Why are salads important?

If we only relied on grains, meats and carbohydrates most of the time, then our bodies would be missing out on important minerals and vitamins that are obtained solely by fruits and vegetables.


Fruits and vegetables consists of crucial components that our bodies need to flourish with such as protection from infections or diseases, optimum health and alkalizing effect in the blood which can maintain the body’s PH levels.

Overall, a variety of foods is key but when you do consume more acidic foods, this can allow for certain ailments to occur over time within the body.


We know that in general too much acidic foods can create inflammation or chronic pain amongst other ailments if this carries on for over a prolonged period of time.


Many salads can break the acidic notion that you may consume and allow for a good balance in terms of nutrition, PH levels in the body and for improving overall health, let’s discuss why salads are important to eat daily:)


Why eat Salads?


Many of us truly enjoy the pleasant taste that salads can contribute to foods and allows for a variety when added in to your daily meals. It not only provides great flavour but also great texture, appearance and beneficial fuel to your body while providing rich benefits such as:-


  • By eating a plateful of salad, whether its fruits or vegetable salads, can actually Allow you to eat less while allowing you to feel full for longer. Research states that it can lower your caloric intake when you eat a salad before a meal and allows you to feel fully satisfied and perhaps avoiding the urge to eat again shortly!


  • Nutrient rich full vegetables and fruits allows for vital vitamins and minerals to help your overall health.


You gain essential nutrients that protects the body from damage such as lowering inflammation, anti aging components contributes to removing free radicals that lead to aging and even losing weight no matter how big the salad is as long as there are no dressings on it!


  • It is stated that a high acidic diet which consists of refined grains, sugars, alcohol, caffeine, meats can allow for health conditions to occur over time.


The whole point of consuming fruits and vegetables that are alkalizing may lower the risk of conditions such as cancer to the body. It can even prevent the build up of kidney stones from the body.


  • Full of fiber and beneficial bacteria that can maintain sugar levels in the body and lowers the “bad” cholesterol levels too. It can lower the blood pressure and there is no denying that eating wholesome salads can help you live longer and happier:)


There is such a great choice on the market that allows you to eat different salads almost every single day! You can even add in salt to bring out the flavor more or apple cider vinegar to release more depth, just be careful about the kinds of dressings or toppings you add in as many contain artificial flavourings, chemicals and preservatives that defeats the purpose of eating whole and healthy.


Salad ideas


A combination of different salads can really shake up for an exciting meal anytime of the day! You simply don’t have to stick to the same kinds as when you do start simple and persist, you will conjure up an array of varieties that are exploding with flavors and colors.


  1. Check out this tasty and satisfying salad that’ll leave the plate empty soon enough! Packed with essential minerals such as folate, quercetin and kaemferol.


Chopped up and lightly cooked green beans with some soft full fat cheese spread lightly on top. Top with some walnuts, squeezed lemon and a pinch of salt.


You can even eat as a snack or part of a meal to avoid binge eating or when ever you feel peckish:)


2. This mouth-watering salad can be great eaten with pastas, curries, meat dishes or with wholegrain bread. Full of Vitamins such as a great source of vitamin K and may help improve digestion.


Sliced up red and green cabbage, some onions, shredded carrots with some sprouts on top for a decorative scene.


Did you know that you can obtain a sprouts jar and grow your own sprouts at home by simply watering the seeds every 6/8 hours. Very easy and yet full of powerful nutrition to do, no need to do in the garden!


3.Green leafy salads are the most popular choice hands down for their proven health benefits that they provide to the body time and time again! Packed with phytonutrients and calcium that can build strong bones.


Slice up and leave at the bottom of the plate your favorite choice of greens that can include lettuce, kale, watercress, spinach and put on top some chopped up cucumbers, tomatoes and softly boiled suede to mix it up.


You can season with a great homemade dressing such as, 1 tsp of Dijon mustard, 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, 4 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, 1 tbsp of coriander and fresh chopped basil and 2 tbsp lemon juice. Shake it up on your salad with a pinch of salt and pepper for fuller flavor.


It is probably best to prepare salads early morning before you get on with the day or last thing at night. It certainly doesn’t take too long and can last for some days in the fridge so ensure to whip up a decent amount for whomever will get their hands on them:)


Does it help overcome conditions?

Yes and No. Although it can protect against an array of health conditions, evidence suggests that salads alone cannot heal you from certain diseases or infections but can help in general health.


You see, while eating an apple a day gets the doctor away, it certainly doesn’t diminish a disease from the body as many other factors can contribute to ill health such as stress, your overall diet, environment, your digestive health that deals with the breaking down of all your food.


Keep in mind that you are what you excrete and that bowel health is the root to eliminating foods correctly. By having plenty of healthy bacteria and less of the “bad” ones you can keep your body in check and to maintain this is certainly through eating well.

Takeaway message

Eating salads daily or whenever you feel the urge to, is a sure way to healthy eating while maintaining your body, mind and well-being. There are many easy and quick salads to prepare and once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you did without these appealing wholesome appetizers?


Its great to have some days for treats especially on birthdays and celebrations so you can feel rewarded for all the hard work that you do and have accomplished. Bottom line – eat well, stay happy and grow as a person to the best that you can be!


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Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out, anytime:)

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2 thoughts on “Why are salads important?

  1. wdeal11 says:

    I used a low caloric diet for some time and learned the hard way that you need wholesome salads and you need to eat salads fruit or vegetable both preferred. You explain this very well in this article you need a well balanced diet. The information you have here is very good not only for the body but also for the mind.

  2. Aly says:

    Thanks for sharing some background on how we need all of the food groups in order to achieve a healthy state of balance with all of our systems. I know far too many people who struggle to get enough variety like this into their diet. Thank you for sharing some practical salad ideas for those of us who need additional inspiration! 

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