Why do we celebrate christmas?

Christmas is the most magical time of the year and brings joy and togetherness with loved ones and friends. We treat ourselves to great food and find that the day moves far too quickly, compared to any other day! A celebrated tradition that started around the 9th century and began in Germany.

Christmas is the busiest time of the year when we don’t like to leave anyone out of our important shopping list! Its hard to admit that we can forget to russle up a gift or two to some of our loved one’s by error and quickly fix the dilemma by asking dear one’s for help and certainly some assistance – just admit it!

It is crucial to plan ahead and purchase goods beforehand and well in advance! Why do we then even celebrate this overwhelming event and want to get it right?


Let’s touch on why we all celebrate Christmas, the purpose behind it and how it can bring delights and stories to share for life:)


What Is Christmas?

Christmas goes back to and stems from religion and history long ago. Every tradition has a story to tell and deep roots of strong connections that even has cast upon us all to the present day! Christmas is an annual tradition which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and to remember him by.

Christians believe that he is the son of God and died for us and protected us all. Truth be told, we do not know the exact birth date of Jesus as there really is no date mentioned within the holy book, so the date of 25th December began with celebrations of Christmas due to the Roman’s first emperor, Constantine, back in the time of the roman empire, and it was decided to commence the celebrations for religious reasons.

There are many celebrations tied in around Christmas time that occurred long ago which helped shape the celebrations of Christmas day! The winter solstice ended around December 25th time, so the end of the dark winters approached and the beginning of spring and lighter days were commencing around that time.

Around the roman era, the Romans also celebrated and honoured the roman God Saturn during the festivals of Saturnalia which took place usually a few days before Christmas day.


Why Is Christmas Magical?

Christmas tree’s, parties, puddings and all delightful presents truly provide elements of kindness, sharing amongst others and certainly thinking of others at this festival period. We witness breath taking decorations hung up and all around us, not only inside our warm homes but out within communities and in the city centers.

Reminders of the magical tradition and the sacrifices made with our Lord, Jesus Christ. To forgive each other, spend time with one another and people coming together – it is no wonder that there is hint of sparkle in the air!


We tend to take part in some magical activities such as decorating our Christmas trees which is usually located next to our windows to show off the dressed up tree!


A shining star or a graceful angel dazed up on top of the Christmas tree as we gaze upon it in awe! Not to mention, the mesmerizing variety of decorations all around the home, from wreaths, bows, ornaments, Christmas stockings or tinsel!


We may participate in choirs and sing hymns that glorify the sacrifices that our Lord Jesus Christ strive for the human race.

We take part in Christmas plays or attend shows that serve as reminders the history of Christmas and the stories that are shared during this cold period.


We pray and rejoice with family and friends of the importance of the things that we should be thankful for and to remember that gratitude and love is a part of our existence, no matter what.


Popular Christmas Figures

We are all aware of famous figures that came to be, upon this festival time. Saint Nicholas was a bishop around the 4th century and became the worldwide known Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas.


An older white haired man that delivered many presents to children all around the world.

St. Nicholas was a very kind man that helped the needy and well-known for helping a group of sailors riding through a terrible storm as they prayed out to him, in which he appeared before them and calmed the storm!


The wise men and the star of Bethlehem are mentioned in some parts of the bible. To be specific, around 12 verses mention of these popular customs that may be connected in discovering the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Nobody really knows the specifics, but also known as the three Kings that were guided by a shining star that they followed with gifts to the discovery to little baby Jesus.

Mary, also known as mother of God was a Jewish woman of Nazareth that gave birth to Jesus and was present when he was resurrected and also when he died. She is mentioned throughout the bible and remembered during Christmas time.

Christmas Prayers

While we celebrate Christmas with fine wine, Christmas turkeys, Christmas crackers and even Christmas jumpers, sweet… we tend to or should say some prayers. Whether that be at church in the mornings or before we dine, later in the day. We tend to pray while in good company and share the power of prayer together:-

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments, then please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out.

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