoothies and the versatile benefits that it gives to you – every time!

Why drink Smoothies?


It certainly keeps you away from junk foods and reaching out towards unhealthy alternatives that may wreak havoc on your body. They are a great choice to keep you feeling fuller for longer and are packed of fiber, essential minerals and vitamins.

According to Current Research in nutrition and food science, found that those who consume smoothies frequently tend to consume similar constituents such as vegetables than those that consume smoothies less frequently.


The best part is that you choose the variations of great tasting smoothies and why not try experimenting to discover ones that are yet to be tasted and disclose even better ones? The benefits are versatile that not only does it impact on your body’s health but also on mind, well-being and soul.


  • Look better Raw goodness is certainly great for your skin and can prevent nutritional deficiencies, giving skin cells hydration and nourishment. It provides for a high level of antioxidants that prevent free radical damage of skin cells. Your cells are protected from damage and disintegration allowing your skin to be appear youthful while giving a better complexion.


  • Lowers blood pressure – An increase of the intake of valuable nutrition can impact on your blood pressure positively.


Berries is well-known for containing bio-active compounds such as flavonoids, tannins, anthocyanins that can ease tension of the walls of your blood vessels and feeling relaxed. According to the journals of gerontology, consuming around 200g of blueberries can improve blood vessel function.


  • Provides great energyAttached here is a chart provided by the nutrition and food science that provides numerous benefits including that smoothies impact positively on your energy levels.


After all, they contain live enzymes and helpful bacteria that are kind to your digestive system and lowers the bad invaders away! It can also improve immunity levels as well as reducing cravings, hopefully from unhealthy beverages!

  • Contribution to a healthier lifestyle – It is clear that when you corporate healthy components to your daily schedule such as enough sleep –


some exercise or even not smoking, then including healthy beverages such as smoothies can encourage for a better lifestyle and even towards living well in the long run. It may even reduce the onset of certain diseases and health conditions.


  • Can prevent certain conditions – An intake of unrefined flavours, natural sugars and great nutrition such as smoothies can aid in reducing inflammation within the body by relaxing blood vessels –


provide healing effects such as improving blood circulation to the brain that can avoid “brain fog” or even guides in some weigh loss with a great source of fibre to boot!


It certainly depends on the ingredients that you input to the smoothie as each combination provides differentiating results, if you were to include spicy ingredients such as ginger, then this can aid in burning more calories. Some people may only drink smoothies in the morning and some prefer to drink them now and then.


Do what your body needs and pay attention to your body as you can learn from trial and error. You may find certain smoothies aren’t for you and it can depend on all on your health requirements too.


You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider

If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider

If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention


Types of Smoothies

Making smoothies in the right way can really help a long way to manifest in with your daily meals and allow for a great lifestyle. Generally speaking, the main smoothies that are mainly used are fruit, vegetable, protein or green smoothies that sometimes contains a combination of two or three into the mix.

In regards to fruit smoothies, two or more fruits are used for a delicious smoothies but more is always welcome!


Then add one cup of liquid to the fruits, whether that be water or dairy free milk, you can then add in some sort of thickener to allow for a firm texture whether that be coconut cream, chia seeds or even some ice cubes.


At this point, you can tell it’s going to turn into something incredible! If you still want a bit more rave to your smoothie, then by adding some maple syrup, raw honey or rose extract can bring out the flavor even more.


You can provide more depth and nutrition here by adding a green teaspoon of chlorella or marine phytoplanton powder to the mix or some coconut oil.


Some exciting advantages that you can take to make good use of your ingredients can include adding in some spices to your smoothie such as cinnamon or cardamom powder.


You can add some cruciferous vegetables that you find hard to eat like kale, chard or broccoli. Isn’t this truly amazing that this single cup of smoothies offers tremendous benefits and a powerhouse of nutrition!



Take away Message

Smoothies are an amazing addition to your eating habits that can truly bring excitement and happiness to your life, not to mention super quick to gulp down with great amounts of fresh goodness entailed!


It is very relevant to always include whole foods to your smoothies such as 1 spoon of hemp seeds, 1 spoon of avocado oil or 1 spoon of a green powder or even 1 spoon of probiotic powder.


However, it is very important to note that many smoothies aren’t all that healthy, especially store bought ones and it is best to always check the ingredients and to avoid those that contain refined sweeteners or artificial ingredients.


You can certainly find local bars or fresh constituents that offers fresh juiced beverages and blends in their menu. It is always best to choose smoothies that contain only fresh fruits and vegetables without the use of processed dairy or sugar product for maximum benefits!


Please comment below which smoothie is your favourite or if you have any questions, thank you so much for reading.

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8 thoughts on “Are smoothies good for you?

  1. Geoff says:

    Thanks for sharing this information on smoothies.  It is certainly an excellent way to get all the goodness of fruit and vegetables into the body.

    I have never actually had a smoothie, but your post has certainly raised my interest.

    I assume that blending fruits doesn’t spoil any of goodness and that they simply transfer to liquid format?

    It is interesting to note the prices of smoothies bought in a shop.  Making your own would certainly be a lot cheaper.  And as you say, a lot healthier too.

    Thanks for the information.

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Hello, yes smoothies are delicious and very nutritious. Typically, blending fruits isn’t nutritionally equivalent to the same whole fruit but there are some properties that are still present. Great benefits overall and a healthier option:)

  2. AL. S. says:

    I eat a lot of smoothies, all of them homemade. I usually add natural healthy fats like avocado oil, and olive oil because most of us do not get enough healthy fats in our diets. I still have all the raw goodness but I add in the healthy fats. Do you have any thoughts on adding healthy fats to smoothies?

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      thanks for your comment and I agree that healthy fats are imperative to include in your diet, whether in your smoothies, alone or added to cooking as you gain many benefits from it – Here is an article all about healthy fats –

  3. JJ says:

    My husband and myself were recently talking about fixing smoothies, because it will be a good way to the nutrients we need. We really want to consume more fruits and vegetables per day. The reason we haven’t started making them is because I am not sure about the combinations that can be used and the proportions. I also don’t want to be consuming too many calories. I saw a little circle in your article that gives me ideas and I made a note of those best sellers. Thank you for the guidance.

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Its good to check out how much you can consume and the proportions as well as calories through reliable sources, it’s best to consult a nutritionist or dietician for individual needs:)

  4. bethebest#128 says:

    I greatly appreciate how much validity and credibility you presented in this article. You are just fresh with statistics, insights, and helpful tidbits on how to best consume smoothies and more importantly what to look out for.

    I especially appreciate how you not only explain why smoothies are good for you but how you even debunk some myths shrouding what constitutes a good smoothie? For example, I found it especially helpful when you said that it is important to have fresh fruits and vegetables instead of those that are processed, artificial, or store brought. 

    In my blender, that was a home run. I would love to know more about good, healthy smoothies.

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      A range of fresh vegetables and fruit are crucial to eat daily to gain some nutrition and avoid ‘binge eating’. 

      It is great to use blenders for ease and adding in those edibles that can be difficult to eat whole! Its great to use a sleek blender with a powerful motor, easy to use and precision-engineered blades that’ll whip those up effortlessly and can last a long time – check it out here

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