Why candles are so great?

It is absolutely refreshing to pamper yourself, as well as your home, with natural scented candles that feels like bliss all around you. It helps you to be at ease and relax while you get on with your daily routines.



Only the natural and toxic free candles can make an impact to your health, home and environment that will empower you with wonderful benefits and incredible scents that’ll make you smile wholeheartedly.

With so many natural scents that are available for you to choose, it’ll be difficult to resist any scent whatsoever.

Like I, many of us have a collection of candles that includes sweet notes of vanilla, charming lavender fragrances, zesty spicy lemon and many other exhilarating scents that can give tremendous benefits which can be seen down below:)




Chemical Candles

Candles made from beeswax, plant based wax such as soy wax, coconut wax, bayberry wax and many more produce sustainably sourced candles that are free from chemicals, pollutants and harmful substances.


It is ideal to check the labelling for candles, to ensure that there are no unnecessary chemicals and that they are of great quality. Most candles out in the market are made from paraffin wax which is a left over substance from refining petroleum or even chemically bleached.

Studies have shown that burning these chemical candles such as those with petroleum wax is a cause of concern to health, it releases harmful fumes and is relatively dangerous when breathed in :-

  • The air in your home can contain chemical fragrances and some leftover fumes that can sit even on the furniture and the surroundings of your home. It releases toxic waste such as benzene and some known cancer causing agents known as carcinogens.


  • The lungs are overworked a bit more as it has to deal with an array of toxic fumes entering into our bodies. Although, it does depend on how often these candles are lit and used but the more you are exposed to these sort of fumes, the more potentially harmful chemicals are dealt with such as formaldehyde levels from the body.


  • Soot can be produced from these chemical candles and you can sometimes see it released from the flicker of the candles flame. It is now exposed to the body, inhaled and can stain the respiratory tract!


  • Burning candles that contains heavy metals such as lead are not ideal for health as it can affect your brain and cells within the body. It is recognized as a waste product that your body will try to remove and may even lead to disruption in sleep or even difficulty in concentrating.


Although it is difficult to gain 100% pure candles, it certainly isn’t worth lighting and breathing in low quality candles that can provide serious consequences if lingered on for too long. Most of us feel the unpleasant effects that it can bring straightaway and can be seen similar to smoking.


Why use candles?




We are always looking for ways to improve our well-being and as humans, it is only natural to be on the lookout for better and healthier options that can bring out the best of us and those around us. Don’t put up with negative side effects, no matter big or small, it is always best to go for safer options overall.


There are many ways to simply relax and be present at the moment, for many of us reading can allow us to get immersed, excited and our imagination can get sparked. Simply lighting a home made, natural and gentle candle can arouse our feelings of calm and reassurance to emerge.

We can breathe in the earthy scents that stem from the candles that are toxic free and full of natural ingredients.


You can feel calm and energized when a candle is lit and feel the warmth glow from it while inhaling the cleaner impurities that it gives off.



You can use candles while you are practicing yoga, having a massage or meditating to create a more relaxed atmosphere that encourages better performance.


You would be inhaling cleaner and safer fumes that will not provide your organs, in particular the lungs with ‘dirty’ inhalation or dangerous fumes.


Sweet smelling and fresh fragrances are provoked to enhance your senses and providing greater benefits for the environment and to your home.


There are endless benefits in using natural and pure candles that can be used regularly. Just ensure that you keep candles away from furniture or close to clothes, bedding and things that can catch fire quickly. It is imperative that you light the candle out of reach from children and pets and away from an area that can easily get knocked over.

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Natural Candles to Explore


Where exactly can you find these healthier candles that gives some more advantages than that compared to unsafe candles?


There are a great range out there and to make it easier for you to have an idea of those better alternatives to candles, have a look at these compare the differences!


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Here we have clean-burning soy wax blend candles and sweet essential oils blended in to bring you a relaxing experience while using these natural candles in your home, while the wicks are made of 100% U.S cotton.


The soy wax comes from U. S farms and all the candles are free from formaldehydes, phthalates and no animal-sourced ingredients which makes them vegan and cruelty-free and quite safe!

Please note that there are some candles that do contain some small amounts of paraffin wax in certain collections, to enhance the experience more in terms of fragrance and scent, please do check the ingredients as many candles are completely soy wax.


Click on the image above to view many beautiful candle collections such as yin and yang, Eco candles, glow collections, electronic diffusers and many other mystifying candle collections.




iHerb are a website that shouts healthy living and wholesome ingredients to you and your family in really looking after one’s health. You will discover beautiful sweet smelling candles that can be enjoyed in your home!


Click on the banner above and search for ‘candles’ within the top search toolbar to discover natural soy candles that contains essential oils and pure fragrances that will give you incredible sensational moments, time and time again.



They include (at time of typing) chakra energy candles, soy vegepure candles and many more, simply bringing you eco-friendly and hand crafted candles every time and a safer options to choose from for your well-being:)

Take Away Message

In a nutshell, candles are a great way of winding down with, dining with and even when you are enjoying a well-deserved ‘me’ time to re-energise your well-being in the true sense.


Natural scents are known to create a peace of mind and a gentle environment and best situated in an area free from clutter or nearby objects that can get caught by the candles flame.


It is best to ensure that the candle is placed in a candle holder or lanterns that keep the candles in a secure place while making its appearance more presentable that it can catch anyone’s attention.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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2 thoughts on “Why candles are so great?

  1. Crypto Dave says:

    I love a good candle, I burn them all the time. Yes, it is definitely important not to burn chemical candles. 

    I have found that good quality candles are a little more expensive but it is worth it knowing the health benefits alone. I see the Paddy Wax candles have free shipping on orders over $70. I live in Australia does include shipping to Aust?

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Hello, burning natural candles are worthwhile and an absolutely relaxing and pleasant experience! 

      I’m pretty sure free shipping is available to certain destinations, however simply click on ‘FAQ’ at the top of the page where they explain more about the shipping rates in more detail – thanks! 

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