Why should we count our blessings

We certainly do not do this often enough and for some, it can be a challenge to count their blessings depending on the circumstance. Going through tough times or not, there is certainly much that we can be thankful for. Gratitude paves the way for improving or just seeing how blessed that we truly are.


The more we are thankful and blessed by what we have and are, action is soon to follow that you desire that may fulfil your goals.


Just Imagine being the exact opposite, being argumentative or bitter of your surroundings and to others, wouldn’t that create and cause unhappiness in some way or the other?


Just by being aware of what we have and feeling blessed is imperative to live life to the fullest.

This may dissolve fear and misery a great deal and if it becomes a recurring thought pattern, you may feel happier most days and concentrate in only the good – you have nothing to lose while you count your blessings!


Why Should I be Grateful?


Exactly! Why should we be grateful for breathing easy, for having a bed to sleep cosy in, to have support from others, to be able to earn money and support ourselves, there are many reasons to be blessed and live life with awareness.


Extensive research suggests that those that do count their blessings are genuinely happy and less depressed as a result. For some, it takes practice and effort to count their blessings but it can be a way of life as you take on the habit of manifesting thank you towards your daily life when appropriate – you may even start feeling sensations of motivation or calm.


According to British Journal of Mental Health Nursing, there is an article that focuses on the outcomes of gratitude in terms of the positive effects on neurological changes when gratitude is practiced – You see when you are grateful, not only do you feel content but it can impact your health, mentality, body and your whole life – Isn’t that rewarding?


What Am I Grateful For?


Although it can be easier said than done but focusing on the positives in your life and on all the surrounding good is a great start to try shifting your mind to positivity and to take challenges or obstacles with a different approach.


Write up a list of the things that you are happy about and it doesn’t have to be a long list, note down the gratitude that you have towards supportive family members, the food that we have available, the clothes that we wear, the transport that we use, our children, learning and education establishments, nature and so much more!

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around,” – Willie Nelson, singer/songwriter.

“Gratitude is riches, Complaint is poverty,” – Christian Science Hymnal.


You can simply sit in quietness and think or write what you are grateful for such as,

“Thank you for the clean air that surrounds me” or “Thank you for allowing me to live yet another wonderful day,” and FEEL the joy flowing through you, let the good energy fuel you and you van sense the powerful impact that may transpire shortly.


Gratitude has been practiced for hundreds of years and many believe that this way of life is part of human nature and without it. problems or hard situations can increase indefinitely. According to religion, in specific, the Quran suggests in the idea of practicing gratitude daily and those shall be rewarded more.


How gratitude can effect your Life?

With the rise of mental health cases increasing, especially among young adults which makes you question the practices used within mental health care settings, some institutes are building gratitude within the culture of mental care.

Paul Randolph, the director of Scripps’s employee assistance program, mentions that Scripp Health is including gratitude with their practices. Many health care systems are implementing gratitude to be a part of their workplace that will b practiced with medical providers, staff and patients that will implement kindness and compassion within the organization, in particularly the US.


The benefits that it can bestow on anyone can range but the basis in improving your life and well-being are more ways than one:-


  • Your brain may feel relaxed – Tingling sensations or feeling ‘good’ results in our brain releasing neurotransmitters which are responsible for our emotions such as serotonin and dopamine. It may even change the molecular structure of the brain whilst keeping the gray matter working well.
  • Better working relationships – Its suggested that the practice of gratitude may be the cure of broken relationships and improving relationships. Your understanding and patience with others can increase and feel more joy within relationships.
  • Improves confidence and self-esteem – You can feel happier and enjoy your own self-worth by creating better experiences. You feel to do more to contribute or make more of an effort with life’s circumstances overall, to your goals or health and improve moral behaviour.

Gratitude is connected to your overall well-being as well as on a spiritual level.


Many people have mentioned the feelings of satisfaction entailed from it and the power of opportunities that can arise as you feel happier and content from the practice.


You have absolutely nothing to lose with this practice.

How To Implement Gratitude in Your Life


There are many ways to being grateful for your life and to practice being grateful daily. It should come to you naturally as you practice it daily and may even be second nature to you day by day:-


You can write a journal and with each passing day, write up to 10 things that made you feel grateful for each and every day and feel thankful for them.


Thank others more often, whether verbally or in your thoughts for the help and support that they provide. Even thanking services such as rubbish & waste services that help keep our environments tidy regularly, to your boss that helps you within the workplace or even a tutor or mentor that has taught you well.

How about saying grace before and after meals daily? Giving thanks and praise to all the material things that you have obtained and will do so in the future.


There are literally many reasons that’ll keep you happy and feeling blessed. Being thankful should be a way of life and can help improve with many situations and can help you move forward in the right direction.


While obstacles may come and go in your life, gratitude is simply a way to handle tough times a bit better or deal with it with some clarity.

Takeaway Message

Take gratitude as your reward for living each and every day, fulfilling your daily goals whether big or small and feeling a bit more cheerful! Take this practice with a pinch if salt if you like, although many people feel a difference immediately after.


Simple enough to do and you can carry on with your days as usual while including being grateful, so there isn’t much adjusting to do! What is most important is that you feel blessed and happy as you are grateful for what you do mention.


Thank you very much for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)

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  1. Parameter says:

    I agree with you here, those who count their blessings are overall happy. They constantly see a reason to be grateful. Gratitude is a gateway to health and total fulfilment. A happy and grateful soul is a healthy and fulfilled body. It is natural for us to treasure and keep what we are happy about. It applies to everything not just our health alone.

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