Without the proper nutrition and care for your body, it may lead to nutritional deficiencies, become prone to infections or it may even feel low and tired.


The body needs daily requirements of nutrition each day and cannot manufacture some vitamins by itself, this is where the intervention of wholesome and nutrient dense foods come into play. Fuelling your body with the correct foods can allow for protection and resistance.


Most foods nowadays, are refined or processed and contain minimal nutrition. Some may describe such foods as “dead foods” simply for the lack of nutrients that it has.


Generally speaking, if food sits on your shelf for months and months, without going off, then technically speaking, it’s a low nutrient food or “dead food”.


You are not getting any younger and your body needs support as life goes by. Ever heard of the saying, “You are what you eat?” Alive foods are rich in prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins and good macronutrients that maintain you and keep you going.


Have you ever heard of a tragic story about an individual who lived on refined, “junk” foods and became ill?


Looking after your health can start with wholesome and fresh foods and although that will not make you invincible, it can store healthy fuel for your body, let you have a happy mind and help you steer clear from harmful foods and a poor diet.





Dead Foods



These are ultra-processed foods filled with additives, chemicals or GMO’s. They contain little nutritional value and don’t bring your body many benefits.


In fact, eating these daily can allow your body to weaken and break down easily, leading to more symptoms such as inflammation within the body or diseases such as diabetes.

While it can be impossible to completely avoid some processed foods as you are exposed to it, wherever you go, whether that be in work, parties or friendly gatherings, it is simply all round us.


It certainly can’t be avoided and can be consumed as an occasional treat as your body is clever to protect you and always regenerating.


Still, some “dead foods” should be completely avoided because it does your body absolutely no favours:-



Processed, refined oils – These include corn, cottonseed or soybean oils. These are highly unstable and inflammatory, it may even lead to some mental problems due to a lack of nutrients and are so highly processed that they just become rancid during the processing phase.


Margarine – It is best to avoid as it’s highly processed and can have additives and unnecessary flavourings. Food scientists allow the structure of margarine to change through a process of hydrogenation, which allows the margarine to become hard – altering foods this way can become quite toxic too. There has been evidence that health problems are associated with the daily consumption of margarine.


Refined sugars and flavourings – Sugar can rob minerals from the body by leeching them out from your bones so that it can be metabolized. Sugar is highly acidic and over time it can lead to the body becoming deficient in nutrients. Sugar prevents vital minerals being absorbed through the body and has minimal value or benefit to the body whatsoever. Be wary of “sugar free” drinks and keep fizzy drinks low or find replacements.


Wholesome and fresh Foods


Fresh fruit and vegetables provide numerous health benefits and accumulates vital nutrition inside your body.


Many people don’t have the time to cook from fresh which is why it’s important to include quick healthy foods which are easy to consume and to find great healthy alternatives that can allow you to eat well especially for those times when time is short.



 Gluten free foods and organic ranges pack better alternatives but always check the ingredients labelling to avoid harmful chemicals.


Use traditional fats such as grass fed butter, lard, extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil in cooking/baking or even simply adding a spoon of coconut oil after a meal can provide omega’s and anti bacterial properties to your body.


Include nuts and seeds that you can munch on as a snack and you can quickly add some fruit on top if you are trying to sweeten up or raw unpasteurized honey. Ensure to soak nuts or seeds for up to 6 hours or longer to digest with more ease. Walnuts, almonds and hemp seeds are rich in Vitamin E, calcium and antioxidants.


Plenty of fruit and vegetables, this goes without saying that these are packed full of minerals and vital nutrients. Fruits contain natural sugars but they are the safest sugars in the world compared to juices, cookies, cakes or even cereals and they do not contain as much nutrition as of that in fruit!!

There is conflicting information when discussing fats but healthy fats comes from healthy, fresh foods, hands down!


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Gut Health


While consuming healthy foods is a first step in producing quick, healthy results such as sleeping better or losing weight more effectively, your gut health is vital to your overall health and for the long run.


It starts with the right balance of ‘good’ bacteria and ‘bad’ bacteria. The bottom line is that you need to have more of the ‘good’ bacteria to ward of infections, symptoms or illness. Without a healthy gut, your body may have a hard time to function full stop!


‘Good’ bacteria helps us to digest our foods and ensures assimilation of our nutrients and minerals. If you are eating well and do not feel much of a difference, consider working at healing your gut, after all if the gut is plagued with more ‘bad’ bacteria, this can release toxins that slow down your metabolism or inflammation in the tissues of your gut which can wreak havoc everywhere.


  • Eating plenty of fermented or raw vegetables helps to increase more of the ‘good’ bacteria within your gut.
  • Probiotics are highly overrated as at the time of manufacturing that’s when ‘good’ bacteria are numerous but over time the affect can wear off, so ensure you purchase high quality probiotics with a high number of probiotics.
  • Pickles are great to eat and can be stored in a tight container and stored in the fridge and lasts for up to several days. You can use vegetables that are safe to eat raw, such as onions, carrots or cucumbers. Before you eat them, add in a little apple cider vinegar for major benefits!
  • Enzyme supplements are fantastic for bowel health but ensure you purchase wholesome supplements with no filler or synthetic ingredients for maximum benefits!


Just remember that the gut and the brain are closely related. Think about it, when you feel bloated or have constipation, it can affect your feelings and emotions greatly and directly impacts your head as well. Try your best to eat less processed foods and more wholesome caring foods that will treat your body with unconditional love for life!


Thank You for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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  1. Nina says:

    This article is a real treasure trove of information about healthy eating and foods that we should avoid. Thank you for sharing these tips and making us aware of which foods are dead food and which are good for us.
    I also agree that our body and organism is very smart and keeps telling us what is good for us. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to listen to their body, they start thinking about a healthy diet only when they get sick.
    That is why articles like this are very valuable.
    I wish you all the best

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