How to keep your eyes healthy and white

Your eyes are the vision of your life and you can see the beauty of the world through your very own eyes. Of course, your other senses can pick up the beauty of the world too, but it’s not quite the same as it is with your eyes.


Having a healthy and supportive lifestyle can contribute to your eye health. We may often take our eyes for granted or think that there is no need to place such importance on eye health.


Although, over the years, when you really think about it, our eyes endure so much, perhaps more than any other senses that we have. Our eyes endure screens or our phones that we gaze upon daily, while working away or doing chores, watching the world pass by and people come and go in our lives. After all, the eyes are the “windows to your soul.”


Let’s discuss the ways that we can ensure good eyesight and health and the factors to avoid in terms of eye health.


Does quitting sugar improve eyesight?


The answer is Yes! It’s pretty straight forward, the more sugar that you eat, the more that it will affect your eyes as your blood constantly stays high with sugar, which can damage the blood vessels in the back of your eyes, this can lead likely to some form of diabetes and affect your overall health.


According to studies with Medicine Net,

“Blurred vision can also be a symptom of more serious eye problem with diabetes. The three major eye problems that people with diabetes may develop and should be aware of are cataracts, glaucoma and retinopathy,”

There can be devastating consequences with the intake of too much sugar and should be minimized considerably or avoided within reason.


Artificial sugar and sweeteners should be avoided at all costs as these are major contributors to weight gain, inflammation within the body or high blood pressure which can affect your heart.


Sugar is fuel for the body, regular or granulated sugar, which is a powdered, chemically-processed ingredient which is typically manufactured and with no nutritional value at all.


Refined sugars digest so quickly in the body, that it causes an increase of blood sugar levels as you usually do not feel full and crave for a bit more and more!


Whereas, natural sugars, found in fruit and vegetables digest slower and leaves you feeling satisfied for longer, either way, sugar is still sugar and always used sparingly!

How To Avoid Damaging Your Eyes


Taking care of your eyes should be like taking care of other parts of your body – with utmost care. Your eyes help you to visually observe not only the things in front of you, but to see colour, size, shapes, varieties which certainly affects the quality of your life. How can we better take care of them? Let’s read below:-


Stop touching your eyes constantly – This is quite common sense but never the less worth mentioning as a solid reminder. Although, Rubbing your eyes can be quite therapeutic and allows tears to flow down, removing impurities from the eyes which is beneficial.


However, if you are busy with your hands or haven’t washed your hands yet, then by touching your eyes is an entrance point to slip in some harmful substances or bacteria. Conjunctivitis is a highly contagious virus and can be caught via hand-to-eyes contact. It may take several weeks to heal from or longer.


Stop looking at technology/screens for too long – It is a fact that some people that are exposed to phones, laptops, T. V screens for many hours at a time can actually contribute to the health of your eyes and even in some cases, headaches.


Did you know that your eyes can be “digitally-strained” which mostly relates to job issues around devices!


To avoid having those “tired” eyes look occasionally from too much screen exposure, try harnessing good habits by taking regular breaks away from your screen.


Ensure you look away from the screen for a couple of minutes of being exposed to a screen for around 30 minutes.


Blink often as well so that your eyes do not dry out. Adjusting the brightness or text size is a great approach to carry if working on a screen quite late at night!


Protect your eyes from winds, pollution and sun – Yes, the elements of the weather and the environment can be catastrophic that some simple methods can save you some troubles!

Wearing sun glasses to shade your eyes from the powerful (UV) rays of the sun can provide comfort in them and not only an accessory to look good.


Shielding your eyes from pollution or smoke can provide for some protection for your eyes, wearing a hat may toss away some substances or dust away or even stopping to close your eyes when necessary or finding another route to avoid that construction site so you stay shielded.


Eye Tests – This can prove useful to check that things are in order. A simple routine check-up makes you aware, especially if you have a career while exposed to technology frequently. Optometrists do recommend having an eye exam every 2 years, but consult your eye doctor for more information or even your local health care practitioner for advice.


Healthy Foods – Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, carrots, peppers or broccoli contain “carotenoids,” that promotes eye and vision health, whilst nourishing your eyes.

By avoiding fried or processed foods as much as you can, can prevent lowering an intake of sweeteners, trans fats or chemicals that can can clog up arteries and hard to digest.


According to the American Academy Of Ophthalmology :-

“Visually impaired individuals are at particularly high risk for chronic health conditions, accidents social withdrawal depression and morality,”


Can I wash my eyes with salt water? – Herbs for eye health?

While it can be inevitable to come across eye infections or uncomfortable feelings in the eyes, as we all come across various people socially and travel to many different places too. It is quite useful to know some tips to relieve tired or itchy eyes as we all adventure out there and just know exactly some techniques to overcome.


Washing your eyes with sea salt or Himalayan salt can take out any crust or residues that your eye may have, that could be causing some irritation. Simply pour one cup of water with half a spoon of salt and mix well, you can warm if you wish. Ensure that you wash your eyes with the salty water thoroughly, allowing some water to enter inside your eye too.


Remove any make up that you used while you had an infection and also discard any outdated make-up. The most unpleasant experience is using contaminated make-up that may still linger with germs and invaders! You would not want to re-infect yourself or hold on to contaminated materials as this.

Natural eye drops – There are some eye drops in the market that soothe your eyes, whilst avoiding the use of unnecessary preservatives eye drops, as they do say that your eyes are the most sensitive part of your whole body.


Herbal or honey eye drops are known to contain antibacterial properties and quite gentle to the eyes, but more research needs to be conducted and always best to reach out to your doctor for further advice.


While a herbalist can also guide you to drinking herbal teas also for eye health or alternatives, always consult a professional adviser to provide expert care. Remember that over using any eye drops is unnecessary as it can just worsen the condition of your eyes and for specific instructions, please seek professional expertise.

Takeaway Message

The eyes provides a life long journey for you and there are many solutions out there to relieve symptoms you may have and to also take better care of your beautiful eyes.


Your sight is arguably the most important factor out of the main senses, we do not know what the future holds for our health, but we can make effort and take care of our eyes and health through health foods and treating our eyes with care!


Thank You for Reading, If you do have any comments or questions, then please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!



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  1. Nedia says:

    Hi, Thanks for this very interesting article on how to keep your eyes healthy. This is a very important topic for me since I spend a lot of time on the screen, I have in the past have experienced headaches before I started taking regular breaks when working on my PC. But I did not know that too much sugar and simply touching your eyes too much can cause damage to it, very interesting  indeed, thanks for all the tips will surely apply them!. 

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