The Queen of all Organs

Your liver is probably one of the most crucial organs within your body for the various roles that it plays in your body. It isn’t called the “queen of all organs,” simply for namesake but takes part in all metabolic reactions, highly active in producing energy to cells, helps in maintaining a healthy amount of sugar levels in the blood and more.


Looking after your liver and consuming foods rich of nutrition and crucial minerals can help your liver stay healthy and be maintained well. Avoiding certain foods or factors can also aid in keeping your liver safe and a great step to work towards to live a fruitful life.


Your liver sits below the rib cage, in the right side of your abdomen and is roughly the size of a football. It truly is a master at sustaining your body, so let’s discuss the purpose of the liver and it’s importance in aiding the body.


What is the liver?

The liver is a large organ which is protected nearby the rib cage and typically weighs around 3 pounds within the body. The liver consists of two main sections that are right and left lobes.


However, it contains other lobes that are smaller in size around the middle area and all work harmoniously to better function the liver.


The liver must work with other organs to help the body work better and to deal with food properly.


The liver sits beneath the diaphragm and right above the stomach and intestines.



Down to evaluation, the liver is approximately 7cm in size for women and around 11cm in size for men.


Believe it or not, the liver is the only organ that can actually grow back and can regenerate itself which has been told in Greek mythology.


If the liver is damaged in any way, due to abuse such as excessive alcohol or drugs, then the cells force to grow and nourish, always protecting and repairing your body.






What Is the Function of the Liver?

The liver has extensive roles within the body and works around the clock, 24/7 to ensure it looks after and cleans up all the mess, removes toxins that other organs may leave behind! It cleans away all the harmful substances consumed daily.


The queen of all organs is notorious for using specific enzymes to help it to break down all dangerous waste and more safe for the body to deal with.


The liver produces a fluid called bile that helps with digestion and to break food down into smaller components.


The bile lives inside the gallbladder and whenever you eat, the bile is released due to a hormone signal that is sent to the gallbladder in which the bile reacts and works hard to break down fatty acids and thus digestion takes place, while then leaving your body through urine or in the faeces after the bile’s work is completed.


It is also a big storage capacity and holds and manages vital vitamins, minerals and glucose for when the body is need of them for survival.

Therefore, the liver maintains sugar levels within the blood and any excess amounts can be stored within the liver known as glycogen.


The liver ensures that there are no dangerous low or too high levels of vitamins and minerals within the body and adapts to the changing environment when necessary.



The list doesn’t stop and the liver’s roles are never ending and continually working tirelessly to contribute to better living.


While it also metabolizes proteins for energy that the body uses and converting any excess carbohydrates and proteins into smaller components which is stored for safe keeping, it truly is the queen of maintaining the body persistently!



What can damage the Liver?

It is a similar concept for all the organs in a manner of speaking, as if any factor that weakens the liver can in a sense affect other organs in the body. Without being said, we know how to keep well and eat healthy which is a major contribution for the liver and ultimately your health.


Certain factors can truly weaken the liver and can function a lot slower and can wear out the liver if the damage continues.


  • Smoking – The liver is always filtering the blood from waste and more so when toxins are present such as the harmful chemicals from smoking. This allows for oxidative stress to occur and the smoke is absorbed through the lungs bringing about the activation of harmful or damaged cells.
  • Alcohol – Known to kill cells in the body instantly and can be seen as a poison inside the body.

While excessive drinking can also damage the liver permanently and will cease to allow for the regeneration of the liver in any way.


  • Processed foods – Too much refined sugars, unhealthy oils and refined flours can allow your body to struggle to digest, leaving a mess of toxins and unabsorbed food particles in your blood which can allow for clots, inflammation and a series of health symptoms.
  • Stress – The liver likes to purify the blood and allows for clean blood to the body but when you are feeling overwhelmed or under mental pressure, the liver stops to provide clean blood to certain tissues, as it is busy dealing with your mental state.

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TakeAway Message

While many factors and conditions can affect your liver and ultimately your health, you can always change your approach and lead a better life.


Avoiding refined flours and alcohol are great steps to approach and replacing with healthier alternatives that can keep you smiling in the long-run.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!


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2 thoughts on “The Queen of all Organs

  1. Nuttanee says:

    I read an article somewhere that our liver is the second largest organ, runner up from our skin and I find that to be fascinating. Thank you for the information about what does our liver do. It has a lot of workload indeed! I find that it can grow back to be amazing. I think it is best for us to avoid the processed foods and take care of our liver now. 

  2. Ann says:

    Your post has left me thinking about how grateful we should be. Health is a gift and we need to preserve it. And a proper knowledge of what we have received is important. But also a correct attitude towards our health. Avoiding processed meals and stress are things we can do. Thanks for this nice read.

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