Pets are our friends!

Have you ever heard of the saying, “a man’s best friend is his dog?” Well doesn’t this apply to most pets? Aren’t all furry pets great company and bringing a happy environment to all!


Whether that be cats, hamsters, parrots, goldfish or rabbits, animals truly can be stress relievers to be around and simply cheer you up – Why then do so many people, in every block of your street have pets?


According to the national pets owners survey, around 85 million families own a pet while dogs are the most popular pet choice and when asked to state reasons for owning a dog, which are “linked their ownership to either improving their happiness and/or providing companionship, happiness was the most common response,” via a 2019 survey within the UK.


Emotional ties or bonds can be grown overtime with pets and a deep connection enabled between owner and pet. Let’s discuss the very nature of pets and the popular pets out there!


Why do people own pets?

While you are walking through the park or strolling through the streets, you are bound to bump into a pet nearby!


If you do catch a glimpse of the owners reaction, then you are more likely to see a happy expression aroused. This answers the question easy then, that pets are our loyal friends, great company and full of playfulness and curiosity.


They can turn ‘one of those days’ into a hopeful one, filled with laughter and perhaps some mischief! There are so many benefits that apply to pets, that far outweigh the small amount of negatives or the frowned upon ‘cleaning up’ duties after them – doesn’t really apply as a ‘burden’ or too much!


  • Increases opportunities for socializing – You are bound to meet up with another pet owner while the pets greet one another or try to be friends with one another as passers-by. 

This normally strikes up a conversation between both owners and there a friendship is formed. It can happen to neighbours or even during public transport but more likely to strike a conversation again.

  • Reduces blood pressure – If you are stressed or even depressed which can cause feelings of sadness or anxiety then having a pet around can cause your mood to turn around quite quickly.

Distractions or not, the mere presence of these cute and cuddly friends can make you feel happier, you want to comfort your pets, look after them and this in turn lowers blood pressure, while releasing good hormones to calm your nerves!

  • Increasing the chances to exercise – You may explore the outdoors a lot more as you walk your dog outside in the early hours or late in the evening. You may find yourself having a healthy routine to walk your pets and keeping fit and mobile at the same time. 

Walking can lighten your mood, improves circulation and you can certainly enjoy a good night sleep at the end of the day after all that walking and exploring with your furry friends!

Not only do you look after your pet and feed and wash your pet, but you ensure that they are OK and develop feelings of love and affection for your pets.

You ensure that they have their exercise, that they are happy and get the best life enabled, while benefiting you as well!


They do say that if you treat an animal poor, then you will definitely treat a human being the same manner.


With that being said, living harmoniously with animals and humans together, provides for a better life and environment that flourishes families and communities all around.


“Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it’s beauty,” – Albert Einstein.

Most popular pets



The world is a better place thanks to some friendly and loyal companions that are our pets, but amongst them all, which ones do people adore and which ones just make you laugh? Let’s explore the statistics and convey an idea of some of our favourite pets, small or big!

According to polls, in America, there are more pets than children and while sleeping with a dog in your bed is common and seen as a family member is shown to understand what that really tells us as human beings and the amount of care we place on living things, while dogs are high in popularity in the U.S.



Whereas within the eastern Asia countries, dogs and cats soar high on popularity pet choices but in Pakistan the popular pets choice has got to be parrots, budgies or fish.


Many households contain these feathered birds within cages that like to mimic your words and likes to sing and China likes to keep fish as pets and recognize fish as a good symbol.


In Brazil, dogs are high in popularity which truly shows that dogs are the most popular pet choice worldwide and cats being second popular, birds are alarmingly popular within Brazil with 40 million bird species live amongst the Brazilian households.


Sponsor A Pet



Many people may not have pets and there are many charities and campaigns out there that support animals, providing shelter and many organizations that ensure that animals find a loving home. I’m sure that you have seen adverts to sponsor animals that can be as little as a few pounds per month to protect animals with food and support.


Overall, a great and worthwhile task to participate in to ensure that animals are being looked after. If you want to donate money to animal charities, then it is an effortless task to complete and your money can make a big difference to a little friend!


Check out local advertisements or in the media, popular charities such as RSPCA or paws for hope that are trustworthy options to support as they save animals and go to great lengths to shelter animals. You do not have to give too much away or opt for a one-off payment and most organisations allow you to cancel the funds anytime so a worthy cause to help your fellow companions!


Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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  1. Virlo says:

    Hi there! Such an awesome piece! It’s a good thing I stumbled on this beautiful piece! This post was quite informative, no regrets spending time on this about why people own pets. Personally I have dogs as pets, having them around brings this joy and sense of security.I really did learn something very helpful from this. Thanks again for this, I will definitely share this with friends.

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      What a lovely comment and I’m glad that it brought some joy to you! Pets surely are our friends:)

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