Make Valentine’s Day special:)

Whether you are cooking up something, buying gifts or planning a quiet time together away somewhere – whatever you are planning on doing for your better half – it’s always the thought that counts.


Some of us may even spend time with our loved ones or have a family time together during this special occasion.



During these restricted times, we have limited capacity to surprise wholeheartedly much of anything to our better half, so let’s make the most of what we have and bring out our better selves, which probably is the biggest gift of all!


Like with any occasion, there is much planning involved and hunting for that special gift, may prove to be a little difficult to do these days due to many shop closures, there is much captivating thoughts below to make a Valentine’s day special and an unforgettable experience:)


Why do we Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day is held on the 14th of February and it is a day of showing affection and appreciation to the one that you love. They shower each other with gifts, spending time together, eating something special within an incredible setting or a romantic place.


As with any occasion, Valentine’s day stems from history in that it started in ancient Rome and that the Romans were responsible for the celebrated tradition also known as Saint Valentine’s day.

The Catholic church honoured the executions of Saint Valentine or Valentinuns along with some other saints that resembled as holy figures and were involved, within christian and ancient roman traditions.


The finding of your husband or wife was ventured on this day many years ago, where men and women would gather round and hold certain events that could end up in marriage, depending on the couples feelings for one another.


Today, a more light-hearted and meaningful approach is taken where some spends a lot of money for buying gifts for the one they love and to show for it.


Some people celebrate the joy of being single and self indulges by feasting in delightful ways, whereas some of us likes to have a valentine’s day as a family!



Great Valentines Ideas

It is always nerve-racking to think up of a special treat or thinking of a plan for your other half, although it’s always a great idea to hear your other half’s thoughts as well. He may prefer to plan all the dinner plans solely or the place of meeting up for dinner, while she may be dedicated to just purchase a special and wonderful gift for him:)


Hard work and dedication surely pays off with the creation of cards that are handmade that show effort and sophistication. Here is a video below all about creating that unique for him or for her –


It may look like some hard work but there are only a few materials needed along with a personalized message that you can create. By carefully following the instructions along within the short video, you will be proud of your invention and could even be the start of some incredible creations…

Materials needed include: Two A4 size paper (pink and blue) or any colors of your choice and can even turn into a different card depending on the occasion!

Scissors( guidance needed when necessary ), adhesive glue, plain pencil, some sheets of glitter paper for designing the card, 3 foam roses. Some printed paper for the creation of paper bows, flower beads as shown in the video, coloured pens for writing your own message and a garland of golden bead for decoration.

Certainly materials that you can easily find at home!

A romantic meal

it’s incredibly important to discuss the kind of foods that you both would like to eat on the special day, even if it’s a rough idea such as an Indian, Italian, Mexican. Whether you would like to eat homemade food or within a fancy restaurant. You can prepare beforehand and make the day incredibly special.

Here is a recipe that can make anyone’s mouth water and a treat on the romantic day called chocolate covered strawberries!

Any sort of chocolate can be used and if you are always looking to eat healthy, then any organic or vegan chocolate bars are fine! You simply melt chocolate in a bowl, dip the strawberries into it and lay on baking paper, any toppings or decoration that you like and set in the fridge to harden. SO EASY!

While devouring food isn’t really the focus of the day but is certainly an important aspect to spend quality time together, some homemade Mexican chili bean soup is satisfying and fills you up easily by simply eating from a spoon. No mess involved!

You can both enjoy the immense flavors of the soup which is made up of jalapenos, chopped tomatoes, fried onions, garlic and butter and a mixture of beans that truly shouts intense flavors.

Best Places to Spend Time

During these times, it makes sense to spend time within the indoors and somewhere that brings peace and joy. Consider eating together in the garden or out in the balcony while enjoying the wonderful view with a parachute above to protect you from the weather but also creating that magic feel.

Sitting at a bench in the park for some time while looking at the scenery or strolling through the pathways within can create a calm atmosphere while concentrating on each other more and sharing each others feelings more intensely.

Plan to spend the evening in some part of the house where you can enjoy happily, with or without family, if it’s in the dining room, conservatory, in the garage – basically somewhere that you can decorate nicely and spend time on concentrating together as a couple.

Although galleries, restaurants or shows were the real deal for spending valuable time together which hopefully shall commence in the near future, be gracious of the fact that you have each other no matter the environment for now.

Takeaway Message

No matter how you spend your time together, make the day special for you both, pay attention to each other by starting off with a lovely “Happy Valentines” phone call or message, perhaps an early gift followed by some more throughout the day, or making effort that is straight from the heart.

Let’s make that one day full of laughter and joy, make each other happy and receptive to one another no matter what.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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2 thoughts on “Make Valentine’s Day special:)

  1. Kyle says:

    I believe you are very right on these here. It is never easy getting started when addressing the possibilities of making Valentine worthy. Knowing how to actually make it work has been an issue until I get to read this piece. I guess I will be keeping a copy of this for myself too. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  2. Nuttanee says:

    During this difficult time, we are all just trying to adjust to the new normal and that can be challenging. I think we all can use some gratitude and compassion. Thank you for sharing all these amazing Valentines ideas and all the materials that we need. I think it is important to know that you should not just show your love only on this day but we can make it everyday a Valentines’s day. 

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