Why It’s important to drink water?

Water is vital for the normal functioning of your body. Drinking water helps to flush out many toxins from your body and keeping your body hydrated as well. Without it, it can be difficult to function normally and you may feel dizzy as a result.


We can live without food for days and still live although, you may gain low vitality but alive nonetheless. We cannot live without water as we are composed of around 70% of water and it is necessary for many bodily functions within our bodies.


Keep in mind that drinking too much water isn’t ideal either and this can put a heavy strain on your body as too much of anything is never a great idea!

While drinking fizzy drinks or sugary juices may quench your thirst, it welcomes an array of serious health symptoms and can actually make you drink more than you have too.


It can result in stripping away your essential nutrients within your body which then leaves you dehydrated – the complete opposite affect and fooling your brain to having more liquids and staying “hydrated”.





Why Water is Essential?

Water is a dependency to all living things, whether that be plants, animals, nature, we need water to replenish our water loss that occurs daily in our bodies, as we use up our energy. We lose water in many ways such as when we sweat through the skin or by exhaling from the lungs to produce water vapour.


Water replenishes our bodies, helps our bodies to function better and balances the water in the body for optimal health. Water aids in hundreds of metabolism reactions that occur daily and allows the body to be controlled and monitored consistently with the aid of water and much more :-



  • To allow the bodily functions to naturally occur, such as the production of saliva, sweat, tears.


  • The moisturisation of your skin and repairing of the skin’s surface can happen in a better rate, especially when you get a bruise or cut, in some cases, nutritional deficiencies can allow for easy bruising on the body. Water stops your body from drying out and repairing cuts smoothly and easily when hydrated well.
  • Consuming adequate amounts of water, not only keeps a good flow of water moving through the entirety of your body, but aids in moving toxins freely through your body, especially removing waste from the kidneys and away from the blood via urine. Can even lower the risk for Kidney Stones


  • Our hormone levels can be effected if not properly hydrated such as an antidiuretic hormone called vasopressin which helps to keep levels of water reserved properly. When dehydrated, levels of the hormone will rise and water then be stored in the kidney and causes a rise in blood sugar levels.


  • Plants desperately need adequate amounts of water or they will shrivel up and die, why do you think we need to water our plants everyday? Plants undergo osmosis and the state of the cells are all dependent on the amount of water that cell walls contain, enough water can allow cells to be firm but losing water can allow cells to shrink away.
  • Improves your mood and therefore lifting up your energy a great deal, also supports digestion and lowers the chance of facing constipation as good water provides your body with the minerals it needs to work well.


It doesn’t mean to say drinking just any kind of fluid will help your health and your body.

Drinking soda’s or sugary drinks often can allow for some health implications and only you will be facing the consequences.


It can cause a rise in blood sugar levels causing a bigger risk for diabetes, it can affect your brain and mood and cause a risk in depression.


 It is best to drink your body to hydration and not when you are “meant” to.


It’s important how you drink water too


According to “Ayurveda”, you are meant to drink water whenever you feel the urge to and not when you are “meant” to. Listening to your body’s needs rather than over drinking, will allow your body to absorb water a lot better and the better functioning of reactions inside your body.


Also, sitting down and drinking water can allow for a good balance of the fluids in the body and allows for lubricating joints better and your muscles to be relaxed which can provide for good digestion too. Drinking in a relaxed manner can allow for the body to be relaxed too.

Ayurveda also considers that drinking lukewarm or room temperature water is more beneficial than cold water.


You certainly feel better when consuming warm water as it improves circulation and greater results especially on an empty stomach.


While cold water and according to studies, that food hardens while passing through the body and causes stomach discomfort.


It is also well-known that freshly squeezed lemon in warm water keeps you well hydrated and flushes out toxins from the kidneys. It provides nutrients to your body and is highly antibacterial – a great combination and worthwhile to consume!



Why You Should avoid sugary drinks

Too much caffeine and artificial flavourings can cause your body to become imbalanced as certain levels tend to rise such as blood pressure and nutrients decrease as a result, a terrifying result and important to be aware of for the challenge to bring back to a good balance and maybe causing mood swings as well.


You may start to over eat and develop poor eating habits as if you are not hydrated properly, your teeth will suffer the consequences as a result such as a higher risk of tooth decay, toothaches or even cavities.


According to the childhood obesity intervention cost-effectiveness study found that implementing a sugar drink tax helped lower cases of sugar drink consumption and lowering the chances of children over indulging of these sugary drinks, to intervene it all getting out of hand.


According to researchers, based on over 200,000 people, found 12% at a higher risk of blood pressure among those that drank sugary drinks more than to those who drank none.


We do not really know what causes high blood pressure but some people have reported to have an increase in heartbeat or even an increase chance of a stroke.


It certainly affects your sleep patterns and you may have trouble sleeping peacefully though the night. You may feel anxious or a discomfort feeling in your head, allowing you to have trouble falling asleep and maybe wide wake from the overloaded sugar contained from these energy drinks.


Not only does it affect your mood, head and your energy but also your internal organs and the more you consume these artificial drinks or beverages, the more ill health affects it can turn into.



Great Alternatives!

You can have fun with some plain water while making it healthy and fir for daily consumption. As mentioned earlier, adding in half a lemon or a full lemon of freshly squeezed juice can make it completely hydrating for your body while gaining valuable nutrition and Vitamins to nourish you.

Make your water fresh and full of life by adding in some mint, thyme or basil leaves to boiled water and let it seep for around 10 – 15 minutes before you drain into a cuppa!


How about some fruity and zestiness by adding in frozen fruit ice cubes that will look very appealing.


You can make your own from home or simply add in some chopped up strawberries or blueberries and leave to the bottom of the cup to allow for a fruit fusion.


Herb teas are a fantastic way to use water healthier. You can certainly purchase fresh herb teabags and let it sit inside your hot cup of water and leave for a few minutes to infuse.


You can also add in dried herb such as chamomile flowers or lavender herbs for 10- minutes for a truly sensational experience!


Spring water is known for cleaner and fresher water and never tastes “off” – Spring Water Is Considered The Best Source Of Water, Although It Is An Added Expense.

Thank You for reading and if you have any questions or comments, then please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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