Negative effects of Alcohol

Be extremely careful when it comes to the amount of alcohol that you consume. There has been claims by local newspapers globally that there are no safe drinking limits of alcohol and it may be more harmful to your health than sugar or cocaine.


For optimum health and living well in the long-run, it is ideal that alcohol is cut out of your diet completely. Every time some alcohol is sipped down, it does not go through digestion as food does, so it does not stay in the stomach for too long. Alcohol travels through the blood, effects your brain first and travels to many parts of the organs throughout the body.


According to the National Library of Medicine, for any person with health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, can result in a decline in a person’s state of health and worsening of the health condition. For these reasons, let’s gain some more information of the negative effects of alcohol.

Why do people drink alcohol?


A good question and I hope that you think so too – Why then should people take the risk to their health and consume alcohol when there are so many other better alternatives out there! There are simply too much evidence and scenarios that should alert people to reach out for other drinks.


An experiment was conducted between analysing people drinking and driving crashes, involving under 21 year old drivers from 2006 to 2016. It was found that only when they are going through compliance checks, then there are fewer accidents on the road compared to when there are no compliance checks involved.

This clearly shows that some people are more reckless under the influence of alcohol and can affect people’s behaviours in many ways. There are many reasons why people drink:-


  • Social reasons. Some of us feel accepted or a sense of belonging when we drink with friends. We feel inclined to socialize respectfully with some alcohol by our side especially in events such as celebrations or parties.


  • Feeling good. When we are having a bad day or something may have interrupted our fine day, for some alcohol can be a way to escape the pleasantries that we may be experiencing but the effects of it is far more unbearable in the long run.


  • Normality. People may feel that alcohol is a part of the norm and society so may feel that this is a way of life. We need to think better and perhaps change this prospective to grasp and shape our environment for the better.


  • Mental health issues. Depression or stress may take over some of our lives at some point and turn to alcohol to cope with the situation. However, it may actually worsen the current circumstance drastically as you may not be in your senses and feel rough most of the time.


We all react differently and deal with the consumption of alcohol in many ways but with the devastating effects that it can have, not only on your health but on others, makes you critically think if it really is worth it at all?


Alcohol and Health

There are more negative effects than positive effects when consuming alcohol and something that should be taken into consideration when drinking it. For some, alcohol may simply be a treat to dine with at the end of the day or something to rely on when feeling down, either way lets look at the consequences on health:-


Miscarriages or low fertility rates, according to The centres for disease control and prevention have advised to avoid alcohol if you are trying to get pregnant. Alcohol has contributed with an increase risk in miscarriages according to research.


Behaviour problems – Some people may be anti-social, aggressive or even turn more violent with the consumption of alcohol. If relied on for the long-run, then certain organs are negatively effected such as the blood vessels dilate which is much pressure for your body causing pain. According to a report by the National Institute on alcohol abuse –

“Alcohol can complicate or mimic practically any psychiatric syndrome seen in the mental health setting.”


Dehydration – You can be dehydrated quickly with alcohol as it is a diuretic. Therefore, for every standard drink that you consume, you are more likely to urinate a lot more than drinking other fluids. It can allow for drier and for wrinkles to appear on the skin as a result of dehydration and may look older than your age.


Accident-prone – Alcohol can allow for a change in your behaviour and actions, leading to susceptibility in injuries, accidents or even emotional stress. If you consume alcohol regularly then it can lead to an increase chance in anxiety or heart problems.


A variety of reasons to steer clear from this nasty drink that can cause havoc on the body, mind and spirit. Studies also suggest that it can cause harm not only to the individual but to their families and even to society as a whole.


While it may seen unusual or a big change to look for alternatives and there are many more choices out there in the market, compared to around 10 years ago. These alternatives not only reduce the consumption of alcohol considerably but also can lead to reducing these alternatives too as you try out many alcohol free liquids:-


Alcohol-free drinks – There are some pubs that allows for alcohol free beers and one well-known is called Big Drop. Just like there are gluten free alternatives in the supermarkets, similarly there are alcohol free alternatives such as alcohol free wines or gins found in some stores near you.


Natural sodas – Ready to drink sodas or beverages with less sugar and sweetness such as GuS that are grown up sodas. Simply natural fruits and oils combinations and an ideal compliment to fine food, a bit like wine.


Kombucha is a delicious drink and great for your gut, all in one! A pleasant fermented beverage made with tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast, a natural version to alcohol if you like! Please limit use and drink in moderation.


Drink more Water – This can help to stay hydrated and alert throughout the day. If you feel the urge for some sort of alcoholic beverage, go for some sparkling water or spring water and turn that urge into a satisfied one with some water. Keep a bottle in the fridge so its chilled ready and can distract the need to turn to alcohol.

Takeaway message

Bottom-line is that alcohol cannot be deemed a favourable drink or beverage to consume daily. It has caused harm to health and to others while causing destruction in extreme cases.


By using these alternatives or other ones and limiting the consumption of alcohol will gain you benefits and give for a better lifestyle to you and your family.


Thank you for reading, if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out.

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One thought on “Negative effects of Alcohol

  1. Geoff says:

    You have given some excellent advice here.

    I can never quite understand the purpose of drinking excess alcohol and getting drunk. It certainly is a gradual process to get used to not relying on or drinking less of it. However, it needs to start with the person stopping and questioning why they drink in the first place.  Then to realise how it is affecting their health.

    It is only when they consciously decide that they need to act, that they will.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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