All about Olives

Eating plenty of healthy fats is completely necessary for the correct function of your body and a great source of incredible nutrition.


Olives mostly comprise of mono saturated fats which are known as oleic acid and studies suggest that this can reduce a number of conditions and allow for great protection against oxidative damage towards our cells.


Olives are incredibly versatile also, in terms of cooking and making recipes with and provides a sensational flavour and depth. You can use olive oil for healthier cooking or eat olives alone which are typically marinated with spices or mixed in with salads for a fuller snack.


It is worthwhile to include olives daily, although in moderation as experts do suggest consuming a few ounces now and then is acceptable. This is the case with the Mediterranean diet,  known as the healthiest diet out there, where olives are included. Let’s discuss everything about olives!

Where are olives from?

Many of us are aware that olives are grown and produced in Italy, as frequently highlighted, but they are also nurtured in the surrounding areas within the Mediterranean countries, particularly the eastern regions. The botanical name for olives is “Olea europaea” which is a type of tree and cultivated in many countries throughout the Mediterranean countries.


Evidence suggests that the precious tree has been around for over 30 million years but only harvested around 8,000 years ago. Some countries in which the green tree expands includes India, Mexico as well as South America and South Africa. It is a valuable source for olive oil which is distributed all around the world.

Olives are considered a sacred fruit and contains stones which is an important constituent towards the olive oil industry.


Pitted olives may be more desirable to consume and certainly reasonable without the hard component as you can stuff olives with other ingredients for a full Mediterranean taste and look.


Even in religion olive oil was used for pilgrimages or for burning lamps within temples for worship many years ago.


It was symbolized a sacred food and mentioned daily throughout the bible. Within the Quran, the prophet Muhammad announced the olive tree to be holy and sacred.



Why Eat Olives?

To many that enjoy a healthy diet and eating well in general, this include numerous benefits and valuable nutrition to your body. Eating olives, whether that be olive oil or mixed in soups, contributes to heart health and the dietary fatty acids known as omega 3, which aids in overall health.


To be honest, if you do not have time to stir up a salad or even have time to prepare those side pickles that goes a long way to any current meal, then easily picking out a handful of olives from a jar can contribute to maximizing your meal to exploding benefits!

What exactly are the benefits of these small and oil coated wonders that have truly aided us since the beginning of time:-

  • Anti-Inflammatory effect. A wide variety of olives are present such as the Kalamata, Greek or Spanish varieties and includes different colours to distinguish between them, with the black olives being fully ripe and typically contain more oil.

The green olives are unripe and tastes more bitter than the black olives. Nevertheless, olives contain anti-inflammatory substances that can reduce pain within the body.

  • Good source of omegas and Vitamin E – Olives are a good fat and can keep unhealthy conditions at bay. It is rich in polyphenols which helps the skin against premature aging and improves the skin’s defences against oxidative stress that causes an imbalance between free radicals in the body.

Also, with a great source of Vitamin E included, this can boost with skin health as the development and growth of cells work more appropriately, giving skin nourishment and repair.

  • High amount of phytonutrients – Olives are full of nutrients and fatty acids that are distributed to the cells of the body and maximizes the contribution of antioxidants and greatly supports  many organs.

The fatty acids cushion brain cells and certain organs that protects and can help you heal from injury a lot quicker due to the moisture content found with the fatty acids.

A range of terpenes and flavanols are found within the olives that offer acute and primary constituents to many cells and functions throughout the body.

  • Great for the Skin – It is no wonder with the moisture content, antioxidant levels and the very low calorie content that olives can allow for improvement in the skin’s appearance and providing for better elasticity.

In fact, studies suggest that olive oil can protect biological membranes and even damage against the DNA along with protection against skin cancers or skin damage, but more studies needs to be conducted.


There is no doubt in anybody’s mind the importance of including these rich-filled fats that go a long way and easily included to many meals. Olives are naturally bitter especially straight from the tree. Although expensive, finding some without artificial ingredients can be a worthy catch.


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How To Eat Olives!

Olives may not be for everybody but by eating it in a tasty way can help to gulp some nutrition down without too much effort! What is your favorite dish which includes olives, I do wonder? Please comment below as I’d love to hear.


Olive Tapenade is a delicious condiment that can be used as a spread on crusty bread or used as a dip for some chips! There are many ways to eat and quite popular for including fish into the mix or even used as a side pickle for poultry.


Olive crackers/biscuits are a healthy treat which usually includes seeds, spices, herbs or dried vegetables and seasonings. A great refreshment to chew down on alone or with stews, soups, dips or pickles, just ensure to check the ingredients for all natural goodness!


Olive oil is a fantastic oil to use with practically any and every kind of food preps as a healthier alternative, just try cooking in curries, most baking, frying, dressings for salads and even a staple ingredient for skincare and health and beauty products.


How about setting up a plate with olives that can be nibbled on along with any vegetable dishes or appetizers that are available for the whole family and get that omega 3 kick?


There are simply too many ways to include olives to your diet daily that can help to increase food ideas that aids in health and well-being, also popular with fish dishes and meat meals that provides for fuller and quick edibles!



Takeaway message

Olives are sold in many supermarkets and there are many varieties available from green, yellow, dark and light green, purple and much more! Ensure to check the ingredients that are free from artificial ingredients and choosing organic olives is a better option to avoid unnecessary chemicals and preservatives.


You can find pitted olives for convenience or those stuffed with spices, herbs or vegetables and should always be marinated well in brine or even immersed with olive oil for freshness and great taste.


Thank You for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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2 thoughts on “All about Olives

  1. angell70 says:

    Hi and thank you for sharing this article. I completely love olives and the benefits it brings with. I can add olives everywhere so much I love them! In our home, we are using olive oil for decades just because it is the best to have in your day-to-day meals with anti-inflammatory effect and natural state of health. 

    It brings happiness and makes skin & hair so smooth. When I used to work in Greece there was no day to miss eating olives, or biscuits with olives or pretzels with olives love it. Such an amazing informational article, thank you for this.

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Thanks very much and olives can be added to pretty much any meals and full of nutrition! There are many other condiments or pickles that can be added to many dishes to spice up your meals a lot more – check out this post all about different pickles for your health needs:)

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