The Importance of Solitude

Being around distractions most of the time can cause you to miss out on the importance of getting to know yourself, your mind and your purpose or goals in life.


Think about it. When you are busy with tasks most of the day, you are enjoying socializing or working away, while distracting your mind the whole time.


Having some alone time can truly awaken your senses and the potential that you may have while discovering all about yourself. It makes you tune into the realisation of all the choices that you can make and your ability to undergo certain skills, thus awakening your true potential to the person that you are.

The importance of solitude gives you some peace and quiet and evade all the possible distractions –


You can work out how to overcome difficult situations, learn to be calmer in this fast paced world and simply tune into yourself and find comfort. Lets then discuss the benefits and the importance of solitude.





Clear Your Mind


The benefits that bring to anyone for sitting in silence, whether its looking out the window, sitting outside in your garden, observing the environment around you or taking your time and taking it easy by being home by yourself are immense value and a sense of hope that can transpire –


  • You avoid mental fatigue – Studies have been conducted by “National Library of Science”, to test that mental fatigue has lowered the effects of physical performance and this can affect your day to day tasks, you may be unable to perform well physically, may need assistance with physical tasks and slow down as a result unable to complete certain physical tasks.
  • You avoid burnout – San Diego State University has investigated the effects between burnout and personality. Stress plays an important role and can be in conjunction with workplaces and working far too much. Basically, if you are constantly overexerting yourself and being kept busy far too much, takes its toll and far from worth it!
  • You feel energized and hopeful – How do you feel after a good night’s sleep? Well, its similar to that, having some alone or relaxing time can allow your body to learn at being in a calm state and breathing easy. Paying attention to your breath works wonders and can help you to distress a whole lot better.
  • You open yourself to opportunities – You can discover and grow with the things that you want to do and avoid leaving them to the side.




By having time to decide or learn what matters to you, can help you make some progress and feel better as a result, no matter what you decide the end product shouldn’t matter – only the journey and the way you feel.

Dangers of too many distractions


Time is the only thing that we do have and to make the most of it, after all time is precious. By always doing and just even following the same old routine day in and day out, can never allow you to grow, learn or exert yourself fully.


Ever heard of the three unbearable words, “I’m too busy,” well its more of making your tasks a priority, as if you really wanted to do something, you can make time for it!


We all have the same hours of the day and we all do things differently. How is it then, that some people can plan and then make time for different occasions or meaningful work?

It’s all about figuring it out by having some solitary time to manage your time more efficiently, right? The results for being far too busy is certainly not honorable but chaotic, here’s how-


You may avoid your personal problems – How do you suppose to come though to the other side when you always have things to do and not even focusing on your feelings.


Some people like to be kept busy as to avoid pain they may be experiencing or trauma or discomfort that they may have in their life.


This will catch up on you and cause more upset for the delay in dealing with it in the first place.


Studies have shown that being “too busy” is a major factor to avoid doing something different or getting out of that “comfort zone”.


You like following that same old routine and can make excuses for sticking to it and unwilling to make changes, this can in turn be dangerous and can affect your emotions and ability to grow. By being kept so busy, you may use this as excuses of avoiding the real issues at hand.


You forget the importance of Kindness and Forgivess – You may not treat yourself with the utmost love that you deserve. Your mind, body and spirit has to be taken care of too and if its in neglect, then you can feel restless and lost as a result. Remember, to take days off to recuperate or relax with a good movie and just be still.


Lets Be Still

There are many ways to unwind, be still and slow down that can dramatically lift your mood and feel alleviated too!


Many people turn to meditation to slow down or some yoga classes to learn of the importance of quietness. You feel immensely relaxed and calm after practicing some yoga and it really doesn’t have to be over the top exercises, simple is great too!


Write down about how you feel, keeping a journal about events that happened can raise the potential for seeing it in a different light and addressing it better. Things happen to every single one us, we all go through obstacles, but remember – the way we deal with it shows who you really are and removing the source when possible can save your life!


You can handle your emotions a whole lot better – such as panic or fear can dissolve away a lot better! It truly takes practice for your mind to adjust to this pattern of thinking, learning positive habits to replace ones that don’t suit you anymore will take time.



Imagining yourself in a garden surrounded with trees and colorful flowers can allow you to escape the fast paced life and be calmer as you can close your eyes and imagine all the good things that you want in your life. Maybe you are in that dream house or floating on top of a cloud looking down on the world late at night, imagination can define you and make aware of your dreams that you have buried.


While work and family life is part of life and its desirable to have this in balance, but making time for your skills or hobbies is a must and you should make some time for this and treat as a priority.


Pleasing others may feel liberating and the “right thing to do”, but at the end of the day, you can sigh with relief at the work that you input for you and for yourself only.


So, what do you like to do? You can really find the answer by having some time to think about this or simply not always having to be kept busy all the time. It’s OK to do absolutely nothing too!


TakeAway Message

Go slow and anything new that you want to do takes time, take those baby steps and seek support along the way.


Speaking to a therapist or someone that you trust is beneficial and a great way to learn about your emotions and connecting with yourself. Avoid those people that puts up barriers in your path.


It’s all about practicing and fitting into your schedule for some quiet time, paying attention to your needs and forgetting the tradition of always doing something – which is certainly a myth!


It’s OK to do nothing so put your feet up, forget about pleasing others – drink some hot tea and smile that you can be quiet and relax too!


Thank you for reading and if you have any more questions, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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One thought on “The Importance of Solitude

  1. Michael says:

    Great article! I know all about alone time because I’m an introvert. I need my alone time each day.

    Switching between content creation and a video game helps me relax and continue my 14 hour work days. If I ever say I’m too busy, it’s time to take a complete break for myself and get rid of all distractions. 

    I’ll put more of these tips to good use. 

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