Alternative dairy free milks

Living healthier and fuller lives is important to carry on focused and staying well, as the years continue to go by. We often consider attentively what products we use on our bodies and some of us have a daily skincare regime that we follow.


However, the foods that we put inside our bodies are just as important and when you think of it like this – are the foods that I’m putting inside my body healing or not? If the answer is “no” then you know that the less to consume of this then the better!


Finding alternatives is a life saver! You not only forget the unhealthy version completely but you reap the health benefits of the foods consumed and can rely on as part of a healthier diet. In this instance, let’s discuss dairy free milks that are beneficial to our bodies.

Dairy Milk


Remember those days, where we grew up with milk as a staple ingredient? You had to have some in your morning cereal or add some to make a creamy milkshake.


 With that being said, you can still carry on with these treats but with dairy free milks that are all the rage and healthier alternatives!


First, what are the benefits of consuming less dairy, in particular milk and what are the side effects anyway? Well, milk as we know it is a nutrient-liquid food made by mammals, most commonly from cows or sheep. While it is full of crucial vitamins and minerals used to feed their young, production and harnessing milk is a different story for the masses.


Research suggests that cow’s milk does raise some health concerns and that the dairy industry is an upsetting industry. It’s understandable why many people have found alternatives to dairy and some consider it as being moral and just.


Cows only produce milk when they give birth to their baby and milk is extracted around this time to be sold to stores and produced on an industrial scale. In this modern world, cows are bred specifically for producing large amounts of milk and are made to get pregnant via artificial insemination at an early age, just for producing milk.

Some have claimed that the practices occurring within the dairy industry are more harsh that of the meat industry.


Also, cows can be given reproductive hormones and a supply of antibiotics to ensure the cow runs the course of milk production.


Dairy is proving to be a harsh reality of a hasty, wicked cycle of making milk as fast as possible without looking at the cow’s needs.



Cow’s milk has also been linked to some health problems such as the worsening of certain skin conditions. Cow’s milk is difficult to digest generally, the main sugar found is lactose and those who are lactose intolerant do not have enough of the enzyme, lactase, to break it down and thus stomach discomfort may arise. Milk is a processed food which is pasteurized and homogenized.

The benefits of dairy free milks

I’m sure that you can find an array of benefits that stem from dairy free products! Just like many food sources, dairy free milks are suitable for vegans and are delicious and a perfect alternative! Let’s look at each one individually and discuss the benefits.


Coconut milk – I have to admit, one of my favorites and consumed daily. Always best to check ingredients and to avoid those that may have many processed ingredients. However, coconut milk is made from fresh coconuts and full of the medium-chain fatty acids that are present in coconut oil. Comes in powder form also which is great to thicken sauces or curries.

Oat milk – We have all heard how healthy is it to consume a bowl of porridge, why not just get this in milk form!


Oat milk is nut and soy free and full of B vitamins that are essential for the function of your brain and healthy cell production. Oat milk is lower in protein and contains a lot of fiber which can be quite filling compared to other milks and make you feel fuller.


Rice milk – Perhaps one of the earliest developments, years back, as a dairy free milk alternative and highly popular within the market. Rice milk is refreshing and tastes super sweet while it is low in saturated fats. It does contain a low amount of vitamins and minerals and a high amount of carbohydrates. A great filler.


Almond milk – Can be quite pricey and can be found across many online health retailers. High in Vitamin E content that even a cup of almond milk (around 250ml) can allow for a 30% daily requirement for Vitamin E. It can be low in sugar and a great source of calcium. This is perfect for cooking and baking with.


Cashew milk – This is delicious and made by soaking the cashews, mixing with water and straining to a right consistency. Ensure you choose an unsweetened version to avoid high sugars, cashew milk has many nutrients, proteins and fats and particularly good for the skin, creamy and irresistible!


Which one will you choose? There are many other dairy free milks that are not listed above that are used worldwide. These safe and healthier milk alternatives are great for any household necessity and a lot tastier.


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Take away Message


There is such a variety of dairy free milks out there that are just as good as dairy milk but with great benefits and for moral reasons. Many people have had health problems when consuming dairy milk over a prolonged period of time and it is no wonder that there is a sensational growing popularity with dairy free milks.


Although a bit pricier and available in certain food stores, nevertheless it tastes so good and is great for any sort of cooking. Which one do you like?


Thank you so much for reading and if you do have any questions, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)

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One thought on “Alternative dairy free milks

  1. Max says:

    Wow, I never thought about the dairy industry being so terrible to its animals, but this article really made me realize it.  It’s crazy and sad that we are forcing cows to reproduce just to sell milk. I stopped drinking cow milk a few years ago, and remember it didn’t take long for me to feel less bloated.  My go-to now is almond milk, but now I’m interested in rice milk after reading your list here.  Costco actually sells almond milk in bulk for a decent price.

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