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We know that we cannot celebrate the holidays with so much zest and banter this year and that office parties or party night outs are a no no this year, so let’s then spend quality time together and pay closer attention to the ones we love.


With many places closed and fewer people to celebrate with, let’s remind ourselves of the good times that were experienced and many to come ahead too!


Let’s focus on our plans and goals ahead and still enjoy the holiday festivals and the magical atmosphere it always brings for us!


We have much to be thankful for and to appreciate, so then enjoy this light-hearted article dedicated to everything about the festivities and then some!


Fun Events To Attend

Although there are limited events on at the moment, there are some in need of attending and waiting upon your arrival. Do not be too bored and stuck at home while following guidelines, you can be safe in your own right while participating in family activities:-


  • Special Live Call while meeting Santa – A special event and especially for children whom have a chance to meet Santa live from the north pole, at the comfort of their own home and bringing some Christmas sparkle your way. This may be found within charity and fundraiser events for Christmas and gives your child a chance to feel excitement during the season.


  • Special Crafts Workshops – Exciting and beautiful crafts to be made and much learning achieved here – but it’s the process that always matters right? Not the end product! Elderly people can have fun while exploring many revenues such as Christmas needle felt workshops, knitting festive clothing or making Christmas cards – check here for a particular favorite one of mine!
  • Seasonal Virtual Events – Enjoy and explore online a series of participation in competitions or puzzles to solve, while many virtual events provides prizes too.


Social media, i.e Pinterest or Facebook includes fun and games that you can participate such as gift ideas that you can create and post of unique gift ideas, while spreading festive cheer.


  • Watch family videos – No doubt a favorite past timer and great to see while the family gathers around. Surely much laughter to come as we may look different in those recordings but a productive time spent well with loved ones.

You can even hold video chats with other members of family, send personalized warm greetings as a video or text and create festive greetings on video and post on YouTube!


  • Play Christmas songs – What is the first song that comes to mind? “Jingle Bells” or “Walking in a winter wonderland,” why not turn those on through YouTube or much other music media channels. Some Karaoke might be round the corner or dance and creates a happy vibe while trying to remember all those Christmas songs that hopefully are not forgotten.


There are many fun filled activities to participate in and while being at home, so there is no dearth in boredom or looking to fill the time. You can even hide presents so that they need to be found, get others to hang some more decorations up or be ready with a camera to capture even more everlasting memories in one shot.

Best Christmas games


Christmas can be more hard work than fun for some and can feel over whelming just getting things right. Fun games are an escape from the chores you may have and you can avoid listening to old stories told by grandparents for the tenth time – if you like! Here are some top picks-


Jingle bell toss – A laughable one and all you need are around 6 mini plastic cups or less and some jingle bells.


Try tossing the bell one at a time, at a distant and see how many can reach inside the cup – Children will find it a thrill to play! It’s be like school all over again for some adults too.



Reindeer antler ring toss – Inflatable antlers are a perfect excuse to wear and play. Simply throw the rings at the targeted antlers and win some!


Who am I? – A Christmas version of the traditional game that includes all the festive characters such as Snowman, Rudolph, Scrooge, Jack Skellington and more! You may know most of the characters so let’s see who gets it first.


Draw a Christmas tree Everyone can be included from grandparents to teenagers and let your creativity sparkle and show off your art skills to all, try not to snicker away at the hard to read drawings now!


Candy cane hook em’ – A sweet and exciting game so lay your candy canes upright on a plate(easy mode) or flat on a table(hard mode) so it’s up to you if you want a challenge or not.

A hands-free game so hold a candy cane in your mouth with the hook side facing down towards the other canes and bend over and swoop the lot, if you can! You can allow as many to play or watch one player swipe the lot – talk about pressure!


You’ll definitely want to set aside some festive games and adventures this season and include everyone to join in and for these hilarious holidays party games!




Famous Christmas characters


Can you name some characters that comes to mind during this festive season? You may have some imagery of these characters hanging around in your home, maybe an angel at the top of your tree or the month of December displayed in your calendar of those big names!


Christmas Elves – Small, innocent faces, funny clothes with festive colours implored. They bring about that Christmas charm and watch to see how you are behaving so make sure you stay on Santa’s nice list. Apparently from the very beginning of December, they are around directly from the freezing North Pole.

The Grinch – A fictional character and famous for the animated fantasy films and children’s book created by Dr Seuss. The Grinch detests Christmas and goes to great lengths to interrupt the festive cheer. A green, hairy colored creature shaped like a pear and always playing tricks.


Rudolph – A sweet and fictional character that is the youngest out of all the deer. Known as the red nosed reindeer for the bright light it produces, while guiding the other reindeer and Santa to travel all over delivering presents on Christmas Eve.



Takeaway Message

There is much joy and cheer during the festive holidays and ensuring that you are well-prepared for the day will certainly make it a night to remember. With so much to do, whether at home or visiting others, there is no dearth of boredom!


Festive food and clothes creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere that is enjoyed by everyone, it’s all about making effort!


Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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