Does Ayurveda really work?

Ayurveda is known as “The science of life,” and originates within India and really means ‘Knowledge of life.’ This alternate way of healing was introduced over 5,000 years ago and even considered today for promoting good health and well-being in a modernized way while the therapies have evolved over time.


There are many therapies included and certain herbs and substances are involved for the numerous treatments available that includes massage, yoga, a healthier diet or meditating and a holistic practice throughout.


Ayurveda focuses in improving health and mind and targeting specific areas for improvement. It may even allow for preventing certain ailments to be and is helpful towards energizing the entire body and mind simplistically. It states that all things in nature are made up of the five elements within nature which are fire, water, air, earth and space.


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What is Ayurveda?


Ayurveda is an ancient holistic approach in healing the body as a whole and concentrates on prevention overall in line with positive thinking, healing diet, good use of exercise, herbal products and with this all intertwined, it allows for a better lifestyle approach.


Ayurveda grew in popularity during the Indian middle ages and the medical works were translated to many languages and influenced worldwide.


Studies are still underway and there is not enough scientific evidence that Ayurveda actually treats any health conditions.


However, depending on the treatment that you are getting, whether it be a massage, ayurvedic treatment, acupuncture, dietary changes can have a positive effect on mind, body and overall health. It is always best to get the best advice from an ayurvedic practitioner before you carry it out.

Ayurveda emphasizes on balancing the life energies of the body which can bring about a relaxed state within the body associated with the three ayurvedic principles in the body:-


Vata Dosha – This simply means an energy that governs the movements and motions of the body and mind. This relates to simple body reactions that are considered the most important to balance. It involves blood flow, breathing and blinking, eliminating waste via the bowels and heart movements. If this is not in balance then conditions may arise such as depression or pain within certain organs.


Pitta Dosha – Is an energy within the body that sustains all metabolic reactions such as digestion, hormonal reactions and temperature of the body. It governs everything about removing food or unwanted waste through processes that rid toxins from the body. If this is out of balance by unpleasant factors then a person contains rage or certain health conditions.


Kapha Dosha – Is the whole essence of a body in terms of the structure that holds it all together such as the bones and muscles. It also maintains the right amount of bodily fluid which holds the physical parts of the body together and provides lubrication and secretion. If this is out of balance, then this leads to restlessness or jealousy.


In Ayurveda, it is believed that the mind and body must work harmoniously together in order to bring about a healthy life. The true definition and understanding is put through via the energies as stated above and it is different for each body and varies according to the conditions and state to each body.


Benefits of Ayurveda

Ayurveda contains many therapies and practices believed to sustain and maintain a good quality of life. It promotes for a balance within the body and places importance in diet, sleep, lifestyle and strengthening the body while avoiding unpleasant habits such as overeating, symptoms or poor lifestyle habits.


Massage – This usually allows for some warm oil and relieves pain in certain parts of the body. It primarily focuses on promoting good circulation and promoting good life energy via the ayurveda’s life energies of the body.


Acupuncture – A practice that normally involves herbs and to relieve any pain associated with conditions that the body may have. It has been known to improve the central nervous system but caution is always advised and professionalism is required to take part in.


Herbal Medicine – This has been used for millennia to treat several pathologies and reduce the risk of other conditions. It is the origin of most pharmaceutical drugs with a significantly lower risk of serious adverse effects.


For instance, turmeric and ginger maintain the balance between pro inflammatory cytokines and anti-inflammatory compounds to render the immune system more efficient at destroying bacteria and viruses.


Following a diet – You can implement diet changes for long term or temporary needs, depending on the individual’s needs and body type. It may include to limit spices, restricting in eating certain fruits or vegetables or avoiding meats. It normally promotes in consuming whole foods in accordance to the energies within ayurvedic life forces.


  • Can promote weight loss
  • Promotes inner peace
  • Builds lean muscle
  • Improves self- awareness


It is best to seek out professional help and give it a try as we only learn through trial and error. It is important to do your own research and find the the best one that applies to your body’s needs and address any health problem as soon as possible.


While following a diet is considered the most popular choice in terms of promoting healthy results, other factors will always contribute and so a whole holistic approach is tied in with the ayurveda principles.

Takeaway message


The great thing about Ayurveda is the multiple options that you can choose and work with for any ailment that you may be addressing alongside professional help.


It is natural and wholesome compared to conventional medicine. It focuses on a relaxed peace of mind and promotes a state of calm and prosperity.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!



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